Chucky Actor Brad Dourif Didn’t Expect Child’s Play To Be A Hit, Actor Admits



  • Actor Brad Dourif was surprised by the unexpected success of Child’s Play, a “doll horror movie” he didn’t think would be a hit.
  • Child’s Play became a franchise with seven movies, a reboot, and a TV series spin-off called Chucky, which is currently on its third season.
  • Child’s Play inspired a subgenre of creepy doll horror movies, including Annabelle and M3GAN.



Actor Brad Dourif did not expect Child’s Play to become the hit that it has. Dourif is known for supplying the voice of Chucky, the creepy, murderous doll at the center of the Child’s Play franchise. He debuted in the role in the first movie, which was released in 1988 and directed by Tom Holland, and continues to contribute his vocal talents to the classic horror villain today.

Speaking with People in honor of the Child’s Play 35th anniversary, Dourif reveals his initial thoughts on the horror movie’s potential. According to the actor, he was “surprised” that Child’s Play became such a runaway success. Check out the full quote from Dourif below:

“It was a doll horror movie, and I’d done a lot of horror movies by that time. So I didn’t think it was gonna be, but it was a smash hit. And I was surprised,”

Child’s Play Inspired A Niche Horror Subgenre

Beat up M3GAN

At the time, Dourif did not know how wrong he would be about Child’s Play. Since its 1988 debut, the franchise has released seven main movies, as well as a 2019 reboot of Child’s Play. In these installments, Chucky has gone through various phases, and the franchise has even introduced Tiffany, a female doll also known as Bride of Chucky. The Child’s Play franchise was most recently spun off into the TV series Chucky, which is currently in the midst of season 3.

All episodes of Chucky are available to stream via Peacock

The “doll horror movie” concept that Dourif mentions would go on to work out not just for Child’s Play, but countless other titles after it. It went on to inspire a creepy horror subgenre that now features projects such as 2014’s Annabelle, an indirect Conjuring prequel that inspired its own mini-franchise. Early on in 2023, the creepy doll trend was also showcased through the hit horror film M3GAN, which combined the genre with the ongoing Hollywood obsession with AI-based stories.

With the Chucky TV series, the Child’s Play franchise is still very much in full swing. Chucky season 3 began airing in October of this year, showing its first four episodes before the SAG-AFTRA strike shut down its production. As the actors strike has reached its end, season 3, part 2 will see a release sometime in 2024, continuing the legacy of the franchise Dourif was so surprised to see succeed.

Source: People

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