10 Worst Movies On Netflix



  • Although Netflix has an incredible library of TV shows and movies, it also features some truly terrible films.
  • Netflix adaptations like
    Death Note
    don’t do justice to the source material, while sequels like
    Tall Girl 2
    feel wholly unnecessary.
  • Movies like
    The Ridiculous 6
    The Bubble
    prove that even all-star casts can’t save some of the worst movies on Netflix.



Netflix has made a name for itself in the realm of streaming thanks to its incredible selection of movies and TV shows, but there are some truly terrible movies available to watch on the platform. Netflix has been operating for more than 25 years and has gone through several changes to get to where it is today. Starting life as a simple movie delivery service, it grew to the point that businesses like Blockbuster disappeared. Now Netflix creates its own content to rival what other studios put out.

Netflix’s catalog and the quality of its films have improved drastically over the years, but that doesn’t mean that its releases are all hits. Many of the worst Netflix original movies feel rushed, poorly executed, or like a half-baked concept that just had money and star power thrown at it. Alongside its independent content, Netflix also features some really terrible movies from other studios, many of which will leave viewers confused, irritated, or downright bored.

10 Thunder Force (2021)

Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer in Thunder Force.

In an age where superhero movies are making massive waves, Netflix tried its hand at making one of its own. Thunder Force follows the adventure of two childhood best friends who get powers from a science experiment, then team up to fight super villains. The whole film feels incredibly empty and predictable, with jokes that mostly fail to land. Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer helm the cast of Thunder Force, but everything from the chemistry to the plot is exceptionally poor, especially compared to what is being produced by larger studios.

9 Naked (2017)

Marlon Wayans in 2017's Naked

Marlon Wayans plays Rob Anderson, a man trapped in a time loop on the morning of his wedding, in 2017’s Naked. He’s cursed to reset the day over and over, during which he wakes up naked in a lift after being the victim of a crime. Naked leaves behind everything that makes a time loop film good, removing any concrete moral of the story and replacing it with cheap jokes and a silly premise. This film fails on every single front to deliver something coherent, engaging, or entertaining. For an absolutely mindless comedy, Naked delivers a sub-par experience all around.

8 The Ridiculous 6

Cast of The Ridiculous 6

The Ridiculous 6 brings together an impressive cast for a modern Happy Madison production, but despite the team in front of and behind the camera — and the funding from Netflix — it falls flat. In the movie, Adam Sandler discovers he has five half-brothers, and they set off on a Western misadventure to find their father. Everything about this film is wacky, zany, and quirky, but it’s not in a good way. Everything feels over-the-top silly, and it lives up to its title as a truly ridiculous film. Sadly, it’s too ridiculous to be watchable.

7 Death Note

Light Turner Poster from Death Note Cropped

2017’s Death Note takes an absolutely outstanding anime series with depth and meaningful themes of morality and justice and turns it into something ugly. Death Note is subpar both visually and in concept. The film whitewashed the cast, even going so far as to change the names and locations from the anime. Death Note also does away with the motivations and background of its main character, watering down Light’s most important qualities. The film destroys any semblance of meaning, and its CGI is weird and ridiculous. The anime is leagues better, so the live-action Death Note is not worth the watch.

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6 The Last Thing He Wanted

The Last Thing He Wanted Anne Hathaway Ben Affleck

In The Last Thing He Wanted, Anne Hathaway and Ben Affleck come together to create a film that largely loses track of itself. The narrative follows a journalist who gets mixed up in the middle of a series of crimes she’s attempting to break the news on. Despite featuring talented actors, The Last Thing He Wanted meanders and wastes time, creating more loose ends than the movie knows what to do with.

5 The Last Days of American Crime

The Last Days of American Crime movie Netflix

The Last Days of American Crime is set in the alternative near future, where crime is running rampant, and the U.S. government is making a last-ditch attempt to stop it in its tracks. The intention is to somehow halt all crime through a broadcast. However, in the more than two hours this film takes to open up and explain its story, it manages to do nothing but run around in circles. The Last Days of American Crime delivers a series of clichés and action scenes in the process, none of which help the story overall. The film is excessively long and void of any meaningful resolution or concrete storyline.

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4 The Do-Over

The Do-Over Poster Art

Adam Sandler has had an extensive career starring in comedy films, but his partnership with Netflix has seen a decline in the quality of his projects overall. He stars side-by-side with David Spade in The Do-Over, which sees the duo planning to fake their deaths to get a fresh start on life. Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned. The identities they take on are in worse trouble than they were. The biggest issue with The Do-Over is that the level of the humor is well-suited for an audience of preteens — but it’s rated TV-MA, so adults are the intended audience.

3 The Bubble

The bubble came out too late to be successful

The Bubble proves that putting together a cast of incredibly talented actors does not guarantee a film with any level of actual quality. Karen Gillan, Pedro Pascal, Guz Khan, Keegan-Michael Key, and Leslie Mann are part of the cast that make up this flop. When a group of actors is trapped in a bubble due to the COVID-19 outbreak, they decide to continue making the film. Ultimately, the film gets lost, going deeper and deeper into the concept of a film within a film. The Bubble misses the irony it desperately tries to analyze, suggesting legendary director Judd Apatow may have been asleep at the wheel for this one.

2 Tall Girl 2

TALL GIRL 2 - Luke Eisner & Griffin Gluck

Tall Girl already received a great deal of backlash from audiences who were not happy with the premise of setting up a girl with above-average height as something extremely unnatural and worth exploiting for a film. Ultimately, at the conclusion of the first film, characters wind up happy and more mature. However, Tall Girl 2 walks back any of that growth to make its lead character into a popular character struggling to connect with her old friends. Lack of plot, unfortunately bad acting, and manufactured drama converge to create a cash grab sequel for a film that didn’t perform that well in the first place.

1 The Outsider

Jared Leto in Netflix's The Outsider

Jared Leto hasn’t had the best track record with movies, and The Outsider unfortunately continues that trend. The 2018 film follows a former prisoner who ends up in the yakuza and begins a rampage of violent crime for his new employers. The main issue with this film is how it has no real character development. The story goes nowhere, and everything feels incredibly pointless. The opening scene is exciting, but after that first 10 or 15 minutes, the development stops. After that, it’s essentially just a gore fest, making it one of the least worthwhile movies to watch on Netflix.