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  • The success of the new Chinese action-comedy on Netflix, Hidden Strike, has sparked curiosity about the potential for a sequel starring Jackie Chan and John Cena, as their chemistry is a key driver behind the film’s success.
  • Hidden Strike became the number-one movie on Netflix in the US and 53 other countries, despite receiving negative reviews from critics. The film’s popularity on the streaming platform, with 37.8 million hours watched in its first three days, may influence the decision to greenlight a sequel.
  • While Hidden Strike 2 has not been confirmed yet, if it were to happen, it is likely that both Jackie Chan and John Cena would reprise their roles as the main heroes. The sequel would probably follow a similar formula to the first film, with the two characters facing another high-stakes situation in a different location.



With the new Chinese action-comedy starring Jackie Chan and John Cena becoming a highly anticipated hit in the US, curiosity around Hidden Strike 2 news has already started to surface, as the idea of a Chan and Cena-led franchise of any kind definitely has merit. Hidden Strike stars Jackie Chan as a former Chinese Special Ops agent who has since retired and gone into business in the private security sector. When he is hired to help rescue some workers at a Chinese oil refinery, he discovers a plan in place to steal the oil, with a group threatening the biggest oil heist in history. He then has to team up with a former American Marine (John Cena) to rescue the workers and stop the criminals.

If there will be a Hidden StrikeI sequel, it will depend on the studio’s reaction to how well the movie does on streaming in the United States. This is where an actor like John Cena comes in. Chan’s best movies over the last decade have been mostly animated voice movies, although he did have a couple of average success stories with The Foreigner in 2017 and Skiptrace in 2016. However, Cena has become a major star thanks to his role as Peacemaker in the DCU and his great comic timing in action movies. As for Hidden Strike, it dropped on Netflix in July 2023, so Hidden Strike 2 will likely rest on if it does as well in the US as it has done internationally.

Hidden Strike 2 Recent News

Jackie Chan John Cena Hidden Strike us release date everything we know

Hidden Strike 2 news hasn’t included a green light yet, but it’s far more likely now Hidden Strike has arrived on Netflix, as it hit number one on Netflix in a few days. Hidden Strike ended up hitting Netflix on July 28 in the United States, and it ended up as the number-one movie in the United States and 53 other countries. This was amazing news, since Netflix didn’t give Hidden Strike any promotion and critics didn’t respond to it favorably. Netflix seemed intent on dropping Hidden Strike on the platform and letting it just die. Critics seemed keen on this plan, with Rotten Tomatoes seeing it sit at 17 percent rotten for critics and at a low 57 percent rotten for the audience. This didn’t matter to Netflix subscribers, however, as watched it anyway in huge numbers.

Hidden Strike 2 all depends on how the movie performed for Netflix. Subscribers watched Hidden Strike for 37.8 million hours in its first three days of release, and the movie had 22 million total views that week as well. It is obvious the movie picked up success thanks to John Cena and Jackie Chan being front and center on the Netflix page and that is the duo who could get the sequel made. Netflix showed that it didn’t care about the first movie before it was released. Whether its success will change Netflix’s mind or not remains to be seen, because that is only how Hidden Strike 2 will ever get made.

Hidden Strike 2 Isn’t Confirmed

John Cena and Jackie Chan in Hidden Strike, side-by-side in a bunker like room, holding grenades and looking concerned

Hidden Strike 2 is not confirmed yet. With Hidden Strike only arriving in the US in July, and its international run still being relatively fresh, it’s impossible to determine when a Hidden Strike 2 release date would arrive. If and when a Hidden Strike sequel is confirmed it will be possible to make a rough prediction.

Hidden Strike 2 Cast

Jackie Chan and John Cena fighting in Hidden Strike

It’s almost a guarantee that the Hidden Strike 2 cast would bring back the two main hero leads from the first movie. Jackie Chan’s Hidden Strike 2 return as Luo Feng, a retired Chinese military soldier-turned-private-security-contractor, would be all but assured, so it would just be a case of how to continue his story. Feng is hired in the first movie to rescue some workers in a Chinese-owned oil refinery.

However, when he discovers a plot to steal the oil by a group of mercenaries, he enlists a former American Marine named Chris (John Cena), who has been living in Iraq and teaching orphans. The two seem to have the same buddy-cop mentality that Jackie Chan had with Chris Tucker in Rush Hour and Owen Wilson in Shanghai Noon. This chemistry is arguably the driver behind the success of Hidden Strike, so the cast of Hidden Strike 2 would likely be built around it too.

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Hidden Strike 2 Story Details

John Cena holding up a phone while Jackie Chan points a gun in Hidden Strike

If Hidden Strike becomes a franchise and follows the pattern of previous action comedy genre hits, the Hidden Strike 2 story will likely be similar to the one from the first movie. In the first movie, two reluctant former military men team up to save some hostages and stop a major plot from a mercenary group that wants to steal oil. The specifics of the plot matter less than the chemistry between the two leads, so Hidden Strike 2 would most likely expand on this by throwing the pair into yet another highly-stressful scenario.

Historically in action comedy franchises, this means a change of locations. Jackie Chan and John Cena Hidden Strike characters would end up having to work together again but in a different setting. Examples include Rush Hour, where the first movie was in Los Angeles and the second in Hong Kong. In Shanghai Noon, the story was in the Wild West, and in Shanghai Knights, it was Victorian London. Expect something similar from Hidden Strike 2.