Gears Of War Creator Glowingly Endorses Zack Snyder As Potential Movie Director



  • Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski approves of Zack Snyder potentially directing the movie adaptation, citing Snyder’s talent in working with existing IP.
  • Snyder’s success with adaptations like Dawn of the Dead and 300 makes Bleszinski believe he would be a great fit for the project.
  • Army of the Dead’s impact on Snyder’s relationship with Netflix and Dave Bautista’s endorsement may have played a role in him being considered for the Gears of War movie.



Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski has given his blessing for Zack Snyder to potentially helm the movie adaptation of his hit video game franchise. After multiple attempts at bringing the video game property to life, Netflix became the latest to try their hand at the project, announcing both a new movie and an adult animated series in November 2022. Then in August this year, Snyder revealed his own interest in directing a movie based on either the Halo or Gears of War games.

During a recent interview with, Bleszinski was asked about Snyder’s comments and what he thought of the Rebel Moon director taking charge of Netflix’s previously announced Gears of War movie. While he did not enjoy Snyder’s Army of the Dead, Bleszinski suggested that he is an “amazing director when he is working with existing IP,” and believed he would be a great fit for the project. Check out his comments below:

“To be frank, I think Zack Snyder is an amazing director when he is working with existing IP. I think when he did, I think it was the Dawn of the Dead remake, some of his superhero movies, when he did 300. As an adaptation, 300 defined a whole genre of [filmmaking], the slow-mo and the fast pans. But his fans are rabid as hell and the thing is, I think he’d be a great fit for it.”

Why Army Of The Dead May Be Crucial For A Snyder-Led Gears of War Movie

Dave Bautista & Zack Snyder on Set of Army of the Dead.

While Snyder may increasingly be turning toward generating his own original movies, as evidenced by his growing Rebel Moon universe, his early career was largely defined by his adaptations of existing IP. Beginning with his 2004 remake of George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead and culminating with his role in the old DC Extended Universe, Army of the Dead was only his second attempt at telling an entirely original story after 2011’s critically maligned Sucker Punch.

With this in mind, Bleszinski’s distaste for Snyder’s own zombie heist movie may be somewhat understandable. However, a Snyder-led Gears of War may not have even been considered possible without it. Even before Snyder’s name was associated as a possible director for the project, Army of the Dead star Dave Bautista had already been vocal about his wishes to star as the central Gears of War character Marcus. The former WWE star has also been quite effusive in his praise of Snyder, actively championing his hands-on approach to filmmaking.

Moreover, Army of the Dead is not only responsible for establishing Snyder’s current working relationship with Netflix, but also for establishing a good rapport with the current potential frontrunner to play Gears of War‘s Marcus. If Snyder does end up directing the Gears of War movie, it will be in no small part because of his work on his original zombie movie. Ironically, if Netflix chooses to tap him to helm the project, it may also lead to his planned sequel Planet of the Dead being put on the backburner in favor of the video game adaptation.