Gal Gadot Details The “Big Task” Of Her Cleopatra Movie & Why It’s Taking So Long To Make



  • Gadot acknowledges the importance of taking time to accurately portray Cleopatra as a historical figure and emphasizes the need for thought and care in the process.
  • Cleopatra’s legacy as a strong leader and her significant contributions to politics, arts, and sciences make her portrayal in the movie a matter of great importance.
  • The controversy surrounding Gadot’s casting and the potential misinterpretation of Cleopatra’s history highlight the need for the movie to avoid false narratives and handle the complex history of Cleopatra with care.



Gal Gadot gives an update on her upcoming Cleopatra movie and explains it takes time to respectfully depict a historical figure such as Cleopatra. Gadot, who is best known for starring in the DC Extended Universe as Wonder Woman and in the Fast & Furious franchise, has been tied to Cleopatra since 2020. The movie was initially to be directed by Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins but has since been passed onto Kari Skogland. Over the past three years, though, updates of the epic movie on the Queen of Egypt have been few and far between.

In an interview with Flaunt, Gadot gave a promising update on Cleopatra while explaining why the movie is taking so long to develop. Gadot acknowledged that the cast and crew are intentionally taking their time on the movie in the hopes to accurately portray her, and confirms that work will still be ongoing for the script after the writers strike. Check out her statement below:

It’s a big task. I don’t want to [rush] making it— it’s something that needs…so much thought and care because it’s Cleopatra. We have incredible writers working on the script—before and after the writer’s strike—like Laeta Kalogridis. It’s a beautiful script. We’re not rushing ourselves because you have to be responsible when you deal with such an incredible, iconic, legendary woman.

Why Is It So Important To Get Cleopatra Right?

Close up of Gal Gadot as Cleopatra

Audiences may be wondering why there’s so much pressure for Cleopatra to do its portrayal the right way. Part of the reason is the big legacy of Cleopatra. She isn’t just any historical figure, but a true legend, as Gadot stated. Cleopatra reigned over Egypt and proved the capability of women in politics as she demonstrated strong leadership and skill during her tenure. She proved herself just as strong a leader as the men who came before her, making Egypt a powerful nation, expanding its territory, and contributing to the arts and sciences.

The tale of her leadership and various love affairs have made her a historical figure who still stirs intrigue for modern audiences. While her legacy may be part of the reason Cleopatra is being so cautious, another factor might be that the movie has already stirred some controversy. Gadot’s casting sparked backlash as the movie faced allegations of whitewashing the role of Cleopatra. However, the backlash was largely due to misunderstandings of the situation, as critics were disgruntled over an Egyptian actor not being chosen, even though Cleopatra was Macedonian. Many also misunderstood Gadot’s background, as she is an Israeli actor of Akshenazi heritage.

Gadot has spoken out, though, and explained her passion and respect for the role, even though she may not be Macedonian, and indicated an interest in avoiding false narratives about Cleopatra. Cleopatra’s history has divided some, especially the common labeling of the Queen as a seductress and femme fatale. Given the response to the movie so far and the complicated and extensive history of Cleopatra, it’s understandable why Gadot and her creatives want to tread carefully. Gadot’s update bodes well for Cleopatra potentially being a careful and nuanced take on the famous queen.

Source: Flaunt