Barbie Images Show The Movie Nearly Had A Post-Credits Scene With The Best Cameo Imaginable



  • The Barbie movie had a cut post-credits scene featuring a cameo from Helen Mirren, who also narrated the film.
  • The scene would have added a meta element to the narrator’s commentary and recognized Mirren’s legendary status as an actress.
  • The cut scene also paid off an earlier Easter egg and would have given Emerald Fennell, known for her work in Promising Young Woman, more screen time.



A look behind-the-scenes of Barbie reveals that a post-credits scene featuring the best cameo imaginable was cut. Greta Gerwig’s movie, which follows Margot Robbie’s Barbie and Ryan Gosling’s Ken on a journey of self-discovery after an existential crisis, is narrated by the Oscar-winning actor Helen Mirren during its opening scenes, which reference 2001: A Space Odyssey and introduce audiences to Barbieland. Mirren also narrates intermittently throughout the movie to make meta jokes, such as one about how Robbie is the wrong choice to play an “ugly” version of Barbie.

The Barbie movie does not have a post-credits scene, though it nearly did, and it featured a physical cameo from Helen Mirren. Check out an image of the cut scene below:

Shared by Tom Clark, who worked as a dancer on Barbie, the images reveal the cut scene in which Mirren walks in on Midge in labor. Another image via Boris FX confirms the cut scene would have appeared during the end credits:

A photo of cork board with Barbie movie scenes

The Barbie Movie’s Cut Post-Credits Scene Explained

Margot Robbie sitting on a bed near the end of Barbie

Helen Mirren was the perfect cameo imaginable for Barbie‘s post-credits scene since it allowed the narrator to appear on-screen. The cut scene probably saw Mirren playing herself and might have even recognized her legendary status as an actor, adding another meta element to the narrator’s already-meta commentary. In addition to being an Academy Award winner for The Queen, Mirren is also the only performer to ever achieve both the American and the British Triple Crowns of Acting.

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Barbie‘s cut credits scene, which shows Midge giving birth, also appears to pay off an earlier Easter egg. Midge’s pregnancy is a reference to the version of the doll that caused controversy with parents who believed she was too young to have children, leading to its discontinuation. The credits scene would have also given Fennell more screen time, though she is also known for her work behind the camera. She won an Oscar for writing 2020’s Promising Young Woman which, like Barbie, provides clever social commentary on women’s issues, but with a completely different tone and style.

Source: Tom Clark/Instagram, Boris FX