Fast X Made Cipher’s Redemption Impossible Thanks To 1 Character Reveal



  • Cipher’s redemption arc is incomplete due to her complex criminal history that certain characters, like Isabel, will never be able to forgive her for.
  • Isabel is revealed to be Elena’s sister, which means she won’t forgive Cipher for murdering her sister, making it impossible for them to work together.
  • To resolve Cipher’s story, Fast & Furious 11 could either have her return to being a villain, have Isabel betray Dom and join Dante, or give Cipher a chance to fully redeem herself by saving Isabel.



Charlize Theron’s character Cipher has clearly been on a journey to redemption since her first appearance in the Fast and Furious saga, but one character reveal in Fast X actually made it impossible for the franchise to follow through with this route. Cipher was initially introduced as the main villain that controls God’s Eye, appearing in both The Fate of the Furious and F9 to antagonize Dom and his friends. However, Fast X saw the beginning of her redemption arc following her decision to team up with Dom in his battle against Jason Mamoa’s Dante.

Cipher joining Dom’s team in Fast X was inevitable, but it was the very same movie that proved why she’ll never be able to be fully redeemed. The character has a complex history of crime that’s always going to follow her around, and certain characters simply won’t be able to forgive her for that – nor should they. One particular figure in Fast X has a tight connection with Cipher that means they’ll never be able to work on the same side – leaving Cipher’s redemption arc totally incomplete.

Cipher at Dom's door bloodied and disheveled in Fast X

Fast X revealed that Daniela Melchior’s character Isabel is actually the sister of Elena, who starred in Fast and Furious 6 as a close friend of Luke Hobbs and eventual romantic partner of Dominic Toretto. Unfortunately, Elena was murdered by Cipher during The Fate of the Furious in order to display her ruthlessness to Dom. This creates a major problem for the franchise, as Isabel obviously won’t forgive Cipher for murdering her sister, regardless of how Dom and his friends may feel about the matter.

The decision to introduce Elena’s sister in the same movie that begins Cipher’s redemption is an interesting decision, considering that these characters are never going to be able to work together. Either Cipher will have to remain a villain, or Isabel can’t become a permanent fixture of the team. Many have suggested that Cipher should get a Fast and Furious spinoff, and this seems like the only way to keep the character around without totally ruining her arc.

How Fast & Furious 11 Can Resolve Cipher’s Story Without A Redemption

Cipher wearing a coat in Fast X

The problem with her being related to Elena aside, Fast & Furious 11 still needs to resolve Cipher’s story properly. Redemption would only be feasible if Isabel doesn’t return, but that seems unlikely. Perhaps instead, she’ll eventually betray Dom and join Dante, but the chances of that happening aren’t good either since he attacked her at the beginning of Fast X. This most plausible option for the next movie is that Cipher will simply return to the shadows once again, but this would be disappointing after all the work that’s been done to redeem her. Best case scenario, Fast & Furious 11 manages to give Cipher an opportunity to finally redeem herself fully by saving Isabel somehow.