10 Power Rangers Team-Ups That Never Happened (But Would’ve Been Awesome)



  • Fans have been eagerly waiting for a crossover between the original Mighty Morphing Power Rangers and the Turbo Rangers, especially to see Jason and Tommy team up as Red Rangers.
  • The potential team-up between Power Rangers Wild Force and Power Rangers Ninja Storm would have been exciting, especially with the ninja theme and the presence of the villain Onikage.
  • The combination of Power Rangers Beast Morphers and Power Rangers Megaforce would provide an opportunity to expand the world-building behind Megaforce and explore any flaws in the Megaforce world.



Over the years there have been a lot of Power Rangers team-ups, but some have never happened despite how awesome they would be to see. Classic team-up episodes and movies across the Power Rangers franchise have included rangers from the future helping rangers from the past to defeat common enemies, or those who will become powerful. The first of these sorts of episodes happened in the Power Rangers Zeo episode “Rangers of Two Worlds” in 1996, when the Zeo Rangers and Alien Rangers teamed up to defeat King Mondo and Rita Repulsa, inspiring an exciting opportunity for even more morphin’ action.

Other popular teams-ups included Space Rangers from Power Rangers in Space teaming up the Rangers in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, as well as a team-up that took place on the 15th anniversary of the Power Rangers franchise and saw the original Rangers from previous teams help the Rangers from Power Rangers Operation Overdrive. From the Dino Thunder Rangers teaming up with the original Rangers, to all the Power Rangers ninja teams getting to tag-team together, there are plenty of team-ups and crossovers that would be epic to see on the screen.

10 Mighty Morphin’ Powers Rangers/Power Rangers Turbo

The Turbo Rangers in Power Rangers Turbo

Having a last hurrah for the original Mighty Morphing Power Rangers team with the Turbo Rangers is something that many fans have been waiting to see. Specifically, it would be worth it just to see Jason and Tommy being able to tag team when both of them were Red Rangers. Granted, the “Forever Red” episode of Power Rangers Wild Force combined Rangers from 10 different teams to stand up to the Machine Empire, but in that episode, Jason’s partner was Cole, and Tommy’s partner was Wes, thus denying fans of this epic partnership.

9 Power Rangers Wild Force/Power Rangers Ninja Storm

Black Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, White Ranger, Blue Ranger

Power Rangers has changed a lot in 30 years, and even so, Power Rangers Wild Force and Power Rangers Ninja Storm never got to team up onscreen, though fans have pondered what their powers combined with be like in fanfics. If it had happened, Onikage would have made for an inspired villain for the two teams to face, particularly because he’s a ninja himself. To liven the partnership up a bit, including Power Rangers Time Force could have also made things a little bit more interesting.

8 Power Rangers Beast Morphers/Megaforce

The Blue and Red Rangers in Power Rangers Beast Morphers

Thoughts on Power Rangers Beast Morphers and Power Rangers Megaforce differ a great deal, but the two teams working together would be a chance to expand the world-building behind Megaforce. Not only that, but fans might also get to see three Megazords from Beast Morphers and two Megazords from Super Megaforce taking on the appearance of Megazords from prior seasons. It’s also a chance to explore any flaws of the Megaforce world in the future, similar to what happened with the team up from Power Rangers Wild Force and Power Rangers Time Force in the episode “Reinforcements from the Future.”

7 Power Rangers Zeo/Power Rangers Turbo

The cast of Power Rangers Zeo

The Power Rangers Zeo and the Power Rangers Turbo teams having a crossover would be a fun way to join two teams that had a lot in common. Rather than just bringing back Justin and Adam, this team-up could also include Tanya, Rocky, Kat, and Tommy. These sorts of team-ups wouldn’t be difficult, particularly since so many members like Adam, who was the first Green Turbo Ranger and Zeo Rangers IV Green in the Zeo Rangers, share common ground between the teams.

6 Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers/Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Super Dino Mode (Power Rangers Dino Thunder)

The merits of Power Rangers Dino Thunder can be divisive among fans, but when combined with the original Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, it could make an incredible team. Plenty of Power Rangers fanfics exist depicting the Dino Thunder team meeting up with Tommy’s old team, but it’s never happened in any of the season of Power Rangers. Between the two of them working together, none of the villains would stand a chance.

5 Power Rangers Ninja Storm/Ninja Steel

Sarah holding her sword in Power Rangers Ninja Steel

When considering the Power Rangers Ninja teams, it’s hard to believe they haven’t worked together at some point. There was a team-up to some extent in Power Rangers Sentai but so far Power Rangers Ninja Storm and Power Rangers Ninja Steel haven’t officially worked together, and Ninjor from Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers could even guest star. Including Powers Rangers Alien might make things interesting taking on Galvanax, though they were never technically referred to as any sort of ninja.

4 Power Rangers Jungle Fury/RPM

Power Rangers Jungle Fury Jungle Spirit Rangers

Power Rangers Jungle Fury teaming up with the RPM Rangers would put two of the most dissonant Ranger teams together into one mashup. Getting the Pai Zhug Kung Fu Academy graduates to take on the Venjix Computer Network would lead to all kinds of interesting fights. With these kinds of crossovers, there’s the chance for anything to happen, including the Rangers having to fight against a tag-team of Dai Shi and Alphabet Soup, or the RPM Rangers having to take on Rinshi Beasts.

3 RPM/Powers Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue team posing for a fight

These two teams have a surprising amount in common; both of them have Red Rangers who were considered heroes before they even became Red Rangers and both have a Green Ranger with a crush on the character who’s versed in technology. Furthermore, it would be fun to see the reaction of a RPM Rangers’ reaction to inter dimensional demons and other Ranger teams, or what Ryan would think about the Boom Twins.

2 S.P.D./Power Rangers Mystic Force

Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, Pink Ranger, Green Ranger of the Mystic Force Power Rangers team

While it might not seem like a natural team-up to include S.P.D. Power Rangers with Power Rangers Mystic Force, both the teams are unique and interesting among the entire franchise. The Space Patrol Delta Rangers would probably have something to say about the Mystic Force Rangers’ capes, not to mention covet their battlizer based on the dragon Fire Heart. The more futuristic-oriented SPD Rangers and the Mystic Force Rangers could make for a very Star Wars sort of amalgamation of technology with a little fantasy.

1 Operation Overdrive/Jungle Fury

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive suits

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive has episodes that deal with archaeology, adventure, and mysticism, which seem like a perfect crossover with Power Rangers Jungle Fury. The Jungle Fury Rangers might stand more of a chance against their ancient evil foes with Operation Overdrive Rangers who specifically solve puzzles and riddles to defeat their enemies and uncover artifacts. If anything, the set designs, as well as the interesting plots, would make for some fun, Indiana Jones style escapades in the Power Rangers franchise.