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The top 10 lists of trivia from around the world in the entertainment category

Top 10 Highest Earning Musicians in the World 2018

The main moneymakers in the music industry today are touring singers. The phenomenon is exemplified by the Forbes’ highest paid musician – Katy Perry,...

Top 10 Highest Grossing Hollywood Movies of All Time

Every year a lot of Hollywood movies gets released. Some of them makes big profit and some fails miserably. There is a lot of...

Top 10 Most Interesting Facts About Brad Pitt

Everyone around the world knows Brad Pitt as the heartthrob actor who has starred in huge films such as Fight Club, Troy, World War Z, Mr. & Mrs....

Top 10 Coolest Characters to Fight in Mortal Kombat

With a brand-new head-crushing and blood-splattering Mortal Kombat game coming in April, what better moment could we pick for a top 10 list of...

Top 10 Hottest Female DJs of 2019, You Need to Know Now

The moment you walk into a party or a nightclub, it is the music that takes you by surprise. It defines the theme of...

The 10 must watch animated movies of all time

Presenting the list of 10 must watch animated movies of all time. Everyone should see these animated films at least once in lifetime. Top 10...

10 Longest Running Game Shows on US Television

Television programs are a part and parcel of our everyday lives. They offer us entertainment with...

15 Star Entertainers with Simple Lives

When we think of celebrities, the idea that we automatically get about them is that they...

Top 10 Celebrities Who Were Cheerleaders

It’s hard to imagine our favorite stars having a life before they were famous, but in...

Top 10 Hottest Victoria’s Secret Models of All Time

With year’s finish quick approaching and cold weather at our door, which will solely mean one...