All 10 James Bond Movie Villains With Special Powers



  • Bond movie villains frequently have special powers or abilities to make them more threatening to 007, such as Dr. No’s bionic metal hands and Tee Hee’s robotic arm.
  • Oddjob’s deadly hat and Jaws’ metal teeth are some of the most memorable weapons in film history, making them stand out in the Bond franchise.
  • Villains like Xenia Onatopp and Mr. Hinx have unique skill sets, such as Onatopp’s powerful thighs and Hinx’s granite fingernails, which add to the intrigue and excitement of the James Bond movies.



It has become a staple of the James Bond franchise that the villains have special powers and abilities in order to make them a greater threat to 007. While James Bond is always going up against bulky henchmen and evil geniuses, every few movies or so he runs into a villain with something he’s never seen before. The villains are some of the most iconic parts of the Bond movies and these “powers” help a bad guy stand out.

These abilities can be a result of an accident or just simply a skill set that has been perfect over years of training. Either way, they are used to prevent Bond from saving the world. Here are all 10 Bond movie villains with special “powers” and remarkable abilities.

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10 Dr. No – Bionic Hands

Dr. No - Most Dangerous James Bond Villains

The trope of Bond movie villains having strange abilities goes all the way back to the spy’s first on-screen adaptation, Dr. No. The titular antagonist was exposed to high levels of radiation, causing him to lose his hands. Dr. No replaced his hands with bionic metal hands that give him extra strength and the ability to crush metal. These hands, however, end up being the doctor’s downfall, as their limited dexterity cause him to drown in boiling water. Dr. No’s hands, while simple, are a pretty scary ability and started one of the most iconic traditions of the series.

9 Oddjob – Hat Throwing

Oddjob on the golf course in Goldfinger

Goldfinger is one of the most iconic Bond movies and Oddjob is one of the most iconic Bond henchmen. Oddjob is Goldfinger’s right-hand man and assassin, but he does not utter a single line of dialogue throughout the entire film. His bowler has a sharpened steel rim, and he throws it to decapitate his enemies. While inherently goofy, Oddjob’s deadly hat is one of the most memorable weapons in film history, and the character has been endlessly referenced and parodied. Austin Powers notably spoofed the character with Random Task, an assassin who throws a shoe, and Oddjob himself showed up in the N64 adaptation of Goldeneye.

8 Baron Samedi – Cult Magic

Baron Samedi in voodoo garb in Live and Let Die

Roger Moore’s first outing as 007, Live and Let Die, is a unique entry in the series. Inspired by the Blaxploitation movement of the time, the film focuses on Bond going up against a drug empire that uses “voodoo” magic to stop anyone who gets in their way. Baron Samedi is the Voodoo priest at the center of this organization. He uses his occult magic to perform sacrifices and curses. While many aspects of Samedi’s character, and much of the film, can be seen as culturally insensitive, his design and presence give the film a uniquely dark and haunting atmosphere, that sets Live and Let Die apart from the other Moore Bond films.

7 Tee Hee – Robotic Arm

Tee Hee with meat on his hook in Live and Let Die

While most of Live and Let Die is radically different from any other James Bond movie, Tee Hee fits right in among the pantheon of Bond villains. Tee Hee’s right arm was bitten off by a crocodile and was replaced with a robotic arm. The robotic arm, as well as Julius Harris’ fantastic performance, make Tee Hee a real threat to Bond, and their final fight on the train is one of the most tense scenes in the film.

6 Jaws – His Jaws

James Bond Villains Jaws

One of the most creative and famous bad guys in the Bond Pantheon, Jaws gets his name from the metallic teeth in his mouth that can bite through anything. He is a tall and intimidating foe, who has had several run-ins with 007. Richard Kiel first appeared as the character in The Spy who Loved Me, and was so popular that he was brought back for the sequel, Moonraker, where he not only received a redemption arc, but also a love interest. Jaws stand out not only because of his abilities but also as one of the few Bond bad guys to get an arch over multiple films. Jaws has remained a staple of the franchise ever since, appearing in several video games.

5 Max Zorin – Super Intelligence

Max Zorin wearing a tux and sunglasses in A View to a Kill

By the time A View to a Kill was released in 1985, Roger Moore was arguably too old to play Bond and it wasn’t believable for him to fight henchmen with superhuman abilities. The 57-year-old no longer looked like he could take on men with robotic arms. The filmmaker’s solution to this was Max Zorin, a byproduct of Nazi experimentation that lead to hyper-intelligence. While not as visually spectacular as other Bond villains, Christopher Walken lends Zorin an eerie presence that gives the very goofy film some stakes.

4 Xenia Onatopp – Super Thighs

Xenia Onatopp looking up in GoldenEye

Bond has faced his fair share of femme fatales but Famke Janssen’s Xenia Onatopp stands out due to her unique skill set. Onatopp uses her seductive nature, and her very strong thighs, to crush her enemies in a very intimate way. Onatopp uses this method of assassination on an Admiral, but it doesn’t work as well on Bond as he is able to escape her legs just in time. Goldeneye is one of the best movies in the series and Onatopp’s silly, but effective form of murder fits the tone of the franchise perfectly.

3 Victor ‘Renard’ Zokas – Inability to Feel Pain

Victor Renard The World Is Not Enough

While The World is Not Enough isn’t the most beloved Bond movie, it did have one of the scariest villains with Robert Carlyle’s Renard. Victor ‘Renard’ Zokas was a KGB agent who was shot in the head, and the bullet is slowly moving towards his cortex and will one day kill him. However, due to the bullet in his brain, he can not feel any pain inflicted on him. This makes him near impossible for Bond to beat in straight combat. This is such a cool premise for a villain and Carlyle has such an intimating presence that it makes Renard a stand out of the movie.

2 Colonel Moon – Changing Appearance

Die Another Day - Colonel Moon

Die Another Day is perhaps the silliest Bond movie, and that’s saying quite a bit. During the opening action scene it is presumed that the North Korean Colonel Moon is killed by Bond, after he stops a weapons deal. However, later in the movie, it is revealed that English billionaire Gustav Graves is actually Colonel Moon who underwent “gene therapy” to become Graves. This is a bizarre and problematic ability in a bizarre movie and one that makes less sense the more it is explained.

1 Mr. Hinx – Granite Fingernails

Mr. Hinx on a train in Spectre

Specter was an attempt to bring the tone of Connery/Moore era Bond to the Daniel Craig films, and part of that was adding a villain with a special ability. Mr. Hinx is an assassin with granite fingernails on his thumbs that he uses to gouge out his enemy’s eyes. While it would have been nice to see Dave Bautista given more to do, since he has proven himself to be a genuinely great actor, Mr. Hinx was a great addition to the James Bond franchise and a welcomed return of villains with powers.