Acclaimed Reese Witherspoon Movie Gets A Sequel Update 24 Years Later



  • Director Alexander Payne confirms that a sequel to the comedy film Election is in the works, possibly based on Tom Perrotta’s sequel novel.
  • The potential sequel would continue the story of Tracy Flick, who becomes a single mother and works her way up to becoming a vice principal.
  • However, it may take some time before Election 2 is released as Payne has other projects to work on first.



The possibility of a sequel to the Reese Witherspoon comedy Election has been addressed by director Alexander Payne, 24 years after the first movie was released. The film sees Matthew Broderick’s high school government teacher, Jim McAllister, trying to sabotage the unethical Tracy Flick (Witherspoon) from winning the election for school president by backing a rival candidate. A sequel to Election was reportedly in production in 2022, with Witherspoon set to reprise her role as Tracy.

Speaking with Collider, Payne revealed that the sequel is indeed in the works, with plans to use author Tom Perrotta’s sequel novel, Tracy Flick Can’t Win, as a possible base for it. However, the director does say there are some other projects in the works before he tackles Election 2. Check out what Payne had to say below:

Tom Perotta, who wrote the book Election, has written a very fine sequel, and Reese Witherspoon and I have talked about it. And Jim Taylor and I, my co-writer, have talked about doing it. But we just haven’t gotten to it yet. It’s only because everything takes a while, and I have a couple things to do before that. We’ll just see how it falls. It would be lovely to do.

What Could Election 2 Be About?

Jim and Tracy In Election

The ending of Election sees Jim resign from his job as Tracy wins the election, leading to a successful term that ends with her getting into Georgetown University. Tracy is also seen getting into a limo with a congressperson, indicating she was able to achieve the success she’d been vying for throughout the film. The movie ends with seemingly the entire story wrapped up, painting a picture of Tracy’s future success.

However, Tracy Flick Can’t Win reveals she ended up dropping out of law school to care for her mother, later becoming pregnant and working her way up to becoming the vice principal of her school. Now a single mother working at the school, Tracy decides to try and become the principal when an opening for the position arises. This story allows for Witherspoon to reprise her role should Payne opt to use Perrotta’s novel as inspiration for the sequel.

However, Payne’s statement that there are other projects beyond Election 2 that he’s working on means it may be some time before the film comes out. Even so, Election is a classic film that will now be getting a modern sequel, even if some time must pass before it happens. With Perrotta’s book serving as a blueprint, it seems the upcoming film will further expand the story of the original.

Source: Collider