Character Explained (& Why He Gives The Children Weapons)



  • Father Christmas represents the end of winter and the joyousness of the season in contrast to the cold and misery brought by the White Witch in Narnia.
  • Father Christmas gives the Pevensie children weapons to fight against the White Witch, highlighting the historical theme of young men taking up arms in war while women served as healers.
  • The role of the siblings in Narnia mirrors the gender roles during World War II, with Peter being called to fight while the sisters play supportive roles but can also defend themselves.



One of the most fascinating characters in The Chronicles of Narnia series is Father Christmas, who gives the Pevensie siblings weapons. The Chronicles of Narnia is a classic fantasy book series written by C.S. Lewis and the most famous adaptation of his work is Disney’s The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. Despite the film grossing $745 million, the Disney Narnia series ultimately bombed due to the financial failure of the sequels. This led to the franchise’s cancellation after the third film, leaving many character arcs unresolved. Fortunately, Netflix plans on creating a new adaptation of The Chronicles of Narnia with Greta Gerwig directing.

The main characters in the Chronicles of Narnia book series are four English siblings named Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy who are transported to the magical Narnia where talking animals and mythical beings roam the realm. In The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, the children must team up with a talking lion named Aslan to fight against the evil White Witch, a powerful sorceress who brings the Long Winter to the realm of Narnia to curse and subjugate the beings under her rule. The Pevensie siblings encounter all sorts of magical creatures and beings who help them along their journey, one of which is Father Christmas.

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Father Christmas Represents The End Of Winter

Father Christmas makes an appearance in Narnia

In many ways, Father Christmas is the complete antithesis of the villainous White Witch. Unlike the White Witch, who represents only the cold and miserable elements of winter, which is even more obvious through her icy, compassionless personality and the Long Winter she brings to Narnia, Father Christmas serves as a more joyous and inviting symbol of the season. Not only does Father represent everything positive about winter that had been missing under the White Witch’s rule, but his existence also gives way to spring, a season that all the mythical creatures in Narnia have been desperate to experience ever since the White Witch took power.

Father Christmas Gives The Children Weapons To Fight Against The White Witch

Father Christmas giving a knife to a girl

Throughout the Long Winter, the White Witch keeps Father Christmas out of Narnia. At the end of the Long Winter though, which symbolizes that the Witch’s power is weakening, Father Christmas appears before three of the four Pevensie siblings and gives each of them weapons: a sword and shield for Peter, a magical horn and bow and arrow for Susan, and a healing potion and a small dagger for Lucy. Father Christmas states that not only would they need to use these weapons to defend themselves, but that Peter specifically will need them to fight in the war against the Witch and become the High King of Narnia.

This moment in which the children are called to arms highlights the role that history plays in The Chronicles of Narnia as the first novel was written a few years after the end of World War II. The reason this is significant because the idea of young men calling up arms to fight in a war while the women serve as healers permeated throughout World War II, and the same logic regarding wartime roles is applied to the siblings in Narnia in which Peter must go out and fight while the sisters play more supportive roles but also have the ability to defend themselves.