Blue Beetle Is Avoiding The Flash Movie’s Embarrassing Costume Problem



  • The Blue Beetle suit in the upcoming DCU movie looks far better than the criticized costume worn by The Flash, with more practical elements and attention to detail.
  • The Blue Beetle suit features a layered helmet with various textures and a impressive scarab with practical insect arms protruding from the back.
  • While the trailers show the Blue Beetle suit looking great, there is still a risk that CGI elements could potentially ruin the practicality of the costume, similar to The Flash’s costume problems.



The DCU’s upcoming Blue Beetle movie seems to be avoiding The Flash’s embarrassing costume problems. Having been released with various CGI issues and criticisms, the actual costume worn by Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) was not very well received. In comparison, the new Blue Beetle suit looks far better for a handful of key reasons, a great sign for the next DCU movie overall.

One of the biggest criticisms aimed at The Flash directed by Andy Muschietti has been how terrible the titular hero’s costume looked. It was far too dependent on CGI, essentially looking like a video game graphic from a cutscene more than anything practical or tangible for the real world. However, the Blue Beetle suit worn by Jaime Reyes (Xolo Maridueña) looks to be a lot better, having been put on display at select theaters, allowing future audiences to get an in-depth look at the more practical suit.

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Blue Beetle’s Super Suit Looks Great Without Special Effects

Blue Beetle Costume on Display

Seen on display, the Blue Beetle suit looks pretty fantastic ahead of the DCU film’s imminent release. By all accounts, it’s more detailed with practical elements compared to the costume worn by Barry Allen in The Flash. The helmet is layered with various textures, and the scarab on the back of the suit is rather impressive with the two practical insect arms protruding from the back.

Even when the Flash costume worn by Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen was practical in a handful of rare shots, it had a stiff and rubbery look that was rather bizarre. It simply didn’t look great or functional in a live-action superhero movie. As such, it certainly looks as though Blue Beetle’s blue alien suit will be avoiding one of the core criticisms The Flash received (among many other CGI complaints in general).

There’s Still A Risk Blue Beetle Might Waste Its Super Suit

Blue Beetle Makes Energy Sword

That being said, the trailers for Blue Beetle have confirmed that the suit will be incorporating its own CGI elements (which could be risky). After all, the alien scarab can manufacture any weapon or defense Jaime Reyes can think of just like in the original DC Comics. Likewise, there’s certainly precedence for great-looking practical costumes to still be ruined by CGI overlays and digital tweaks.

Trailers for Blue Beetle seem to show off a lot of shots with the suit looking like a normal and practical costume despite the CGI weapons and effects such as Blue Beetle’s ability to fly, the same suit that’s currently on display. This is great, but it’s not yet known for sure how much practicality will be present throughout the full DCU movie. At any rate, here’s hoping Blue Beetle will avoid The Flash’s costume promises when it releases on August 18th.

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