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The Jester (2023) Review – Voices From The Balcony

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Jim Morazzini

The Jester opens as John (Matt Servitto, Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell, The Night Watchmen) walks alone at night. A figure in a top hat and orange suit, the Jester (Michael Sheffield, Better Uses for the Infinity Gauntlet: A Super Satire, The Hit) appears and disappears behind him.

A young girl appears in an alley and again in front of him. He calls the now grown girl, his daughter Emma (Lelia Symington, Brut Force, Bury Me Twice) who is not happy to hear from him. The Jester confronts him and as John pleads for his life conjures up a noose and, using his tie to control it, hangs him.

At his funeral, we find out he has another daughter Jocelyn (Delaney White, Pooling Evidence) who he had after walking out on Emma and her mother. The Jester also puts in an appearance much to the dismay of a pair of gravediggers.

The Jester 8

Director Colin Krawchuk and co-writer Michael Sheffield are both making their feature film debuts after several shorts, including a trilogy about The Jester. We might as well get this out of the way now, that sounds like the same route Damien Leone and Art the Clown took to fame and it’s not the only similarity between the two. Both use mime to communicate, have supernatural powers and, as in Terrifier 2 are spending Halloween stalking the children of a man with some kind of a connection to them.

There’s a superficial similarity, and I wouldn’t be surprised to find out Art was an inspiration for The Jester, but the films are executed very differently. The film does have several bloody and grotesque moments like the scene where the old shell game costs the player their teeth and eyes. Or The Jester dancing with a headless cop for that matter. But it never gets much gorier than a mainstream slasher and is much more plot-driven. And that plot is the film’s major problem.

The Jester 7

Lurking just under the surface of The Jester is a subplot about loss, grief, mistakes and forgiveness. Themes that certainly can fit into a horror film, but are poorly integrated into the story here. Even worse, they take over right at the point where the film should be most focused on horror. It also left me confused as to the killer’s true nature and how much of what I had seen actually happened.

It also would have helped if the sister’s stories were better integrated as well. Emma’s story is the most developed of the two and cutting away from it to Jocelyn hanging out with her friends gets frustrating as they don’t become involved in the film’s supernatural element until near the end. And then in a way the makes her feel like a prop rather than a character.

The Jester 9

It’s too bad it gets tangled up at the end because there is a lot to like about The Jester. The title character is one of the better looking antagonists to turn up recently, with his pumpkin spice suit and creepy looking mask. Even better, his style of killing, using what looks like a magician’s hand gestures or having his tie act as a magic wand provides a much needed change from knives and power tools.

As noted there aren’t a lot of effects, but they are well staged by Jason Baker (The Black Phone, WrestleMania 33) and his crew. Cinematographer Joe Davidson (President’s Day, Nobody Gets Out Alive) brings a nice atmosphere to them and the rest of the film as well. But despite that, the script never lets The Jester rise above the level of watchable, which is still better than many Halloween set horrors.

Epic Pictures will release The Jester to VOD and Digital Platforms on October 3rd. via its Dread imprint.

SAG-AFTRA To Resume Negotiations With Studios Next Week Following Writers Strike Ending


  • SAG-AFTRA is set to resume negotiations with the studios next week, signaling progress towards bringing movies and TV shows back into production in Hollywood.
  • After a 148-day strike, the Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers reached an agreement this week, setting a positive precedent for SAG-AFTRA’s upcoming negotiations.
  • SAG-AFTRA officially announced on their website that bargaining will commence on October 2, expressing gratitude for the support and solidarity shown during the 76-day strike and encouraging continued picket line participation.



SAG-AFTRA is set to officially resume negotiations with the studios next week, bringing Hollywood closer to getting movies and TV shows back in production. 2023 has been one of the biggest years for Hollywood as the Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA both went on strike earlier this year to fight for better deals from the studios. As of this week, the WGA and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers finally reached a deal after the writers strike went on for 148 days.

It didn’t take long for the world to speculate on how long it would be until SAG-AFTRA and the AMPTP would finally return to the table for negotiations. Thankfully, it appears that is happening sooner than expected, as SAG-AFTRA officially announced on their website that they will be meeting for “bargaining” on Monday, October 2. They gave the following statement:

SAG-AFTRA and the AMPTP will meet for bargaining on Monday, Oct. 2. Several executives from AMPTP member companies will be in attendance.

As negotiations proceed, we will report any substantiative updates directly to you.

We appreciate the incredible displays of solidarity and support from all of you over the last 76 days of this strike.

We urge you to continue coming out to the picket lines in strength and big numbers every day!

One Day Longer. One Day Stronger.

Your TV/Theatrical/Streaming Negotiating Committee

How The WGA’s Strike Ended & What It Means For The Actors

SAG-AFTRA strike sign with Netflix and Max logos

The final stages of the writers strike started on Wednesday, September 20 when it was announced by the WGA that the AMPTP was finally ready to negotiate. Over the next few days, they continued to provide updates on their talks, which stretched into the weekend. On Sunday, September 24, it was officially confirmed by the WGA that they had reached a tentative agreement, with contracts set to be finalized sometime after.

On Tuesday, September 26, the WGA presented the details of the new contract, sharing what they had agreed with the AMPTP, and confirmed the writers strike is over. With writers now able to resume work for TV shows and movies, it will allow the actors to have material ready for them once SAG-AFTRA and the AMPTP work out their deal. However, just like with the WGA negotiating, just because SAG-AFTRA is meeting with them on Monday doesn’t mean that a new contract will be agreed upon on the same day.

Given that the AMPTP finally wants to get back to negotiation with SAG-AFTRA, it likely serves as a sign that they want this strike to end too. It wouldn’t be shocking if their talks went on for a couple of days too before anything is finalized. Hopefully, SAG-AFTRA will be able to get an agreement to give them fair deals that will allow Hollywood to start getting back to normal.


How Elemental’s Wade Can Easily Connect With People Explained By Therapist


  • Wade from Elemental connects with others easily through care and compassion, a psychological technique called “joining.”
  • Elemental initially struggled but later became a comeback story, finding its audience and earning $489 million worldwide.
  • Positive opinions like that of therapist Jonathan Decker could contribute to an even bigger comeback for Elemental and the possibility of a sequel.



A therapist explains how Elemental‘s Wade connects with other people so easily through real-life psychological concepts. Elemental follows the story of Wade Ripple and Ember Lumen as they figure out life in a city where fire, water, earth, and air-based denizens cohabitate. Wade, a water element, is a highly emotional figure who has a strong sense of empathy and compassion for others.

Professional therapist Jonathan Decker breaks down the psychology of Wade in a new video from Cinema Therapy. Encouraging audiences to “be a Wade,” Decker praised Wade’s character throughout the video. What Wade does so well in Elemental, he says, is “showing interest” in other people by demonstrating “care and compassion for another being.” Decker clarified that this represents a psychological technique called “joining,” wherein a person connects with others through matching their energies or otherwise meeting them where they are at. Check out the full explanation from Decker below:

“I think instead of trying to be interesting, you be interested. You draw people in simply by showing interest in who they are. And Wade doesn’t do that exactly in the stadium, but what he does show is care and compassion for another being. And he’s inviting other people to join in with that. In counseling it’s called ‘joining.’ And there are numerous techniques for how to join with a person. There’s different styles. There’s things like matching where if they’re loud, you go loud. If they go soft, you go soft. Yeah, that sort of thing. Because it makes them feel like they’re with a kindred spirit. And I think techniques are fine, but none of it matters if it’s not sincere. None of it matters, if it’s just a technique.”

Like Wade, Elemental Connected With Audiences In Its Own Way

Ember and Wade look at each other in Elemental.

Elemental initially struggled upon its debut. After earning a softer-than-expected $29.6 million opening, many wrote off the Pixar film as a flop. However, Elemental went on to earn $489 million total at the worldwide box office, exhibiting impressive legs and making a profit. The critical reviews were more of a mixed bag for Elemental, but it still achieved Certified Fresh status on Rotten Tomatoes with a 74%.

Though its initial performance spelled disappointment for Pixar, Elemental eventually became the comeback story of the summer and found its audience. This is especially impressive when considering there were comparisons between the new movie and Pixar’s 2015 hit Inside Out. While not identical in concept, Inside Out’s personification of individual emotions bore likeness to the element-people of Elemental. However, there was clearly enough that separated the two in viewers’ minds, and that is likely thanks to Elemental‘s distinctive characters, such as Wade.

Aided by positive opinions like that of Decker, Elemental has the chance to make an even bigger comeback in the public eye. The movie’s Disney+ debut was one of the best of the year on the streaming platform. With its streaming renaissance comes the heightened possibility for Elemental 2, as audiences rediscover the animated feature’s merits. Perhaps a follow-up film could allow the Elemental universe to dive further into the psychological themes that Decker observed from the first film.

Source: Cinema Therapy

10 James Bond Franchise Traditions & Tropes Bond 26 Must Drop


  • Bond 26 needs to retire tired conventions to keep the franchise feeling fresh and avoid predictability, just like Godzilla movies need new elements.
  • Bond 26 should drop tropes like villains with facial disfigurements and the “Bond girl” trope to inject realism and depth into the series.
  • Bond 26 must find a balance between darkness and silliness, marrying the lighter tone of earlier films with the gravitas of the Craig era.



While the James Bond franchise has a lot of well-worn tropes that fans want to see in every outing, Bond 26 does need to retire some of the more tired conventions of the series. It can be tough for a franchise that’s been running for decades to keep its formula feeling fresh. While Godzilla movies aren’t much fun without some giant monster action, a kaiju offering that just revisited all of the franchise’s most famous moments could easily feel redundant and predictable. Similarly, viewers won’t flock to the umpteenth superhero movie if all it offers is another retread of familiar plot points.

The James Bond franchise will inevitably struggle with this issue whenever Bond 26 is released. Bond 26 will see Daniel Craig’s version of 007 replaced by a new actor and this change will likely also result in the series altering its tone. The James Bond movies usually use the arrival of a new actor as a convenient chance for the series to get lighter or darker depending on the trends within blockbuster cinema at the time. Pierce Brosnan’s debut movie Goldeneye heralded the arrival of a more self-aware Bond, while Craig’s first 007 outing Casino Royale was a darker, grittier take on the super-spy tailor-made for the post 9/11 era.

10 Bond Villains With Facial Disfigurements

No Time to Die- James Bond- Lyutsifer Safin

Much like how Craig’s take on Bond needed to inject some relative realism into the series, Bond 26’s new super-spy needs to drop some of the franchise’s less welcome tropes. For one thing, the series needs to stop relying on facial disfigurements as a way to mark its villains as monstrous, evil people. This mean-spirited trend was still alive and well in No Time To Die’s Safin, Spectre’s Blofeld, Skyfall’s Silva, and Casino Royale’s Le Chiffre, meaning this cliché is long overdue a break.

9 Bond 26 Can Properly Drop The “Bond Girl” Trope


No Time To Die did successfully drop the Bond girl trope, as only one of the significant female characters whom the spy interacted with was his romantic partner. 007 didn’t sleep with every woman he met in the movie, meaning characters like Nomi and Paloma got a chance to play roles that amounted to more than disposable, short-lived love interests. However, Bond 26 still needs to cement this approach. After all, Bond was already in a relationship with Madeline Swann before No Time To Die’s story began, so he could be back to his tiresome old tricks once Craig is replaced and the franchise’s timeline is reset.

8 Carrying Over Supporting Actors For A New Bond

Custom image of Q talking and James Bond staring in No Time to Die

Previous James Bond eras never recast M, Q, and Miss Moneypenny when 007’s actor changed. That won’t work in today’s market as viewers can now ask why the supporting characters haven’t addressed the fact that their co-worker is suddenly an entirely different person. Blockbuster franchises now have so much internal continuity that they sometimes feel like very expensive television shows, meaning Bond 26 can’t simply change its hero’s actor and keep the rest of the cast. Unless the death of Craig’s Bond is acknowledged in-universe, a new supporting cast is necessary.

7 A Tone That’s Either Too Dark Or Too Silly

An image of James Bond sitting on a bike in Quantum of Solace

So many Bond films are too dark or too silly, but Bond 26 can no longer afford to swing too far in one direction or the other. After the darkness of Craig’s movies wore thin by the end of No Time To Die, Bond 26 needs to find a proper balance between both extremes. The campy elements of Spectre felt out of place, but Paloma’s perfect No Time To Die role proved that the James Bond franchise does still know how to make fun, lightweight action-comedy in the 2020s. Now, Bond 26 must navigate marrying this lighter tone with some of the Craig era’s gravitas.

6 Blofeld As The Overarching Villain

Split image of Blofeld in Spectre and Safin in No Time to Die

Especially after No Time To Die killed off Christoph Waltz’s iteration of the character, the James Bond franchise doesn’t need to bring back Blofeld any time soon. For one thing, he is one of the earliest and most infamous examples of the “scarred villain” trope mentioned above. For another, the revelation that he was Bond’s secret relative in Spectre was comically misjudged. If even an actor as charismatic as Christoph Waltz couldn’t make Blofeld work in a contemporary movie, it is time to retire the character for a while.

5 Bond 26 Doesn’t Need To Be Set In The Present Day

James Bond lighting his cigarette in Dr. No

The Bond franchise is over 60 years old, meaning it wouldn’t be unreasonable if Bond 26 was a Dr. No remake. However, this would only be possible, along with a lot of other intriguing story possibilities, if the next installment wasn’t set in the present day. Technically, there is nothing tying the James Bond franchise to the present. Plus, a nostalgic 007 adventure could be a lot of fun, and one that could allow Bond 26 to offer something fresh and unexpected.

4 Q Fitting Bond With Overly-Goofy Gadgets

No time to die Q James bond

Not only did Q arm Bond with an absurdly silly gadget as recently as 2015’s Spectre, this tool then provided the movie with its most unlikely twist. Q’s gadgets can be relatively grounded and feel fitting since Bond is a spy and relies on new technology to stay ahead of his enemies. However, these can also be a little bit ludicrous and, particularly in darker 007 adventures, comically out-of-place. There is a reason that No Time To Die director Cary Fukunaga originally considered retconning Spectre’s ending twist, and it is because a wristwatch bomb doesn’t fit in the same fictional universe as Vesper Lynd’s tragic death.

3 Killing Off Love Interests For Cheap Drama

A collage image of James Bond and Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale

Speaking of Vesper Lynd, even the critically acclaimed Casino Royale was guilty of playing into one infamous Bond trope. Killing off the character’s love interests for cheap drama is a weak storytelling ploy that no longer feels surprising or even interesting, as well as one that the series needs to drop. While Casino Royale got away with this twist, it is only because the movie’s dark tone was such a radical departure for the series. Bond 26 needs to be more fun, which means fewer dead love interests.

2 The Classic Bond Villain Lecture

James Bond Raoul Silva in his MI6 prison cell in Skyfall

Even Skyfall’s relatively recent Silva gave a never-ending speech that dragged the movie’s action to a halt. While Bond villains lecturing to the spy during the movie’s climax is a beloved motif throughout the franchise, the gag is so old that it was spoofed in The Simpsons and Austin Powers almost thirty years ago. At this stage, at least one villain would have learned not to give Bond a chance to formulate an escape plan.

1 007 Falling For Double Agents

Judi Dench as M Daniel Craig as James Bond and Ben Whishaw as Q

Every version of Bond has been hoodwinked by at least one collaborator who turned out to be a double agent. This twist makes the super spy look a little incompetent and the sheer amount of times that it has happened throughout the franchise doesn’t exactly help his case. As such, Bond 26 should do something truly revolutionary and offer viewers the first version of James Bond who isn’t constantly falling for obvious lies.

10 Spider-Man Movie Moments That Divided Fans Most


  • Some viewers were disappointed with Mysterio’s altered backstory in Spider-Man: Far From Home, as they wanted a villain with a stronger connection to Spider-Man.
  • Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy faced controversy for the decision to give Peter Parker organic web-shooters, rather than the iconic web-shooters he invents.
  • Andrew Garfield’s return as Spider-Man in No Way Home was initially celebrated, but some later criticized the awkward pause in the film when audiences applauded his entrance.



Spider-Man has delivered many excellent movie moments for audiences, but not every scene has left viewers satisfied. The character has a dedicated fan base, and many are picky about their favorite hero, which could lead to them being vocal about even the most minor changes. There are moments in the Spider-Man movies that leave even casual fans befuddled over how it’s directed or how it’s scripted. Still, most of the division between audiences emerges over Spider-Man’s suits, changes to his backstory, or how the actors portray him.

The Marvel hero has been portrayed by three actors: Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland. There is also the animated Spider-Verse, which centers around Miles Morales, rather than Peter Parker. There are a total of 10 Spider-Man movies, plus the character’s MCU crossovers, such as Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War. While some Spider-Man films have been universally praised like Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, some left audiences with mixed reactions. However, every film has moments that divide viewers, even the best ones. Here are 10 Spider-Man movie moments that divided fans.

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10 Mysterio’s Backstory Is Revealed In Spider-Man: Far From Home

mysterio Cropped

Spider-Man comic book readers knew Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio was a villain, despite Spider-Man: Far From Home trying to make it a twist. However, many weren’t aware of his altered backstory for the MCU, and it left some viewers with a sour taste in their mouths. Quentin Beck was a former employee of Tony Stark’s who wanted to get vengeance on him after being fired. With this backstory, Beck becomes another Spider-Man villain angered by Stark, the second one after Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming. It might fit for the MCU, but many wanted a Spider-Man foe who had an attachment to the young web-slinger.

9 Tobey Maguire’s Organic Web-shooters In Spider-Man

tobey maguire webs Cropped

One significant change that Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man made to the character was that his webs came from his body naturally, rather than through web-shooters he invented. Maguire’s Peter Parker is intelligent enough to create the iconic wrist shooters, but this trilogy went in a different direction. While it was a controversial choice at the time, it’s become a joke for many. Even the movies acknowledge that it was a strange decision, with the other Spider-Men questioning him about it in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

8 Andrew Garfield’s Entrance In Spider-Man: No Way Home

andrew garfield

While not everyone loves the movies starring Garfield as Spider-Man, many still love his performance and were excited to see him return in No Way Home. When he finally showed up, audiences celebrated in the theaters. The filmmakers knew this would happen, and left a pause in the film, so the crowd could get their cheers in. Audiences loved Garfield’s arrival, but over time, this scene has received criticism for leaving a pause that feels awkward upon a second watch when no one is applauding.

7 Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse’s Cliffhanger Ending

spiderverse ending Cropped

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse was another successful venture into the Spider-Verse, with some debate over whether this sequel was better than the first. However, another point of contention among viewers was the film’s cliffhanger ending. In Across the Spider-Verse, Miles ends up in another universe and is captured by the Prowler. However, in this world, he is the Prowler, and Miles comes face-to-face with the darker version of himself. This is where the movie ends, creating hype for Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse. Many viewers felt dissatisfied with the ending, but if part 2 delivers, then it could be forgiven.

6 TASM 2 Establishes Richard Parker Created The Spider That Bit Peter

richard parker Cropped

There is a lot that is unknown about Peter Parker’s parents. Initially, the comics gave no explanation, but a few storylines suggested Richard Parker was a biologist or a CIA agent. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 went too far for many fans as it revealed that Richard worked with Norman Osborn and created the spider that bit Peter with his own DNA. This revelation took out the randomness behind Spider-Man. Anyone can be the masked hero and giving Peter a connection to the spider makes his powers feel like fate, rather than an incidental circumstance.

5 Peter Parker Dances In Spider-Man 3

peter dancing Cropped

After coming into contact with the Venom symbiote in Spider-Man 3, Peter gets attached to his newfound power and becomes overly cocky and arrogant. This leads to a scene of him dancing in the middle of New York City and flirting with random women. While the scene is meant to show the transition of shy Peter Parker into a pompous brat, it comes across as corny and uncomfortable to watch. Maguire can’t sell this overconfident new version of his character, and this sequence led to one of the best memes from the Raimi trilogy, rather than a disturbed version of Spider-Man.

4 How Late Harry Osborn Learned How Norman Died In Raimi’s Spider-Man Movies

james franco butler Cropped

For two movies, James Franco’s Harry Osborn blamed Spider-Man for his father’s death, despite the reality that Norman killed himself with his own glider while trying to kill Peter. In his anger toward Spider-Man, he sought vengeance on his former friend, leading to his face being half-burned after a confrontation between the two went too far. Harry finally learns what really happened when his butler tells him, and many viewers found it strange that the butler knew what happened and never told him until it was too late. The butler claimed it was to protect Harry from the truth, but that was a poor excuse and the whole conflict could have been avoided.

3 Spider-Man’s Stark Tech Suit In Spider-Man: Homecoming

homecoming suit

One critique many have of Peter’s MCU storyline thus far is that he seems like Iron Man Jr. rather than Spider-Man. After being recruited in Civil War, Peter became Tony’s protégé and was given a fresh suit built by Tony that he used in Homecoming. While the complicated suit led to several hilarious moments, many didn’t want to see Spider-Man utilizing a high-tech suit that was built by somebody else. This became a recurring criticism for Holland’s Spider-Man in the MCU, but it might not be a problem going forward as he is swinging around in a homemade suit at the end of No Way Home.

2 Spider-Man 3 Retconning Uncle Ben’s Death

sandman Cropped

Spider-Man 3 made an interesting retcon with Sandman by making him Uncle Ben’s killer. This retcon altered what happened in the comics and in the first film as it was no longer a random goon and instead was a notorious Spider-Man villain. This decision was controversial as it took away the impact of Uncle Ben’s death. The reason it’s Peter’s canon event is he feels tremendous guilt that he didn’t do more to stop Ben’s killer, so he becomes Spider-Man to prevent this from happening ever again. While the robber does bump Flint Marko causing him to pull the trigger, it takes the guilt away from Peter and places it on Flint.

1 Gwen Stacy’s Death In The Amazing Spider-Man 2

gwen stacy Cropped

Gwen Stacy’s death is arguably the most shocking moment from the Spider-Man comics. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 recreated this moment, but not in a way that it deserved. There was already way too much happening in the movie, and Gwen’s death felt rushed, rather than a pivotal moment in Peter’s development as a hero. Not only that but this was Green Goblin’s introduction as a villain, so there was no rivalry between the two characters yet. It was shocking that this movie decided to kill Gwen, but it’s an iconic moment from the comics that deserved more time to marinate in the Spider-Man movie.

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How Much The Hunger Games Cast Was Paid At The Beginning & End

The Hunger Games cast made plenty of money from the first film in the series, but they made an even larger sum from the last one. This comes as no surprise considering the massive success this franchise has had. The Hunger Games follows Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss Everdeen as she does her best to survive the cruel Hunger Games and eventually becomes the face of resistance against her oppressive dystopian government. Based on Suzanne Collins’ novel series of the same name, The Hunger Games quickly became a cultural phenomenon.



It’s unsurprising then, that the first Hunger Games movie grossed nearly $700 million at the box office, and the franchise as a whole raked in almost $3 billion. Its financial success led to the development of a Hunger Games prequel film, also based on one of Collins’ novels. In the landscape of constant reboots and franchise-building, it’s hard to imagine The Hunger Games‘ enormous earnings not leading to further stories within its world. $3 billion is an impressive amount of money for any movie franchise to make, but it brings into question how much of that money ended up in the hands of the franchise’s many iconic actors.

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6 How Much Jennifer Lawrence Was Paid For The Hunger Games ($500,000/$20 Million)

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games surrounded by money.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jennifer Lawrence, who plays the central protagonist of The Hunger Games series, Katniss Everdeen, was originally paid $500,000 for her role in The Hunger Games. Parade reports that Lawrence made $20 million for her work in the last film of the series, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2. In total, Lawrence made $50.5 million for playing Katniss Everdeen, earning $20 million for Mockingjay – Part 1 and $10 million for her part in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, the second film in the series. Lawrence’s role in The Hunger Games officially launched her into stardom, making her one of the hottest names in Hollywood.

Jennifer Lawrence’s estimated net worth is now around $160 million, meaning her role in The Hunger Games accounts for almost a third of her total worth. That is particularly noteworthy considering she is one of the most famous actors in the world. It also seems fitting, however, considering the massive sums of money that The Hunger Games franchise generated, which were predicated on her incredible performances as Katniss.

5 How Much Josh Hutcherson Was Paid For The Hunger Games ($500,000/$5 Million)

Peeta in the Hunger Games

According to Forbes, Josh Hutcherson, who plays Peeta Mellark in The Hunger Games series, made $500,000 for his role in the first film. Net Worth Celebrities reports that he made $5 million for his role Mockingjay – Part 2. This is a notably smaller increase in pay compared to Jennifer Lawrence, but that is unsurprising considering Lawrence plays the series’ main character and is a much more recognizable actor. Still, Hutcherson’s $5 million salary for Mockingjay – Part 2 is impressive, and it speaks to the rise in popularity his role in The Hunger Games generated.

Hutcherson is now worth around $20 million. That means his earnings from the final Hunger Games film account for a quarter of his net worth. When combined with his earnings for the rest of the films in The Hunger Games series, probably about half of his total worth is derived from playing Peeta Mellark.

4 How Much Liam Hemsworth Was Paid For The Hunger Games ($500,000/~$5 Million)

Gale looking intense with Peacekeepers in the background in The Hunger Games.

Liam Hemsworth plays Gale Hawthorne in The Hunger Games series, and according to Forbes, he was paid an estimated $500,000 for his performance in the first film. While Men’s Health reports that his salary for the final film is unknown, it’s widely speculated that he made around $5 million, keeping his Hunger Games earnings on par with that of Josh Hutcherson, which would make sense considering their similar roles. The Hunger Games series are some of Liam Hemsworth’s best movies, so it makes sense that these films account for such a large portion of his roughly $28 million net worth.

That number is bound to go up soon with Hemsworth taking over from Henry Cavill as the leading man in Netflix’s original series, The Witcher. Even so, it’s hard to imagine Hemsworth earning more than he did in The Hunger Games. Anything is possible though, and Hemsworth’s hefty earnings from The Hunger Games prove that he is an actor capable of helping a franchise make boatloads of money.

3 How Much Woody Harrelson Was Paid For The Hunger Games ($5-6 Million/$10-15 Million)

The Hunger Games Haymitch Drinking (1)

Woody Harrelson is one of the most famous actors in The Hunger Games franchise, and while it’s difficult to say with certainty how much he made from The Hunger Games movies, Men’s Health reports that his average earnings for movies typically end up being between $5 and $6 million. With that in mind, Harrelson probably made around $5 million for portraying Haymitch in the first Hunger Games movie. Once the franchise really took off, it’s conceivable that he could have started earning closer to $10-15 million.

It’s possible then, that he could have made something similar to Jennifer Lawrence’s $20 million for Mockingjay – Part 2. He may not play as important of a character in the series, but since he is such a massive actor, the pay must have been substantial to keep him on the project. Other secondary characters, like Hutcherson’s Peeta and Hemsworth’s Gale, may not have come close to Lawrence’s earnings, but they are not nearly as in-demand as Harrelson. Still, it’s unlikely he made quite as much as Lawrence’s $20 million, so $10-$15 million is a safer estimate.

2 How Much Donald Sutherland Was Paid For The Hunger Games ($1 Million/~$5 Million)

President Snow sitting at a table in The Hunger Games

Donald Sutherland, whose role as President Snow is one of the most critical in The Hunger Games series, probably made around $1 million for his role in the first Hunger Games film. Like with Woody Harrelson, it’s not public information how much the actor was paid for the role, but NCESC.com claims that he generally commands a $1-2 million fee per film. Sutherland may have made closer to $5 million by the time Mockingjay – Part 2 came around, but again, it’s hard to say for sure how much he earned. Sutherland is one of the biggest names in The Hunger Games‘ cast though, so his earnings surely rose significantly.

1 How Much Elizabeth Banks Was Paid For The Hunger Games ($2 Million/$2.5 Million)

Effie giving a speech in The Hunger Games

According to whatstheirnetworth.com Elizabeth Banks, who plays Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games franchise, made around $2 million for the first film. Whereas, The Richest reports that Banks made about $2.5 million for her role in Mockingjay – Part 2. This is a markedly lower increase than some of the other stars received, but Effie’s role in the story is not as prominent by the end of the series, so it makes sense that Banks did not get as much of a bump. Still, she is a widely recognizable actor, and The Hunger Games movies were generating billions, so it’s surprising that her pay did not increase by more.

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter, Parade, Forbes, Net Worth Celebrities, Men’s Health, NCESCcom, whatstheirnetworth.com, The Richest

Release Date, Cast, Story & Everything We Know


  • Smile 2, the sequel to the breakout horror film, has been confirmed by Paramount and is set to have a theatrical release.
  • The release date for Smile 2 is October 18, 2024, approximately two years after the release of the original film.
  • While it is uncertain whether the sequel will follow the original protagonist or introduce a new character, there is speculation about who will be battling the demonic entity in Smile 2.



Smile 2 is on the way from Paramount after the breakout success of the original, and with a release date set there’s plenty to speculate over what awaits when The Smile Entity Returns. The original Smile follows Dr. Rose Cotter, who has seven days to figure out how to successfully evade demise from a demon after witnessing her patient’s death. Originally slated for a straight-to-streaming release on Paramount+, Smile performed so well with test audiences that it was granted a theatrical release. Due to its unique marketing strategy and success at the box office, the sequel could be a massive success.

While a release date has been set there’s still a healthy dose of mystery surrounding Smile 2. The original was an exploration of grief and trauma, and while the ending of Smile was incredibly shocking it also set up a sequel following Joel. However, it’s still unknown if Smile 2 will follow directly from the original or pick up with a new protagonist trying to escape the sinister curse of The Smile Entity. While Rose didn’t make it out of Smile alive the door was far from shut on the franchise, and now it’s known Smile 2 is going ahead there’s plenty of speculation about who will be battling the demonic entity next.

Most Recent Smile 2 News

Creepy closeup in Smile 2022

The most recent Smile 2 news came in September 2023, around a year after the theatrical release of Smile. Paramount announced the release date of Smile 2 on September 23, confirming the premiere of the Smile sequel would arrive in theaters on October 14, 2023 (via Variety). The confirmation of when to expect the next Smile movie was a welcome update from Paramount, although there weren’t any other details shared about the cast, possible story, or any specific details on what to expect from Smile 2.

Smile 2 Is Confirmed

A still from the 2022 horror film Smile.

Smile 2 is confirmed, with the sequel to Smile being announced by Paramount in April 2023. While the runaway success of Smile made a sequel feel inevitable in the eyes of many viewers, a follow-up wasn’t always a certainty. Director Parker Finn had previously stated that even as late as September 2022 there were no plans for a continuation to Smile, but he wasn’t opposed to the idea. “For me…I never want to retread and just do something I’ve already done again the exact same way. In a universe where there could be any potential — more story to tell from Smile, I’d wanna make sure it was surprising and different and not what people were expecting after the first one,” said Finn (via ComicBook.com).

Smile 2 Release Date

Sosie Bacon Biting Her Thumb in Smile 2022

The Smile 2 release date has been set for October 18, 2024. This will mean the Smile sequel will arrive around two years after the original, and like the first movie, it will also have a theatrical release. While there’s no news on when it will be available to stream it’s expected that Smile 2 will also make its way to Paramount+.

Smile 2 Cast: Who Can Return?

Rose and Trevor in Smile

Due to the eventful ending of Smile, it’s unlikely that Smile 2 could follow Sosie Bacon’s Rose again, but there are still plenty of cast members who could return. Kyle Gallner, who plays Rose’s detective ex-boyfriend Joel, could return for Smile 2, now with a new stake in the story given his exposure to the demon via Rose. Jesse T. Usher (Rose’s fiancé Trevor) and Gillian Zinser (Holly, Rose’s sister) also could both come back for Smile 2 as they grapple with Rose’s tragic fate. Robin Weigert could reprise her role as Rose’s therapist, Dr. Madeline Northcott. Finally, every horror movie needs its monster, which means that Marti Matulis returning as The Smile Monstrosity would be a must for Smile 2.

Smile 2 Story: Where The Franchise Could Go Next

Joel in Smile

Given the nature of Smile, the plot of Smile 2 could go in multiple directions. One potential follow-up could follow Joel, who would be trying to outrun the demon after witnessing Rose’s death by picking up where Rose left off in her investigation of the Smile curse. Not only would Joel be under the pressure of having seven days to prevent his death, but as the last person who saw Rose alive, he would have lots of questions to answer. However, based on director Parker Finn’s statements, the next installment could also come in the form of a prequel or a spin-off that expands the world of Smile and the horror landscape, so there are limitless possibilities for the Smile 2 story.

There’s Something in the Barn (2023) Review – Fantastic Fest

There's Something in the Barn Poster

Jim Morazzini

It’s the end of September, so it’s time for two things: pumpkin spice on everything and the start of Christmas marketing. And just in time, the Norwegian holiday horror-comedy There’s Something in the Barn makes its world premiere at Fantastic Fest.

Bill (Martin Starr, Samaritan, The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu) inherits his uncle’s house in Norway after the man dies in a freak accident. We, of course, know it was no accident, and soon enough so will Bill, his wife (Amrita Acharia, Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead, White Chamber) and Bill’s kids Nora (Zoe Winther-Hansen, The 12th Man, Catch and Release) and Lucas (Townes Bunner) will too.

They relocate from California to Norway with plans to open a bed and breakfast, but complications ensue. Both in the obvious cultural differences and, more ominously, what Lucas discovers living in the barn.

There's Something in the Barn 3

It’s a nisse or barn elf (Kiran Shah, Harvey Putter and the Ridiculous Premise, The People That Time Forgot). He’s a jolly little fellow who lives in a barn and in return helps around a farm. But it also hates bright lights, loud noises or any kind of change to its home. Faced with that it becomes not so jolly and will react violently to protect the status quo.

The first hour of the script by Aleksander Kirkwood Brown (The Ash Lad: In the Hall of the Mountain King, Stardust) leans more on culture shock comedy than horror as the family tries to adapt to their new home, and the locals try to make sense of their new neighbours. Magnus Martens (SAS: Red Notice, The Walking Dead: World Beyond) gets good mileage out of everything from the family’s encounter with a moose and its calf to Bill’s attempt to get a gun. “We don’t go around shooting each other in the head here,” the sheriff (Henriette Seenstrup, Ragnarok, The Ash Lad: In Search of the Golden Castle) tells him.

There's Something in the Barn 2

There’s Something in the Barn even gets good usage out of overworked tropes like Nora’s misery at suddenly finding herself living in the middle of nowhere, the kids’ issues with their stepmother and her ditzy “Happyvision” life coaching technique.

It’s all quite funny with just an undercurrent of threat provided by the presence of the elf. He and Billy establish a sort of friendship, but we also know what he’s capable of when angered. And, despite Billy’s best efforts to dissuade them, the adults continually do things to annoy the little guy, culminating with plans to host a party in the barn.

As you might expect There’s Something in the Barn stages it’s on Christmas Eve as the elf and some of his friends launch an assault on the family, and anyone unlucky enough to get in the way. Up until that point, the film feels more like Krampus, Gremlins or other family friendly horror film. Which makes some of the last act’s deaths feel more shocking than they normally would. One of the best deaths does have to bend the rules a bit, one would think that creatures who hate noise would not turn out to be avid snowmobilers, but There’s Something in the Barn makes it work. And what happens when one of the elves gets their hands on a gun is a bit of delightfully dark humour as is the exploding tree ornament.

There's Something in the Barn 4

While not as bloody as the advance word had me expecting, There’s Something in the Barn does have some decently horrific moments. The elves themselves thankfully are costumed actors, not CGI. Looking like angry garden gnomes and growling menacingly in Norwegian they’re like a dwarven Black Metal band minus the corpse paint. And that is a rather scary image.

A fun film with an enthusiastic cast, There’s Something in the Barn may not become a lot of people’s Christmas Eve film, but I can see it being a regular part of their seasonal viewing.

There’s Something in the Barn made its debut at this year’s Fright Fest and has been picked up in several countries for distribution later this year.

Songstress Scores Massive International Release


  • Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour is set to have a worldwide release in over 100 countries and may become the highest-grossing concert documentary ever.
  • The massive international release means that other films have cleared their release weekends to avoid competition with Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour.
  • The success of the movie could help reinvigorate the fall box office and alleviate concerns about low theater attendance due to strikes and film delays.



Ahead of its US debut, Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour scores a gargantuan international release. Chronicling Swift’s sold-out Eras Tour, the movie brings the concert to the big screen, showcasing three performances from the Los Angeles stop. It has already set several records, boasting massive ticket sales in its first 24 hours of pre-sale. Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour is set for release on October 13.

Now, the concert doc will hit even more screens. As per The Hollywood Reporter, Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour is now set for a worldwide release in more than 100 countries. The majority of these screenings will start on October 13, with international tickets hitting presale on September 26. Including the international release, Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour will play in over 7,500 cinemas across the globe.

Taylor Swift Movie Is Set To Be A Major Driver Of The Fall Box Office

Taylor Swift Speak Now Tour

This international release plan is huge news for Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour. Not only is the movie expected to make over $100 million domestically, a massive sum for a film of its nature, but now it can expect a higher gross from its global audience. Swift herself is a worldwide pop sensation, so it is likely that fans from all over will turn out for the Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour movie. This could mean even larger returns than the already-impressive predictions, and could propel the film to becoming the highest-grossing concert doc of all time.

The updated plans also mean that Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour has cemented itself as a formidable force within the fall box office. Scared off by the success of the pre-sale, multiple movies, including The Exorcist: Believer, The Marsh King’s Daughter, and Dumb Money, have pushed their release weekends to clear the way for Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour. With the movie releasing in over 100 countries, these measures may have to be taken on an international scale so high-profile films do not have to risk losing out to Swift.

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The predicted success of Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour is a good sign not only for the movie itself, but for the fall box office overall. The writers and actors strikes, along with the delays of big-ticket films like Dune: Part Two, have gotten theaters nervous about filling seats. Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour, if all goes as predicted, could change this narrative for the better and reinvigorate the box office this fall. With its newest release plan, it can do so on an international scale.

Source: THR

Key Release Date

  • Taylor Swift The Eras Tour Movie Poster

    Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour

Riz Ahmed Disrupts Jeremy Allen White’s Scientifically-Proven Love


  • Fingernails is an unconventional romance with quirky characters and a near-future sci-fi story about a unique test for love.
  • The trailer hints at zany exercises to help romances, including a procedure where fingernails are ripped out and examined for compatibility.
  • Director Christos Nikou, known for his previous film Apples, seems to use sci-fi elements to explore intimate human stories, making Fingernails a promising venture.



The Fingernails trailer presents an unconventional romance between two quirky lead characters. Starring Jessie Buckley and The Bear’s Jeremy Allen White, Fingernails tells a near-future sci-fi story of the development of an unusual way to test love. In addition to White and Buckley, Fingernails stars Riz Ahmed and Luke Wilson. It is directed by Christos Nikou and is set for release on November 3.

Apple TV has released the trailer for Fingernails. It reveals Wilson as a developer of an institute that creates a scientific way to prove love, and can be seen below:

White and Buckley’s characters, along with other couples, begin a series of “exercises” in order to help their romances, as words across the screen tell viewers that “love is a test” and “results may vary.”

What To Expect From Fingernails

Jessie Buckley and Riz Ahmed in Fingernails

The Fingernails trailer reveals only snippets of the zany story that is to follow. Glimpsed in the trailer through an image of an exercise reminiscent of a manicure, one procedure in question is a process in which one’s fingernails are ripped out and examined in order to confirm compatibility with one’s partner. As Ahmed’s character does in the trailer, these fingernails are put into a microwave-esque device in order for the scientific test to be conducted.

Fingernails is the sophomore feature from Nikou. Prior to this, the Greek director wrote and directed Apples, a film about a worldwide pandemic that causes sudden amnesia, and a middle-aged man named Aris who enrolls in a recovery program to help patients build new identities. Like Fingernails, Apples told an intimate human story against a soft-core science-fiction backdrop. Fingernails will be the director’s first English-language film, but given the crossover in subject matter, it seems like it will not be a huge stretch for Nikou.

If the trailer is any indication, Fingernails has the potential to do just that; that is, use its sci-fi premise as a story concept rather than a world-building gimmick. Within the rules of this alternate-universe landscape comes a story of love and connection at its core. On the heels of highly regarded roles in Women Talking and The Bear, respectively, Buckley and White should be the ideal pairing to take on this genre-blending challenge.

Source: Apple TV