All 6 Family Feud Hosts Ranked



  • Family Feud hosts play a significant role in shaping the show’s tone and engagement, with their charisma and humor making each episode memorable.
  • Some hosts, like Richard Karn, lack the comedic edge and larger-than-life personality that others possess, resulting in less memorable episodes.
  • Steve Harvey has brought a new level of fame and popularity to Family Feud, with his charismatic and unpredictable hosting style reinvigorating the show and attracting a larger audience.



Family Feud, a cornerstone of American game show television, has been on air since 1976, during which six Family Feud hosts have attempted to entertain audiences in very different ways. The show’s premise is straightforward yet captivating: two families compete against each other by answering survey-based questions to win cash and prizes. The show has become a staple of pop culture and is even a frequent Saturday Night Live sketch. However, a unique aspect of Family Feud is its reliance on the host’s charisma to shape the show’s tone and engagement. Family Feud hosts have always been a significant part of its allure.

The hosts’ ability to interact humorously and empathetically with contestants, coupled with their knack for delivering punchlines and keeping the show moving, has made each episode memorable. Over the decades, Family Feud has seen a range of personalities take the hosting mantle. These individuals have brought their unique flavors to the show, influencing its dynamic and popularity. From the original charm of Richard Dawson to the energetic vivacity of Steve Harvey, each host has left an indelible mark on the show’s history. Nevertheless, considering their impact, style, and the legacy they’ve left on the iconic game show, some Family Feud hosts are way more memorable than others.

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6 Richard Karn (2002-2006)

Karn was too straightforward and down-to-earth to host Family Feud.

Richard Karn standing next to a family in Family Feud

Richard Karn, best known for his role as Al in the sitcom Home Improvement, took up the hosting duties on Family Feud. Karn’s era from 2002 to 2006 is often remembered for its straightforward, no-frills approach to the game. Karn brought a neighborly, approachable vibe to Family Feud, often engaging with contestants in a friendly, down-to-earth manner. His hosting style leaned more towards the traditional game show format, focusing on the questions and answers more than the host-contestant banter that made the show popular in the first place.

While Karn was competent and likable, his time on Family Feud is often seen as somewhat characterless in the grander scope of the show’s history. He lacked the comedic edge and the larger-than-life personality that other hosts possessed, which sometimes resulted in less memorable episodes. Unfortunately, though still entertaining, Karn is the most forgettable host in Family Feud’s run. However, his consistent and professional demeanor provided a stable period for the show, maintaining its popularity and ensuring its continuity.

5 Louis Anderson (1999-2002)

Anderson was the most compassionate Family Feud host but lacked energy.

Louis Anderson posing with two families in Family Feud

Louis Anderson, known for his stand-up comedy, brought a gentle and amiable presence to Family Feud. Serving as the host from 1999 to 2002, Anderson’s tenure on Family Feud was marked by his warm, self-deprecating humor, which resonated with the family-oriented audience. However, Anderson’s style was a departure from the more dynamic and interactive approach of his predecessors and successors. Though his tenure was not devoid of charm, it lacked the energy and the sharp wit that later hosts brought to the forefront. Anderson’s approach was more subdued, focusing on a kinder, softer interaction with the contestants, which, while endearing, sometimes failed to inject the necessary excitement into the game.

Anderson’s compassionate demeanor and genuine reactions to contestants’ answers added a layer of heartfelt sincerity to the show. However, Anderson lacked experience in hosting when he was hired to host Family Feud, and that’s obvious on screen. Anderson’s compassion was admirable and it’s something that’s lacking in game shows today, but that also came with a lack of excitement. Nevertheless, while Anderson’s style might not have been as impactful as others, it certainly added a unique chapter to Family Feud’s ongoing legacy.

4 John O’Hurley (2006-2010)

O’Hurley brought theatricality to Family Feud.

Joh O'Hurley looks serious on Family Feud

John O’Hurley, stepping in after Richard Karn, is often remembered for his suave and sophisticated demeanor. Hosting the show from 2006 to 2010, O’Hurley brought a touch of class and theatrical flair to Family Feud. His background in theater and television, most notably his role as J. Peterman in Seinfeld, shone through in his articulate and occasionally dramatic presentation. O’Hurley’s tenure is marked by his ability to blend humor with a sense of gravitas, making the game feel both fun and important. However, while O’Hurley’s charm and elegance were undeniable, his style sometimes clashed with the inherently casual and familial atmosphere of Family Feud.

The actor’s approach to hosting sometimes came off as too polished for Family Feud‘s laid-back vibe. Despite this, O’Hurley succeeded in leaving a distinct mark on the show, elevating it with his unique brand of hosting, and adding a layer of sophistication to the Family Feud legacy. Interestingly, instead of his contract coming to an end or the studio dropping him, as ABC did with other hosts, O’Hurley left on his own terms, and it was because he felt that the show was distancing itself from its family-oriented nature (via Fox News).

3 Ray Combs (1988-1994)

Combs brought a young energy to Family Feud.

Ray Combs smiles on Family Feud

Ray Combs, who took over after the show’s initial cancellation and subsequent revival in 1988, brought a fresh energy to Family Feud. A comedian, Combs was known for his quick wit and relatable charm. His tenure until 1994 is often lauded for revitalizing the show, bringing in a modern approach to Family Feud while staying true to the original format. Combs had a natural rapport with contestants, often engaging in playful banter and showing genuine interest in their stories. Unfortunately, despite being one of the best Family Feud hosts and how well-liked Combs was on the show, ABC ended his contract due to low ratings (via All That’s Interesting).

The host’s comedic timing and affable personality made the show not only entertaining but also heartwarming. Combs’ impact on Family Feud remains significant, as he managed to respect the show’s roots while injecting his own brand of humor and warmth, making his era a beloved part of the show’s history. There wasn’t another Family Feud host that challenged Combs’ undeniable hosting skills until 26 years later when Steve Harvey took over as the show’s host.

2 Richard Dawson (1976-1985, 1994-1995)

The first Family Feud host set a high bar with his charm and wit.

Richard Dawson in a three-piece suit on Family Feud

Richard Dawson, the original host of Family Feud, set the gold standard for the show’s hosting. Serving from 1976 to 1985 and briefly returning in 1994-1995, Dawson’s tenure is iconic and fondly remembered. His charm, wit, and genuine affection for the contestants helped establish the show’s identity. Dawson was known for his ability to make contestants feel at ease, often greeting them with a warm hug, a practice that became one of his trademarks.

Dawson’s style was a perfect blend of humor, empathy, and a slight edge, which kept the show engaging and lively. His rapport with the contestants was unparalleled at the time, making him not just a host but a beloved figure to many who appeared on the show. Although some aspects of his hosting style might be viewed differently in modern times, Dawson’s impact on Family Feud is undeniable. He was not just the first host but also the one who imbued the show with a sense of heart and humor that has become its enduring legacy.

1 Steve Harvey (2010-Present)

Harvey’s chemistry with contestants makes Family Feud excitingly unpredictable.

Exemplified by his newest show Judge Steve Harvey, Harvey was born to be a TV personality. Taking over as host in 2010, he brought a new level of fame and popularity to Family Feud. A well-known comedian and entertainer, Harvey is renowned for his charismatic and often over-the-top reactions to contestants’ answers. His tenure has been marked by viral moments and a significant increase in the show’s viewership. Harvey’s style is a blend of humor, shock, and heartfelt interactions, making each episode completely unpredictable. Harvey hypes up the guests way more than any previous host, and his interactions have led to some of the most popular memes too.

Harvey’s approach has been a major factor in reinvigorating the show, and his larger-than-life persona can sometimes overshadow the contestants and the game itself, for better or worse. Either way, there’s no denying that Harvey’s dynamic hosting has brought a new audience to Family Feud, making it more popular than ever. His ability to connect with contestants, combined with his impeccable comedic timing and longevity (Harvey has hosted the show far longer than any other host), has solidified his position as not just the best of the Family Feudhosts but one of the best hosts in game show history.

Source: Fox News