11 DC Characters Chris Pratt Could Play In James Gunn’s DC Universe



  • James Gunn may cast Chris Pratt in the DC Universe in the future, given their close relationship and Pratt’s success in the entertainment genre.
  • Chris Pratt could potentially take on the role of The Flash, Shazam, Captain Cold, Ambush Bug, Aquaman, Adam Strange, Animal Man, Kite Man, Plastic Man, Hal Jordan, or Booster Gold in the DC cinematic reboot.
  • Casting Pratt in the DCU would provide a refreshing and comedic take on well-established heroes, embracing their wider reputation and sillier elements while still delivering moments with gravitas.



Given the close relationship the two have fostered during their time at Marvel, it is easy to see James Gunn casting Chris Pratt in the DC Universe at some point in the future, and there are plenty of characters that he could play. Following his successful tenure as Star-Lord and Mario, Chris Pratt is a hot property in Hollywood, particularly in the light entertainment genre. His comedic charisma and roguish good looks are particularly perfect for myriad DC superheroes and maybe even some villains. While casting is well underway for much of the DCU’s main players, it’s only a matter of time before Pratt scores his own role.

James Gunn has expressed that he would love to bring the Guardians of the Galaxy cast over to the DCU. Recently, Gunn even teased Chris Pratt’s impending involvement – which means theories have started swirling over which role Pratt could take on in the DC cinematic reboot. Before that role is confirmed, here is a lineup of DC characters that Chris Pratt could play capably.

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11 The Flash

The Flash New 52 Comic Barry Allen

A wisecracking older Barry Allen could be a suitable role for Pratt to assume in the wake of Ezra Miller and their somewhat controversial tenure as the iconic speedster. Given that the Flash is one of the most popular superheroes in history and one of the most important in DC, it would be unlikely for an older Pratt to take central stage. Having Pratt assume the role of an older Allen, however, while another more fresh-faced actor assumed the role of a younger Wally West, could be a route that the DCU could take with regard to casting Chris Pratt.

10 Shazam

shazam powers

Pratt’s ability to play a childish adult has been well established in his role as Andy Dwyer from Parks & Recreation. Shazam’s lighthearted nature and comedic persona would be in good hands if Pratt had a shot at the role. With that being said, it would be hard to follow Zachary Levi’s rendition of the titular hero, with the first movie, at least, being among the highest-rated DCEU movies.

9 Captain Cold

Captain Cold DC Comics

Alternatively, Pratt could play a Flash villain in the form of Captain Cold. Perhaps less infamous than his Batman-adjacent counterpart, Mr. Freeze, Captain Cold is the kind of character that could be played off for jokes while giving Pratt the opportunity to convey a more severe persona. Although Captain Cold is far from a comic relief character in the comics, the misguided notion that he plays second fiddle to the Batman rival (he was actually created first) could be an amusing plot point for Pratt’s Captain Cold to wrestle with in a more lighthearted depiction of the character.

8 Ambush Bug

As a fourth-wall-breaking comic relief character whose foes include a “continuity cop” and Argh!Yle! the living argyle sock, it’s easy to see how an actor with comedic chops must be the one to play Ambush Bug, should he ever leap into the DCU. Ambush Bug is arguably DC answer to Deadpool, though the likelihood of him receiving his own standalone film is up for debate. However, Ambush Bug would make a perfect side character, and it could be fun to see Pratt in full makeup portraying such a wacky hero.

7 Aquaman

Aquaman swimming alongside numerous fish in DC Comics.

Before Jason Momoa made him cool, and despite what comic fans know to the contrary, Aquaman is often the butt of the joke for the average Joe. The Boys‘ The Deep is one of the most high-profile examples of an Aquaman parody that deprecates the hero for his unusual powers. Despite Momoa absolutely trouncing this preconception with his tenure as Arthur Curry, the DCU must now find another actor as compelling as Momoa to cut through the ridicule. The problem is, that is an almost impossible ask.

Instead, the DCU can try a different tack and cast Chris Pratt as the King of Atlantis. Pratt could handle an Arthur Curry who leans into his sillier elements while still being able to deliver moments with gravitas as a paid-up member of the Justice League. It would be a refreshing take on the well-established hero that embraces his wider reputation rather than fighingt against it.

6 Adam Strange

Adam Strange in Strange Adventures Comic Art

Adam Strange is an obscure DC character – which is a good start for Gunn’s DCU – without any superpowers. Instead, Adam Strange relies on his quick ingenuity, expert marksmanship, space tech, and trusty jetpack to navigate his cosmic adventures. Obviously, this is a character that Pratt is familiar with. While not as comedic as Star-Lord, nor as compelling, it would be an entertaining nod to the audience to see Pratt fill this role as a cameo or minor character in a wider story.

5 Animal Man

Animal Man in DC comics

Animal Man is a less popular DC hero with a wacky array of powers, which essentially allows him to mimic the abilities of any animals in his immediate vicinity. If a bird is nearby, for example, Animal Man can fly. Despite this unusual power, however, Animal Man is not played off for laughs, instead being presented as a family man with a passionate affinity for earth’s fauna. Given his association with largely funny characters, Pratt’s casting in this role could give him the chance to show off his serious side while using his very presence to acknowledge the sillier side of this lesser-known hero.

4 Kite Man

Kite Man in DC Comics

Kite Man is an objectively hilarious Batman villain in the same vein as Condiment King and Clock King, who, despite being exceptionally unthreatening, has become someone iconic. There isn’t much to add to Kite Man’s M.O. that his moniker doesn’t already answer – he is a master with kites. It isn’t hard to see how Pratt could deliver some hilarious lines as Kite Man in a Batman movie, not least of which is his now iconic catchphrase: “Kite Man, hell yeah.”

3 Plastic Man

Plastic Man DC Comics

Plastic Man would be an interesting role for Pratt as it would offer a previously unexplored avenue of comedy that leans more physical than verbal. While Pratt is well practiced in delivering witty lines, physical comedy is relatively untrodden ground for him, though he has certainly had moments in Parks & Recreation. As one of the first comic book characters to embrace humor, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Plastic Man incorporated into the DCU at some point, and Pratt’s witty charisma could be a great fit.

2 Hal Jordan

Hal Jordan Green Lantern in James Gunn's new DC Universe

One of the front-runners in theories surrounding Pratt’s casting is the best-known iteration of Green Lantern, Hal Jordan. Previously portrayed on screen by Ryan Reynolds, his first solo outing was unfortunately marred by everything but Reynolds’ casting, and it is easy to see how Pratt could carry the torch instead now that Reynolds’ tenure is well and truly over. Following Guy Gardner’s appearance in Superman: Legacy, Gunn has already confirmed that Hal Jordan and Jon Stewart will also feature in the DCU, opening the role up for someone like Pratt to make his own.

1 Booster Gold

booster gold in dcu chapter 1

The current prevailing attitude is that Chris Pratt would be perfect as Booster Gold, whose standalone series in the DCU has been confirmed by Gunn. Booster Gold’s audacious personality and overconfidence in the face of insurmountable odds certainly tracks with Pratt’s most famous superhero outing as Star Lord, and at this point it’s hard to picture an actor that would be better suited for the role – especially given their physical similarities. Until Gunn confirms Pratt’s DCU involvement, however, Booster Gold remains at the forefront of the Chris Pratt fan-casting lineup.

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