Gareth Edwards Reveals Revolutionary New Technology Used To Film The Creator



  • Gareth Edwards used a revolutionary new camera called the FX3 to film The Creator, offering a film-like appearance in IMAX resolution.
  • The use of the FX3 camera and innovative lighting techniques resulted in a “major cinematic scope” at a cheaper price.
  • The success of The Creator and its technology could lead to more directors having access to high-quality equipment and expanding cinematic possibilities for independent filmmakers.



Gareth Edwards unveils the revolutionary technology used to film The Creator. Edwards is in the director seat for the upcoming science-fiction movie, which depicts a post-apocalyptic future where a war breaks out between humans and A.I. and centers on an ex-special forces operative tasked to kill the A.I.’s elusive architect that could put a stop to the war. Also penned by the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story director, John David Washington leads The Creator cast alongside Gemma Chan, Allison Janney, Ralph Ineson, and Ken Watanabe.

While appearing on Collider‘s Directors on Directing panel, of which Screen Rant was in attendance, Gareth Edwards shared some insight on the revolutionary new technology he used to film The Creator. The co-writer/director revealed they used a new camera known as the FX3, which anyone can buy at Best Buy, but that offers the movie a film-like appearance in IMAX resolution. Edwards and his crew also frequently shot in the moonlight, minimizing any massive lights and instead relying on LED lights like a boom mic that resulted in a “major cinematic scope” for a cheaper price tag. Fellow panelist and Fast X director Louis Leterrier hyped it could “change cinema.”

How The Creator’s Technology Could “Change Cinema”

A robot holding a staff in The Creator

The news of Edwards having shot on this FX3 camera should excite creatives in the industry. With cinema-quality footage, there is typically this idea that one pays for what they get. That is, if IMAX-quality footage is desired, one has to buy a top-of-the-market IMAX camera to film at that capacity. Movies like this year’s Oppenheimer attempt to use IMAX cameras in revolutionary ways, while directors like James Cameron even seek to create new cameras for their movies.

From the sound of it, The Creator may have just thrown a wrench in that with Edwards claiming to have achieved the high-resolution effect with immensely cheaper technology. According to the information about the FX3, not only the camera is cheaper, but the whole production process is cheaper because the FX3 does not need complex lighting or sound equipment to support its successful operation. If IMAX-quality movies can be shot so relatively cheaply with the FX3, more directors could have access to high-quality technology, thus expanding the cinematic possibilities for independent and up-and-coming directors who may not yet have the big-budget studio backing as directors like Christopher Nolan.

However, this potential opportunity may hinge on the success of Edwards’ first movie since Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. While The Creator’s technology sounds fascinating and cutting-edge in theory, its look in the full movie will have to match the hype in order for the FX3 to be viable for other large-scale productions. Additionally, with it being an original property, The Creator becoming a box office hit could see studios take just as much interest in the camera as filmmakers and lead to an increase in demand, and therefore raise in prices.

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