10 Most Exquisite Count Dooku Quotes



  • Count Dooku, the elegant fallen Jedi turned Dark Lord of the Sith, is the most underrated Star Wars villain with his class and refined nature.
  • Dooku’s lines from the prequel trilogy and The Clone Wars stand out as memorably exquisite, showcasing his flattery, persuasiveness, and eloquent burns.
  • Dooku’s words of hatred and elegant delivery make him a wicked combination of evil and elegance, playing a crucial part in Palpatine’s grand scheme.



The Star Wars franchise is chock-full of phenomenal villains of complex and simplistic evil natures. From the supremely iconic Darth Vader to the ever-evolving Maul, villains are a massive part of Star Wars. However, the most underrated Star Wars villain is Count Dooku, the elegant fallen Jedi turned Dark Lord of the Sith.

Dooku was one of the many characters made so much better by Star Wars: The Clone Wars, even though he was great in the prequels. One of his signatures was his class and refined nature, which he brought into his words. 10 of Dooku’s lines from the prequel trilogy and The Clone Wars stand out as the most memorably exquisite.

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Dooku Is A Master Of Flattery And Deceptively Persuasive

“Master Windu, You Have Fought Gallantly, Worthy Of Recognition In The Archives Of The Jedi Order. Now It Is Finished. Surrender, And Your Lives Will Be Spared.”

Dooku’s debut performance came in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack Of The Clones as the orchestrator of the droid army and immediately made a good impact. In the arrogant nature of the Sith, but in the respectful nature of a former Jedi who is the master of class, Dooku asks Mace Windu to surrender following his surroundings by the droids on Geonosis. There is deep regret in his voice when ordering the Jedi’s execution, even if it’s not entirely genuine.

Dooku Shows Up A Master Swordsman Like Obi-Wan Kenobi

“Master Kenobi, You Disappoint Me. Yoda Holds You In Such High Esteem. Surely You Can Do Better!”

Dooku pretty much embarrassed Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker when he dueled them on Geonosis and made sure Obi-Wan knew it. Taunting the Jedi Knight, Dooku asks Obi-Wan to do better and to live up to the praise bestowed upon him by Grandmaster Yoda. He follows this up by gleefully incapacitating Obi-Wan and coming within inches of killing him.

Dooku Throws Down The Gauntlet With Master Yoda

“It Is Obvious That This Contest Cannot Be Decided By Our Knowledge Of The Force… But By Our Skills With A Lightsaber.”

Yoda vs Dooku on Geonosis in Attack of the Clones

When Count Dooku and Yoda came face-to-face on Geonosis, it was a historic moment in Star Wars, seeing Yoda wielding his lightsaber for the first time. The two engage in the ever-so Star Wars throwing of objects with the Force before Dooku declares a battle of lightsabers, and Christopher Lee’s delivery is exquisite. His calm determination and lack of fear make Dooku’s delivery more impactful and set the stage for an epic fight.

Dooku Has The Most Eloquent Burn For The Pirates Who Captured Him

“They Are Devious And Deceitful, And, Most Importantly, Stupid.”

Star Wars The Clone Wars Count Dooku Captured Anakins Skywalker Obi-Wan Kenobi

In season one of The Clone Wars, Dooku is captured by Hondo Ohnaka and his band of pirates, which makes for some of Dooku’s best quotes. One came with Dooku’s description of the pirates, as he is never one for people he sees as lesser than him. It also served as a warning to Ibi-Wan and Anakin, who chose to ignore Dooku and ended up captured like him.

Anakin Isn’t Worthy Of Dooku’s Acknowledgment

“Do Control Your Protegé’s Insolence So I Can Concentrate.”

Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Dooku try to escape Hondo's dungeon in The Clone Wars

Dooku and Anakin always have a dynamic that stands out, as did Dooku and Obi-Wan, even outside the Jedi vs. Sith aspect. When the three are stuck together after getting captured, it leads to great moments. The words Dooku uses fit him perfectly, and he’s telling Obi-Wan to control Anakin, despite Anakin standing behind him, is a highlight quote of the episode.

Dooku Doesn’t Make Idle Threats

“I Would Kill You Both Right Now If I Did Not Have To Drag Your Bodies.”

Of course, it is not the highlight quote from Dooku. As a Sith Lord, he is evil, full of hatred, with a particular disdain for Jedi. So, when Obi-Wan and Anakin – with their master and apprentice banter that all Star Wars fans love – take a jab at the Count’s age, he replies with a calm, collected warning to their lives.

The Student Has Not Surpassed The Teacher

“A Failed Apprentice Makes A Foolish Master.”

The Clone Wars presented fans with Dooku’s apprentice, Asajj Ventress, of whom Palpatine ordered her death. When Dooku attempted this, Asajj came back for revenge. Of course, even with the help of Savage Opress, Asajj suffered a humiliating defeat to Dooku, letting her know that her status as a master of Savage does not improve her skill.

Dooku Understands Perfectly What Will Allow His Enemies To Win

“The Whispering Of His Name Can Rekindle Hope, And Hope Is Something We Cannot Allow Our Enemy To Possess.”

Throughout The Clone Wars, Count Dooku remains a wicked combination of evil and elegance. His words of hatred always have a ring to them, even when his decrees result in the suffering of others. In the typical theme of Star Wars villains, Dooku, in his attempt to gain control of Mon Cala, warns his pawns not to inspire hope in the enemy.

Dooku Foreshadows The Revenge Of The Sith

“The Sith Control Everything, You Just Don’t Know It.”

Count Dooku is another villain in Star Wars who is quite tragic, believing himself to be doing right and to have power but is ultimately a pawn in Palpatine’s grand scheme. He is, however, a crucial part of that scheme who knows all of its key ins and outs except for his death and his replacement in Anakin. When Anakin and the Count meet on Naboo, Dooku reveals that the Sith have controlled everything in the galaxy and points to a fact that proves consistently accurate in the prequels: the Jedi do not know.

Dooku Slaps Anakin With The Ultimate Comeback

“Good. Twice The Pride, Double The Fall.”

Count Dooku taunting Anakin and Obi-Wan in Revenge Of The Sith

As is a trait of the Sith, Dooku had an air of arrogance around him, most evident in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge Of The Sith. He expected a similar outcome in his duel with Anakin and Obi-Wan as in Attack Of The Clones. Of course, Anakin was also arrogant, and Dooku countered Anakin’s comment on how much better he was with a fantastic quote, made ironic by Dooku’s death minutes later. Count Dooku’s life and death proved tragic, but he left behind countless memorable quotes that make him one of the most exquisite villains in Star Wars.