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Warning! This article contains SPOILERS for Disney’s Wish.




  • Disney’s animated film Wish features songs by Julia Michaels and is a celebration of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 100th anniversary.
  • Asha, the film’s heroine, follows the Disney princess formula and sings her “I Want” song, “This Wish,” which leads to unintended consequences.
  • The Wish soundtrack is available on major music platforms and features both vocal and instrumental tracks that capture the magic of the film.

Disney’s newest animated film Wish features a number of songs written by Julia Michaels and sung by Ariana DeBose and other members of the Wish movie cast. Wish tells the story of Asha (DeBose), a young girl living in the Kingdom of Rosas. In Rosas, the sorcerer King Magnifico (Chris Pine) has the ability to take and grant everyone their wishes once they reach 18. Asha dreams of becoming the King’s apprentice in order to help get her 100-year-old grandfather’s wish granted, only to learn something that takes her on a different journey.

The animated musical is a celebration of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 100th anniversary and pays tribute to the company throughout, for better or worse. Through Asha, Wish continues a controversial Disney heroine trait, but she joins those who came before her as a loveable female main character with a cute talking animal sidekick. Wish is a culmination of 100 years of Disney animated films, and its soundtrack helps bring the classic Disney magic to the screen.

Here’s every song that plays in Wish:

  • “Welcome To Rosas” by Ariana DeBose & Wish Cast
  • “At All Costs” by Chris Pine & Ariana DeBose
  • “This Wish” by Ariana DeBose
  • “I’m A Star” by Wish cast
  • “This Is The Thanks I Get?!” by Chris Pine
  • “Knowing What I Know Now” by Ariana DeBose & Wish cast
  • “This Wish (Reprise)” by Ariana DeBose & Wish cast
  • “A Wish Worth Making” by Julia Michaels

When Every Song On The Wish Soundtrack Plays During The Movie

“Welcome To Rosas” by Ariana DeBose & Wish Cast – The first song in Wish plays shortly after a classic storybook opening that sets up the film. After the Kingdom of Rosas is established and Asha is introduced, she sings “Welcome To Rosas” to a group of people touring the kingdom as a way to further explain the concept of the wishes, King Magnifico, and the land to both the characters and viewers.

“At All Costs” by Chris Pine & Ariana DeBose – The duet between Asha, the heroine, and King Magnifico, who is later revealed to be the true villain in Wish, is both a beautiful song and moment. During Asha’s interview to be named his apprentice, King Magnifico shows Asha all the wishes the people of Rosas have given him. Ariana DeBose and Chris Pine’s voices blend perfectly over the soft instrumental, providing a comforting energy.

“This Wish” by Ariana DeBose – Though Asha from Wish isn’t technically a Disney princess as she’s not the descendant of royals, her story follows the same formula seen in most Disney princess films. This is shown through “This Wish,” which is her big “I Want” song. After Asha discovers the truth about the wishes and King Magnifico and has a fight with her family, she goes into the forest to make her own wish to the stars.

“I’m A Star” by Wish cast – Asha’s wish “to have something more for us than this” is granted by a floating star whose magic brings the forest creatures to life. They join together to make up the Wish ensemble to perform “I’m A Star” for Asha and tell her that she and everything in the universe is actually a star. They sing “we are our own origin story,” in an uplifting number that could easily get audience members grooving along in their seats.

“This Is The Thanks I Get?!” by Chris Pine Wish adds to the Disney villain song canon with “This Is The Thanks I Get?!” The solo from King Magnifico reveals his true selfish nature, but he views himself as the hero of his own story, making it sound more upbeat than menacing. Pine performs the catchy tune after the people of the Kingdom of Rosas question King Magnifico’s leadership and what is really happening with their wishes. He sees them as ungrateful and turns to forbidden magic to maintain control over them and keep his power.

“Knowing What I Know Now” by Ariana DeBose & Wish cast – The turning point of Wish comes through “Knowing What I Know Now.” It’s a powerful song backed by a steady, strong drumbeat in which Asha, her friends, and Queen Amaya team up to fight back against King Magnifico. The group number is rousing and captures their determined spirit well, inspiring the characters to do what must be done to save the people and the wishes of Rosas.

“This Wish (Reprise)” by Ariana DeBose & Wish cast – Just when it seems like King Magnifico’s evil plan has succeeded, one final song in Wish saves everyone and helps them defeat him. The ending of Wish sees the people of the Kingdom of Rosas coming together for “This Wish (Reprise),” which ultimately frees them. In uniting and harnessing the stars within them, they are able to get their wishes back and live happily ever after.

“A Wish Worth Making” by Julia Michaels – Singer-songwriter Julia Michaels made a name for herself writing songs for some of the biggest names in pop music before rising to fame with her own hits, including “Issues” and “If the World Was Ending.” After writing all the songs in the movie, Michaels was able to sing “A Wish Worth Making” during Wish’s post-credits. The lyrics encourage Wish’s viewers that whatever wish they have is worth making and to never stop dreaming.

Michaels has written for Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and can now add an animated Disney film to her impressive list.

Where To Listen To The Wish Soundtrack

Asha surrounded by glowing orbs and looking amazed in Wish.

The full Wish soundtrack is currently available on all major music platforms. This includes Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. The original motion picture soundtrack also features four instrumental tracks from Michaels and Benjamin Rice, her co-writer and co-producer. The Wish soundtrack provides many songs for viewers to add to their Disney playlists and get inspired by Asha’s story.

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