Black Manta’s Black Trident In Aquaman 2 Explained



  • Black Manta is shown to carry the Black Trident in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.
  • The Black Trident contains dark magic, which Black Manta is set to use in order to try and destroy Aquaman and his family.
  • While Aquaman’s Trident of Atlan is likely more powerful, Black Manta’s trident is not to be underestimated, as Manta is a skilled combatant, and the likely source of inspiration for the Black Trident could mean it outshines Aquaman’s, though this may be at great personal cost if the weapon is cursed.



Black Manta will carry a black trident in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, and there are numerous possible origins for the new DCEU weapon. Black Manta is well-known as one of Aquaman’s arch-enemies in the comics, a sea-faring mercenary who dons a high-tech, Manta-like suit to battle the King of Atlantis in the depths of the ocean. 2018’s DCEU movie Aquaman saw David Kane, a.k.a. Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II), make his cinematic debut, with David holding Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) responsible for his father’s death and seeking revenge upon him – a premise that is revealed to also make him the main villain of Aquaman 2.

In Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom‘s story, Black Manta is set to return to fulfill his vendetta once more and will pose such a threat that Aquaman must team up with Orm, a.k.a. Ocean Master (Patrick Wilson), to defeat their common enemy. Black Manta will also carry some new tools for battle in the sequel, with the Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom trailer showing him wielding a black trident against Aquaman in a fight scene. Here are the possible origins of where Black Manta got his black trident in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

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The Black Trident’s Aquaman And The Last Kingdom History Explained

Black Manta With Black Trident in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Trailer

In the new Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom trailer, it’s explained that the Black Trident is a relic from long before in King Atlan’s reign. During this period of DC history, there was another, seventh kingdom of Atlantis, which appears to have been lost because of the trident’s dark magic abilities, based on the necrotic looking enemies that Atlantis’ protectors are shown fighting. Based on the fact Atlan is dead by the time Aquaman 2 begins – but is shown fighting these creatures – it seems this flashback sheds light on what happened to the kingdom, suggesting that they attempted to attack the rest of Atlantis, and as such were defeated or sealed away as a result alongside the weapon.

Black Manta now wielding the Black Trident appears to have reawoken the dark magic that resides within it, which Atlanna describes as “spreading“, stating that David Hyde “must be stopped, or a global meltdown is imminent“. This suggests that while Black Manta is the movie’s main antagonist, the bigger threat may indeed be the Black Trident itself. The shot of Hyde’s eyes glowing green with the Trident support this, as the information given about the artifact suggests its dark powers may further corrupt those exposed to it, meaning the DC villain may be just as much at risk from the tool as those he faces down with it.

The Black Trident’s Possible DC Comics History Explained

Aquaman and Black Manta fighting with their tridents in the Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom trailer.

The discussion of the Black Trident using dark magic and threatening a global meltdown strongly suggests the DCEU is using some of the major beats of the Dead King’s Trident from the comics. This weapon was also stolen by Black Manta in the comics, and allowed its user the ability to create earthquakes, which could viably threaten a global meltdown depending on what scale they are. However, given Arthur Curry’s own DCEU trident takes some elements of the Dead King’s Trident, it would make sense to instead provide the weapon another name, in order to prevent any confusion that would otherwise occur.

Similarly, the Dead King’s Trident allowed the wielder control over the Trench in the comics, whereas in the sequel, Black Manta instead appears to have control over the inhabitants of Necrus – based on the comic kingdom’s name being the working title of the movie, and the sinister beings whose eyes also glow green in the trailer. With this in mind, a new name makes sense to best fit this alteration, as the tweaked lore elements mean the Black Trident wouldn’t have worked as well with the story if just drawn directly from the source material. With this in mind, there is another comic element that Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom may also be taking from when it comes to the Black Trident.

One possible explanation for Black Manta’s black trident in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom could relate to the character Triton. As the son of Poseidon and Amphitrite, Triton carries his own trident, like Aquaman and other Atlantean warriors do. In the comics, Triton’s trident is sometimes – though not always – illustrated to look darker, and this potentially might play a role in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Triton’s weapon is imbued with his own god-level powers, and if the DCEU movie has taken some aspects of this trident for its own, this could explain why Black Manta is described as being so much more powerful than before, as well as why he decides on an all-out war with Atlantis.

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Is The Black Trident More Powerful Than Aquaman’s Trident?

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom concept art Arthur fights Black Manta

It is hard to say exactly how powerful Black Manta’s trident is compared to Aquaman’s, but the mythology around Arthur’s suggests his trident has the edge, especially since the trailer shows the Black Trident initially being destroyed before it’s presumably put back together. Arthur wields the Trident of Atlan, which gives Arthur his claim to the Atlantean throne and which has clearly strong abilities in combat. With Arthur shattering the trident carried by Orm in Aquaman‘s final fight, the Trident of Atlan is an undeniably powerful weapon in the hands of a skilled Atlantean warrior.

At the same time, Black Manta is also quite adept in bladed combat, and it’s clear the Black Trident has posed a real threat to Atlantis before. If the DCEU weapon is drawing from the Dead King’s Trident and Triton’s trident, it could arguably be more powerful than Aquaman’s own, though this may be at the cost of potentially warping the individual who uses it, essentially being a cursed weapon. Whatever the case, Black Manta will definitely have a tool for a much more up-close-and-personal revenge match in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

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