Disney’s New Horror Remake Beats Predecessor’s Rotten Tomatoes Score (But Still Isn’t Fresh)



  • The Rotten Tomatoes score for the Haunted Mansion remake is better than the original but still falls below fresh.
  • Critics have shared mixed reviews for the remake, leading to its 46% score on Rotten Tomatoes.
  • The star-studded cast includes LaKeith Stanfield, Tiffany Haddish, Owen Wilson, Danny DeVito, Rosario Dawson, Dan Levy, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Jared Leto.



The Haunted Mansion remake’s Rotten Tomatoes score beats the original movie, but it still isn’t fresh. The second film adaptation of Disney’s theme park attraction follows a single mom and her son who hires a paranormal tour guide, a priest, a psychic, and a college history professor to help exorcise their haunted mansion. The rebooted Haunted Mansion cast includes an array of stars like LaKeith Stanfield, Tiffany Haddish, Owen Wilson, Danny DeVito, Rosario Dawson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jared Leto, Winona Ryder, and Dan Levy.

Today, ahead of the Haunted Mansion release date on July 28, critics started sharing their reviews for the remake, which are decidedly mixed. As a result, the Haunted Mansion remake’s Rotten Tomatoes score is 46% at the time of writing, which is far better than the original Haunted Mansion‘s abysmal 14%, though it still isn’t fresh. For the remake, the critical consensus is that its talented cast makes the movie moderately pleasant, though similar to the original, it’s neither scary nor funny.

Haunted Mansion 2023’s RT Score Beats The Original, But That’s Not Saying Much


Released in 2003 as an adaptation of the Disneyland ride, The Haunted Mansion starred Eddie Murphy as a realtor who, along with his family, becomes stuck in a spooky house. The cast also included Terence Stamp, Wallace Shawn, Marsha Thomason, and Jennifer Tilly. The Haunted Mansion‘s Rotten Tomatoes score stands at an atrocious 14%, as critics lambasted the movie as neither scary nor funny with a lifeless story that was unable to save it. The movie’s audience score isn’t much better at 31%, though it somehow managed to perform moderately well at the box office, grossing $182 million.

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The Haunted Mansion‘s box office success, in combination with a minor critical reappraisal over the years, is probably why Disney decided to make a reboot adaptation. Instead of outright abysmal, the reviews for the new movie are only middling this time around. However, many critics claim the remake still suffers the same problem as the original in that its juggling act between horror and comedy fails on both fronts. Audiences will be able to see and form their opinions about Haunted Mansion on July 28, and just like the original, it could be another box office success.

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