Godzilla Minus One Video Showcases His Atomic Breath Against A City



  • Godzilla: Minus One brings back the terrifying and destructive origins of Godzilla, offering a more menacing depiction of the iconic monster than recent movies.
  • The clip showcases Godzilla unleashing his devastating atomic breath on a coastal Japanese city, invoking the fears of post-war Japan and the unspeakable atomic devastation.
  • This new movie reintroduces audiences to the true origins of Godzilla, evoking the kind of fear felt during the prospect of further atomic attacks, and is earning rave reviews in Japan.



A Japanese city is facing the wrath of the infamous atomic breath in a new Godzilla: Minus One clip. Having already been released in Japan to considerable acclaim, Toho’s latest and 33rd Godzilla movie is currently slated to arrive in US theaters on December 1. Returning to Godzilla’s origins as a terrifying monster and an unstoppable instrument of destruction, Godzilla: Minus One is being touted as one of the most exciting kaiju movies since the 1954 original.

With less than a month remaining until its release, a new clip posted to Twitter by Kaiju News Outlet gives US audiences their first official glimpse of Godzilla’s devastating atomic breath in Godzilla: Minus One. Check out the clip below:

Showing Godzilla powering up his atomic breath by locking his dorsal spikes into position, the clip demonstrates the full force of his terrifying ability being unleashed on a coastal Japanese city. The video also hypes a return to a more menacing depiction of the eponymous monster, with his leveling of areas not having the tongue-in-cheek tone of recent Monsterverse movies.

How Godzilla Minus One’s Kaiju Differs From Legendary’s Monsterverse

Godzilla with Queen Mother Longlegs from Monarch: Legacy of Monsters

While modern U.S. based audiences may be far more familiar with the version of Godzilla featured in Legendary’s ever-expanding Monsterverse and shows like the upcoming Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, this latest offering from Toho studios will offer an alternate version of the iconic monster more in keeping with its original roots. Initially devised in post-war Japan as a means of depicting and reflecting on the kinds of unspeakable atomic devastation experienced in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the original creature was far from the kind of benevolent ally to humanity he would later be depicted as.

Taking his cues directly from the first 1954 Godzilla movie, Godzilla: Minus One director Takashi Yamazaki is not only reintroducing audiences back to a more terrifying version of the King of Monsters, but also reinstating the franchise’s original setting of post-war Japan. In doing so, the atomic breath being unleashed in this latest clip is not merely a demonstration of Godzilla’s power, but a direct call-back to the kinds of destruction Japanese people experienced first-hand at the conclusion of World War II.

While the version of Godzilla currently being featured in Legendary’s own Monsterverse franchise certainly has earned his own place of reverence within the current pop-culture landscape, Godzilla: Minus One offers worldwide audiences a chance to return to the true origins of the giant creature. Evoking the kind of fear once felt at the prospect of further atomic attacks, this latest iteration of cinema’s most famous kaiju is set to deliver far more than simple monster action.

Godzilla: Minus One has already debuted at NO. 1 at the Japanese box office and is currently earning rave reviews from Japanese critics.

Source: Kaiju News Outlet/Twitter

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