A Live-Action Frozen Remake Makes No Sense For Disney Right Now



  • Disney is likely to remake Frozen in a live-action format in the future, possibly in around 10 years, to capitalize on the success of the animated series and appeal to nostalgia.
  • It wouldn’t make sense for Disney to do a live-action remake of Frozen right now, as the franchise is still in progress, and it’s too soon to revisit the original movie.
  • Starting a live-action series while the animated one is ongoing could create complications and take away from the excitement surrounding the original series, so it’s best to wait until the animated story comes to a close.



Disney is remaking many of its animated hits in a live-action format, and Frozen could get the live-action treatment in 10 years, even if it wouldn’t make sense right now. Frozen is currently one of Disney’s biggest animated movie series, with Frozen 2 holding a $1.4 billion box office record that makes it the highest-grossing animated movie of all time. Needless to say, Disney is committed to making Frozen 3, a sequel that promises to be just as successful — if not more so — than its predecessors.

With Disney’s many live-action remakes, it also won’t be surprising if the studio tries to capitalize on Frozen‘s success by telling Anna and Elsa’s story in a different format. However, despite rumors of a live-action Frozen, it doesn’t make sense for Disney right now. While it will probably happen sometime in the future, there are a few things that need to unfold before Anna and Elsa make the jump from animation to live-action.

Frozen 3 Means A Live-Action Remake Can’t Happen Anytime Soon

Elsa dazzled by the Enchanted Forest in Frozen 2

It’s not clear if Disney’s live-action remake strategy is working, but using this format to reboot the original Frozen before Frozen 3 comes out would likely be a bad move for the studio. After all, most of its remakes bring animated classics back to the big screen. There’s no reason to try this with a movie that’s so new — and especially one that’s still spawning sequels. Not only is it too soon to revisit the original Frozen in a new format, but it’s risky to start churning out live-action adaptations while the animated series is still unfolding. Doing so could take away from the excitement surrounding the original series.

Additionally, there’s no word on how many Frozen movies there will be. Frozen 3 isn’t confirmed as the final chapter, so a Frozen 4 could happen. The series could go beyond that as well. Starting a live-action series while the animated one is still in progress means the adaptations could catch up to the originals. This will put Disney in a predicament, so it’s best if the studio waits until the animated story comes to a close.

Why A Live-Action Frozen Remake May Be Inevitable In Around 10 Years

Elsa and Anna look off to the side shocked in Frozen II.

Although a live-action Frozen doesn’t make sense for Disney right now, it’s probably inevitable in a decade or so. With movie studios constantly rebooting popular projects, Disney will likely attempt to capitalize on Frozen‘s success for as long as possible. When the animated series comes to an end, the studio may move on to live-action iterations of each movie. This would keep the characters and songs relevant longer, and it would bring in more profit.

After all, those growing up with Frozen will be adults in 10 years. They’ll likely look back on the animated movie with nostalgia, much like ’90s kids do with The Lion King. And they’ll make a promising target audience for Disney’s live-action Frozen remake. They may even bring their kids to see it, ushering in a whole new generation of Anna and Elsa fans.