10 Elsa Plot Points Fans Want To See In Frozen 3



  • Elsa’s character in Frozen hasn’t been deeply explored yet, and Frozen 3 offers a chance to shine a spotlight on her and offer a deep dive into her personal development.
  • Frozen 3 should explore Elsa’s relationship with her mother and her Northuldra heritage, allowing her to learn more about her past and find a special connection with the people who raised her.
  • It’s time for Elsa to think of her own needs and embrace her powers fully in Frozen 3, finding her place as a hero and using her abilities to their fullest potential.



Elsa has a chance to shine brighter than ever before in Frozen 3 if the movie finds a way to address unexplored aspects of her character. The Frozen franchise is an undeniable hit for audiences of all ages. Since the first film hit theaters in 2013, the popularity of the lead characters has exploded. With the first and second films earning well over $1 billion, and the Frozen fever only increasing in the decade after its release, Frozen 3 is expected to take the series to new heights.

However, even after two feature-length films and a series of other specials and shorts, Elsa’s character hasn’t been deeply explored. Elsa is fairly introverted and tends to focus on making sure others’ needs are met, and with a cast of more open characters like Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf around, sometimes Elsa fades into the background a bit. To ensure her personal development doesn’t take a backseat, Frozen 3 may shine the spotlight on Elsa and offer a deep dive into the character.

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10 Elsa As The Maid Of Honor At Anna’s Wedding

Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff staring off in Frozen II

Frozen 2 ended with Anna taking over as Queen of Arendelle and getting engaged to Kristoff. Frozen 3 needs to move this forward, and having the couple get married and maybe out of the picture for a while as they jet off on a honeymoon could be a great chance for Elsa to self-reflect in Frozen 3. It makes sense that Anna would include her sister in her wedding party, and maybe it’s at the wedding that Elsa starts to think more about what she wants for the future. It could be that she’ll also reflect on her past and wish that her parents were there.

9 Elsa Learning More About Her Mother

Anna and Elsa as kids with their mother in Frozen 2

Frozen 2 also revealed the massive bombshell that Elsa and Anna’s mother wasn’t native to Arendelle. She was actually a member of the neighboring tribe of the Northuldra people who lived in the nearby magical forests. As Elsa explores who she is, she may choose to look back and learn more about her mother and the people who raised her in the Northuldra community. Additionally, she could meet new friends and find a special connection with one of the people there.

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8 Frozen 3 Should Feature An Elsa Romance

Frozen 3 Elsa should not have a girlfriend any romance

Frozen and Frozen 2 steered clear of giving Elsa any romantic storylines, and director Jennifer Lee said that it was intentional as they wanted it to happen naturally instead of being wedged in when the character wasn’t ready yet (via Entertainment Tonight). In both Frozen and Frozen 2, Elsa had a lot on her plate, embracing her powers, leading a kingdom, and trying to protect her people and her family. After giving up the keys to the kingdom to her sister, it feels like the right time for Elsa to think about a relationship.

7 Elsa Should Finally Be Able To Think Of Her Own Needs

Elsa dazzled by the Enchanted Forest in Frozen 2

As stated above, Elsa has focused a lot on the needs of others. Her sister, her people, and everyone relied on her to make choices for others. Now could be when Elsa starts thinking a little more selfishly and considers what exactly it is that she’s looking for in life. She may have new responsibilities as the Fifth Element bridging the gap between magic and humanity, but she is still a young woman. Her sister is now married, Arendelle is not her direct responsibility, and she has more freedom than she ever had up to this point.

6 Frozen 3 Is Elsa’s Chance To Explore The Wider World

Frozen Ahtohallan Elsa

Frozen 2 saw Elsa traveling out to the waters of Ahtohallan to learn about the source and meaning behind her magical powers. However, every adventure she has ever embarked on and place she has traveled to has been to protect others and uncover mysteries. It would be nice for Elsa to take some time to explore the world around her and outside of her kingdom without some deep or dark meaning. She has the forces of nature to explore now, and they could help her to see more of the world and what exists outside the world she knew before.

5 Frozen 3 Should Have Elsa Fully Embrace Her Powers

Elsa Frozen Ice Powers Explained

Elsa has come a long way from where she started in Frozen, afraid of her powers and terrified to make a single mistake and have others fear her. The people of Arendelle grew to appreciate her powers when she protected their city from an enormous flood after the dam broke, but Elsa has yet to explore her gift. Frozen 3 should see her become even more comfortable using her powers and learning what else she is capable of.

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4 Elsa Tackling New Responsibilities As The Bridge For Magic

Frozen 2 the fifth spirit

One potentially less clear aspect of Frozen 2 was the fact that Elsa (and Anna, in a way) are part of the forces of nature and act as a bridge between humankind and magic. Frozen 3 needs to explore more of what this means for both sisters and how the role will impact their lives in the future. Nature was largely in balance until Elsa’s powers exploded in Frozen and caused the city to freeze over. This could hold important implications for Frozen 3.

3 Elsa Connecting The People Of Northuldra And Arendelle

Frozen 3 northuldra arendelle

Another way that Elsa and her sister, Anna serve as a connecting force is between the people of Arendelle and Northuldra. The girl’s grandfather betrayed the Northuldrans years earlier and created great tension between the two communities. Since their mother was Northuldran, and their father was an Arendellian, Elsa and Anna are uniquely positioned to bring the two groups back together and help them find common ground once more.

2 Elsa’s Powers Making Her A Hero

Elsa confronts the water horse spirit in Frozen 2

Elsa had chances to shine and use her powers heroically in both Frozen and Frozen 2, but the third movie needs to take this to the next level. Elsa grew up believing her powers made her monstrous before choosing to accept them and let the past go. In the sequel, she was able to save her community through her powers and working with the forces of nature, but she needs some shining moments solo to really solidify that her powers never made her a monster; she was always the hero.

1 Elsa Needs Another Epic Ballad

Elsa singing Let It Go in Frozen

Songs like “Let It Go” and “Show Yourself” are defining moments for Elsa that drive her development forward, hence why this approach must be repeated in Frozen 3. Frozen 3 has to deliver another ballad that digs deeper into the character and reveals more about who she is and where she is going. Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez did an incredible job with the first two films and considering their track record, Frozen 3 is gearing up to be full of even more incredible hits and a solo from everyone’s favorite Ice Queen.

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