Barbie’s Most Emotional Moment Is Turned Into A Stunning Water Color-Esque Art Piece



  • Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie breaks records and surprises audiences with its emotional depth, tackling themes of female empowerment.
  • A fan reimagines a poignant moment from the film using watercolor-esque art, capturing Barbie’s existential crisis and emotional discovery.
  • The movie explores complex questions about self-discovery and feminism, with tearjerker moments involving a surprising catalyst and a meeting with Ruth Handler.



One of the Barbie movie’s most emotional moments gets reimagined by a fan as a stunning watercolor-inspired work of art. Released in theaters on July 21, Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie follows Margot Robbie’s Stereotypical Barbie as she suffers an existential crisis and leaves the matriarchal utopia of Barbie Land in search of self-discovery in the real world (with Ryan Gosling’s Ken tagging along). The movie opened to stellar reviews and a record-breaking first weekend at the worldwide box office.

Now, soon after the Barbie movie’s massive opening weekend, one of the movie’s most emotional moments was recreated by @izartzy_ on Instagram with some stunning watercolor-inspired art. Check out the fan art below:

Using an iPad Pro and the application Procreate, the artwork captures the moment when Barbie is seating on a park bench and discovers the source of her existential crisis, causing a single tear to stream down her face. In the description, the artwork’s creator writes, “Barbie was so amazing so funny and emotional it made me cry but I loved it so much even though it gave me an existential crisis.”

The Barbie Movie Is Surprisingly Emotional

Margot Robbie as Barbie looking shocked in Barbie

Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie has shocked the world on numerous fronts, including its stellar $337 million opening weekend worldwide, which was the biggest ever for a non-superhero movie, sequel, or remake. For a movie based on the Mattel fashion doll that has historically been criticized for encouraging unrealistic beauty standards, a fact the film even recognizes, the Barbie movie manages to be all about female empowerment, with many inspiring moments driving this main theme home. The Barbie movie avoids being overly didactic though, as it also endears its audience with several surprisingly emotional scenes.

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One emotional moment, which is captured by the watercolor-inspired art above, is when a distraught Barbie discovers the catalyst of her existential crisis is a tween girl named Sasha (Ariana Greenblatt), later realizing it’s actually her mother Gloria (America Ferrera). Another tearjerker moment comes during the Barbie movie ending when the titular doll meets with the spirit of Mattel founder Ruth Handler and decides she wants to become human (set to the melancholic yet mellifluous sound of Billie Eilish’s “What Was I Made For?”) With these emotional moments, the Barbie movie explores complex questions about existentialism, feminism, and self-discovery.

Source: @izartzy_/Instagram