10 Funniest Running Gags From Garfield That The Movie Should Include



  • The Garfield Movie should include classic running gags from the comics to remain authentic and keep the comedy fans already love.
  • Garfield’s love of lasagna and hatred of Mondays should be prominent themes in the film, reflecting his well-known character traits.
  • The movie should also incorporate Garfield’s antics on the backyard fence, and much more besides.



The Garfield comics are full of running gags that The Garfield Movie could include. The original Jim Davis comics have inspired multiple TV shows and two movies starring Bill Murray as the voice of Garfield. The new movie about the beloved cat and his friends is slated to be released in 2024. It will include the voice of Chris Pratt as Garfield himself, alongside supporting actors such as Harvey Guillén, and Samuel L. Jackson.

Many of the gags from the original comic strips revolve around Garfield’s rivalries, his strange habits, and his own ego. Garfield has been entertaining audiences with his cynicism since 1976, and that humor is a major reason for Garfield‘s enduring popularity. As such, 2024’s The Garfield Movie should strive to emulate the comedy that made the character famous in the first place. This means incorporating some of the comics’ best running gags.

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10 Garfield 2024 Should Cause Havoc For Jon’s Plants

Garfield enjoys destroying Jon’s plants in the comics

Like most cats, Garfield is constantly getting into mischief that he shouldn’t be. He loves to eat Jon’s plants, forcing his owner to keep replacing them. Garfield also has a tendency to destroy the plants if he doesn’t eat them. No matter how many times Jon tries to discourage him, Garfield continues to wreck the plants. Even if it’s just a passing scene, The Garfield Movie should include this trait, as Garfield’s anti-plant stance is one of his most cat-like behaviors.

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9 Garfield vs. The Mailman

Garfield often terrorizes the mailman in the comic

Garfield runs from the mailman who's being attacked by Odie in Garfield's Cheesy Holiday Special

Garfield has an odd dislike for the mail carrier. He will steal the mail and even go so far as to physically harm the man. This caused the scared character to take drastic measures in order to avoid the cat. He tried bringing dogs and snakes while delivering the mail in an attempt to dissuade Garfield from attacking him. This gag should show up in The Garfield Movie, as it’s a strange characteristic that could provide a lot of humor in an animated medium. It could also be used to highlight the relationship between Garfield and Odie. As Odie frequently appears in the Garfield comics, he should be heavily involved in The Garfield Movie.

8 Garfield vs. Mrs. Feeny

Garfield torments Jon’s elderly neighbor

Jon and Garfield dressed as Mrs Feeny

Mrs. Feeny is an elderly woman who lives next door to Jon Arbuckle, and Garfield very much enjoys playing pranks on her. The cat has sent her husband and dog to the circus, and even ate her pet birds. Some of his pranks have even led to Mrs. Feeny getting injured. The unseen character is always calling Jon to complain about Garfield, but Jon is unable to keep his cat from bothering her. The feud between Garfield and Mrs. Feeny should appear in The Garfield Movie, as his pranks perfectly demonstrate his cheeky, carefree attitude.

Mrs. Feeny never appears in the comics. She only ever calls Jon when Garfield has done something wrong.

7 Garfield’s Trouble With Trees Must Be In The 2024 Movie

Garfield is always getting stuck up trees

Garfield is hanging from a tree branch while Nermal watches in Up a Tree

Garfield’s curiosity often gets the better of him, especially when it comes to trees. His ventures into trees have often resulted in him getting stuck in them, as he’s too scared to get down. The mention of food will occasionally lead to Garfield overcoming his fear, but more often than not, he has to wait for help. While up a tree, Garfield will have conversations with birds who make fun of him, as well as other cats who are stuck in the same tree. Cats getting stuck in trees is a commonly recognizable trope, so The Garfield Movie would do well to consider adding the gag to the film.

6 Garfield Sitting On The Backyard Fence

Many Garfield comics take place at the fence

Jon’s backyard fence is the setting for many Garfield comics. Garfield enjoys putting on performances on the fence, where he sings, dances, and tells jokes. These performances are often met with jeers, and sometimes pies, from whoever his audience might be. The back fence is also where Garfield meets his on-and-off girlfriend, Arlene the alley cat. The inclusion of the backyard fence in The Garfield Movie is important, as it plays a big role in the comics. If Arlene is going to be involved in The Garfield Movie in any way, the fence would be the perfect way to involve her.

5 Garfield vs. Nermal

Garfield has a feud with the adorable cat

Garfield swiping Nermal away with a classic Garfield look on his face

Nermal is considered an antagonist in the Garfield comics, as his self-proclaimed cuteness annoys Garfield. Garfield will often be seen attempting to ship Nermal to Abu Dhabi to get rid of him. This gag should make an appearance in The Garfield Movie, as Nermal is a popular character in the comics. Garfield’s one-sided feud with him is entertaining, as it reveals that Garfield isn’t as unfeeling as he tries to portray himself to be. He is jealous when Nermal is doted on by Jon, despite always appearing to not care about his beleaguered owner. Including this gag would allow The Garfield Movie to dig deeper in Garfield’s personality.

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4 Garfield Waking Up Jon

Garfield is impatient for breakfast

Garfield waking up Jon in Netflix TV show

One of Garfield’s most prominent character traits is that he’s always hungry. It is no secret that the cat loves lasagna, but Garfield is not a picky eater. Many comics involve him going through increasingly complicated attempts to wake up Jon in the morning, just so he can be fed. These attempts do not always work, much to the cat’s chagrin. By including this, The Garfield Movie could highlight Garfield’s love of eating in general. The Garfield Movie could even open with a scene of Garfield trying to wake up a reluctant Jon. This is very typical cat behavior, so adds a degree of realism to Garfield as a character.

3 Garfield’s Diets Should Be In The Garfield Movie

The large cat is put on many ineffective diets

Garfield’s eating habits led to him putting on weight, so Jon will often try putting Garfield on diets, even though they never work. Garfield continues to find ways to cheat these diets, as he hates them with a passion. He will also often have nightmares about being on a diet, even when he’s not currently on one. Garfield’s love of food is such a major aspect of his character, it would make sense for The Garfield Movie to have his multiple attempts at diets included. They could be shown through a montage of times when Garfield has failed his diet.

2 Garfield Hates Mondays

The cat is always struggling through Monday

Garfield hating mondays

Garfield’s hatred of Monday is one of his most well-known character traits. Garfield isn’t Garfield without his dread of the weekday. Garfield’s reason for hating Mondays is that bad things always happen to him on Mondays. In some comics, he even refuses to get up when he learns it’s Monday. As this is such a pervasive theme in the comics, The Garfield Movie should reference it throughout. It can be a running joke within the film, just like it is in the original comics, and whenever something goes wrong, Garfield assumes it’s Monday.

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1 Garfield’s Love Of Lasagna Has Already Been Teased

He is obsessed with the cheesy pasta dish

garfield lasagna

Similar to his hatred of Mondays, Garfield’s love of lasagna is considered one of his hallmark traits. Any adaptation of the comics has to include Garfield’s obsession with lasagna, as it is so prevalent within the source material. Garfield eats the dish every chance he gets, even going so far as to rub it on his body so that no one else will eat any. So many of the comics deal with Garfield’s – sometimes destructive – love of the dish, it would be remiss to leave the joke out of any adaptation. The Garfield Movie has already included lasagna in the trailer, but it should make it a recurring theme once the action starts.

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