Chris Elliott Is A Sheriff Hunting Two Robbers In A Bizarre Town In Welcome To Redville Trailer [EXCLUSIVE]



  • “Welcome to Redville” trailer reveals a supernatural twist to the crime thriller genre, reminiscent of “Twin Peaks” and “Wayward Pines.”
  • The movie keeps the central couple trapped in a mysterious loop within the town, adding a fresh take to the robbers-on-the-run story formula.
  • Chris Elliott’s appearance as the straightforward sheriff provides an interesting blend of genres, with moments of comedy and bizarre situations.



Chris Elliott is a more straightforward lawman in a very bizarre town in an exclusive Welcome to Redville trailer. Led by The Order‘s Jake Manley and The Brothers Sun‘s Highdee Kuan, the mystery-thriller revolves around two robbers who attempt to lie low in a small desert town after a botched robbery, only to find themselves in a bizarre situation with the local residents and a promising final heist. Alongside Manley, Kuan and Elliott, the movie stars Deadpool‘s Isaac C. Singleton Jr., Moxie‘s Sabrina Haskett, Rick and Morty‘s Phil Hendrie and Future Man‘s Robert Craighead.

With less than a month remaining until the movie’s release, Screen Rant can exclusively premiere the first Welcome to Redville trailer.

The trailer, as seen above, offers the first look at the crime thriller and its central young robbers as they find themselves trapped in the eponymous isolated town. The Welcome to Redville trailer also reveals the high-octane action throughout the movie, including tense shootouts between the two and the local law enforcement, including Chris Elliott’s Sheriff Brooks.

Everything The Welcome To Redville Trailer Reveals About The Movie

Chris Elliot in Welcome to Redville

Though the premise of the movie initially sounds like many crime thrillers, the Welcome to Redville trailer paints a far more supernatural picture for the title. Showing the young couple trapped in the eponymous town and experiencing a variety of hallucinations feels more reminiscent of a David Lynch project, namely that of the cult favorite TV show Twin Peaks, or other similar projects, such as the M. Night Shyamalan-produced Wayward Pines show.

Where the latter project saw its mystery isolation come from a future apocalypse, Welcome to Redville looks to pull more from the former and the more recent hit show From, which has gotten glowing reviews from Stephen King. Seemingly keeping the central couple in a loop in the town makes for a fresh take on the young robbers-on-the-run story formula while also retaining viewer interest in learning the nature behind what’s going on.

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Another interesting takeaway from the Welcome to Redville trailer is the appearance of Chris Elliott as the town’s sheriff who looks to be a very straightforward law enforcer in comparison to his goofier Adult Swim comedy show Eagleheart. That said, the inclusion of such bizarre moments as confusing a real rifle with a cartoonish joke one does at least allow the comedian to flex what he’s best known for, pointing towards an interesting meld of genres in the movie.