Colombiana Ending Explained: What Happens To Cataleya



  • Colombiana’s ending conclusively resolves the storylines and delivers retribution for Cataleya’s parents’ murder, showcasing the overarching theme of revenge.
  • Cataleya’s strategic planning and underestimated abilities enable her to outsmart her enemies, allowing her to successfully exact her revenge.
  • Cataleya’s call to Danny at the end signifies forgiveness and the possibility of a new, peaceful life for Cataleya, now that her mission of revenge is complete.



2011’s Colombiana had an action-packed ending that managed to conclude many of the thriller’s storylines. Coproduced by Luc Besson and directed by Olivier Megaton, the script for Colombiana was based on Mathilda, originally written as a sequel to 1994’s Leon: The Professional by Besson, who wrote both the iconic crime drama and the 2011 action thriller. Many of the themes of Colombiana and Leon overlap, with Cataleya’s story, sounding eerily similar to Mathilda’s with her being taken in by her uncle Emilio after her parents’ murder in Bogotá forces her to escape to the States and incites her to learn how to become a killer in this intense Zoe Saldana movie.

The trip to Chicago might have given her a chance to leave her father Fabio’s life behind in Colombia, but Cataleya (Zoe Saldana) could never forget Don Luis brutally killing off her mother and father in front of her. Her hasty escape from Marco and his underlings proved Cataleya’s abilities in Colombiana’s beginning, but that wouldn’t have necessarily meant that she had to undertake the burdensome task of making Don Luis pay. Still, Cataleya’s uncle Emilio and his teachings made sure she remembered what she was capable of, making her skills even sharper with academic education, essentially securing Cataleya’s success in finally getting retribution in Colombiana’s ending.

How Cataleya Finally Gets Revenge On Don Luis Explained

Beto Benites as Don Luis and Zoe Saldana as Cataleya in Colombiana

While she never planned for Emilio and Mama to bear the brunt of her choices, Cataleya always knew she would have made Don Luis pay for her parents’ murder and set her plan in motion even before she started leaving messages on her victims’ bodies. The particularly violent fight against Marco and Don Luis’ escape might have tricked them into believing that she didn’t manage to exact her revenge, but all the pieces of the puzzle she had created fit together perfectly when Don Luis narrowly escaped her. Cataleya’s dogs had after all appeared early on in the movie, showing how they were always included in her brutal revenge plan.

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From the moment Marco faced Cataleya right after her parents’ murder, he and his crew all proved they underestimated her. Not only was she able to escape them, but she also managed to trick Marco and Don Luis into going to her, which they only did because they believed they could easily kill her off. Instead, Cataleya preyed on their misjudgment, knowing Don Luis would have called her to remind her that he was too strong to be defeated, signing his own death warrant as that call was the only way for Cataleya to order her dogs to maul and kill him. Their underestimation of Cataleya made her revenge possible.

What Cataleya’s Call To Danny In Colombiana’s Ending Really Means

Michael Vartan as Danny and Zoe Saldana as Cataleya in Colombiana

If Danny had never shown Cataleya’s picture to his friend, she would have never been found by the FBI. While he didn’t know what showing that picture could have meant for Cataleya’s life, their last conversation before the one at the end of Colombiana ended abruptly and with her running for her life, and Danny didn’t know what had happened to Cataleya, especially as he was brought in for questioning. Cataleya calling Danny and telling him bits of the truth meant she forgave him, even if his actions caused her a great deal of trouble because he didn’t mean to and Cataleya ultimately believed he deserved to know her truth.

What Happens To Cataleya After Colombiana’s Ending

Zoe Saldana as Cataleya in Colombiana's ending

Although Colombiana’s ending doesn’t spell out what Cataleya’s life will bring after her revenge on Don Luis, her call to Danny left a glimmer of hope for them, especially as she told him her real name and wanted to let him know she was okay. Every victim Cataleya killed had been to attract Don Luis’ attention so that she could find him and finish him, and she finally has at Colombiana’s end, letting her finally close that chapter of her life that started with her parents’ brutal murder. Cataleya calling Danny from a pay phone in a service station also hinted at her successful escape from the FBI.

Indeed, while Ross and the FBI knew more about her and her criminal activity, Cataleya still managed to escape them twice, and the first of those times it was also unexpected as she didn’t know she was being tracked via Danny’s friend. With Colombiana’s ending granting Cataleya her revenge on Don Luis, her energies wouldn’t be spent anymore on trying to get him, making her continuous deceptions to keep the police off her tail easier. Given how Colombiana proved Cataleya’s exceptional abilities throughout the movie, it’s unlikely that the FBI will find her, especially as she will probably stop with the murders now that Don Luis is dead.

Why Emilio & Mama Are Killed In Colombiana’s Ending

Zoe Saldana as Cataleya and Cliff Curtis as Emilio in Colombiana

The FBI discovering Cataleya’s hideout might have stopped her from monitoring Emilio and Mama, but she already avoided them for years so that they couldn’t be traced back to her. However, given how Cataleya’s uncle Emilio gave her the jobs and she sent messages to Don Luis via her victims’ bodies, it was only a matter of time before Marco and Don Luis caught up and found Emilio and his mother. Emilio and Mama’s deaths were the catalyst for Cataleya to blackmail Ross and find out about Don Luis’ whereabouts, but they could have only been avoided if Cataleya abandoned her revenge plans, something she unfortunately never could do.

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Cataleya’s father Fabio made sure to train Cataleya so that she could escape Don Luis, and while he was farsighted in letting her know how to defend herself, he also unintendedly compelled Cataleya to avenge her parents after she watched them die. Training her alone wouldn’t have caused Cataleya to promise to herself to kill Don Luis to exact revenge, but Fabio also instructed Cataleya to go to his brother Emilio in Chicago had anything happened to him and Cataleya’s mother. Emilio told Cataleya more than once that he didn’t want that life for her, but she was originally set on that path by Fabio.

How Fabio’s Final Act Made Colombiana’s Ending Inevitable

Cliff Curtis as Emilio and Amandla Stenberg as Cataleya in Colombiana

Indeed, when Cataleya got to Chicago, Emilio was clearly involved with gangs, and Fabio had chosen him to look after his daughter. Fabio’s choice to send Cataleya to Emilio emboldened her wish for revenge as she would have still been close to criminal activity, even if he and his wife were murdered precisely because they wanted to leave that life and Don Luis behind with Cataleya. Coupled with having witnessed firsthand the gruesome murder of her parents, Cataleya couldn’t have avoided pursuing Fabio and Emilio’s path, as it was all she ever knew.

Colombiana’s Ending Brings Cataleya’s Story Full Circle

Zoe Saldana as Cateleya and Amandla Stenberg as Cateleya in Colombiana

Cataleya’s story in Colombiana was violent from the first scene of the Netflix action movie, making it even more likely that it would have ended with Don Luis’ gruesome murder. However, getting her revenge against Don Luis essentially granted peace to Cataleya, as everything that motivated her to kill for the majority of her life was finally over with Don Luis’ death. This way, Colombiana gave Cataleya the chance to start over away from the violence she always knew, hinting at her possible happiness being in Cataleya’s future.