Even Avengers Admit There’s An Imbalance In The MCU’s First Hero Team



  • Ant-Man admits in his book that there is an imbalance in the Avengers team, with some members getting more attention and missions than others.
  • Ant-Man sees himself as a “designated hero” and the “everyman Avenger,” acknowledging that he is more relatable and down-to-earth compared to his superpowered teammates.
  • Black Widow also hinted at the existence of different tiers within the Avengers, with the original team being considered the most important, while others are not seen as part of the “big ones.”



The Avengers added more members to the team after their first MCU movie, but there was a clear imbalance in the team that even the Avengers themselves admit. The original Avengers team was formed by superheroes with different powers, abilities, and backstories, but as the MCU timeline evolved, the clearer it became to the team that they needed extra help. By the end of the Infinity Saga, the Avengers team had more superheroes with a variety of powers, but there wasn’t exactly a sense of equality within the team.

While the original Avengers were welcoming of other superheroes, even if their personalities sometimes clashed (as happened with Iron Man and Doctor Strange), there seemed to be an imbalance in how the MCU handled the team. Some Avengers were given bigger missions, more on-screen time, and better-developed stories, while some have been sidelined. Now, Marvel admits there’s an imbalance in the Avengers team, and its members have also admitted it.

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Ant-Man Admits The Avengers Aren’t Equal

Paul Rudd Ant-Man in Avengers Endgame Time Travel Suit

To everyone’s surprise, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania revealed that, between the events of Avengers: Endgame and Quantumania, Scott Lang wrote a book in which he opened up about his life and his superhero journey. Titled Look Out For The Little Guy, the book not only shares details and secrets about Ant-Man’s story but also of his fellow superheroes, and in it, Ant-Man admits that the Avengers aren’t equal. In his answer to “why on Earth is Scott Lang the first superhero writing a book?”, Ant-Man admits he’s proud to be an Avenger, but sometimes he feels like a “latecomer”.

Ant-Man even calls himself a “designated hero” and the “everyman Avenger”, as he’s still more like a normal guy, the one you “could grab a beer with” or ask to look after your pet when you’re away. Ant-Man describes himself as “a regular dad” and a man who has made mistakes that he’s still working on rectifying. Ant-Man’s comments on what his place in the Avengers is are not only quite revealing and confirm what the audience has suspected for years, but they also make his accomplishments as a superhero even more impressive. It was thanks to Ant-Man that the Avengers were able to do the Time Heist, and he’s the only official Avenger who has traveled into the Quantum Realm.

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Black Widow Already Admitted The Avengers Have Different Tiers

Black Widow and Yelena in the debris of the Red Room crash.

While Ant-Man confirms that there’s an imbalance in the Avengers team and not all of them are seen as equals (for whatever reason), Black Widow had already secretly admitted this inequality. In the movie, Yelena Belova mentioned that “one of the big ones” would come to avenge her if Dreykov ever got to Natasha, and when the latter asked who the “big ones” were, Yelena replied with “well, I doubt the god from space has to take an ibuprofen after a fight”. This showed that there are different tiers within the Avengers, with the original team seen as the most important ones, and the rest not really being considered among the “big ones”.

With the original Avengers no longer active, and two crossover events coming up in Phase 6 with Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars, the MCU is expected to see the remaining Avengers and new characters forming a new Avengers team. Ant-Man will definitely be a part of the team, and seeing his perspective of how the team has worked so far, the new Avengers might have more equality than the original team. Surely, there will always be characters who are more powerful than others, but they all offer different things to the team that are key to defending Earth and beyond.

Source: Look Out For The Little Guy.

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