Harry Potter’s Tom Felton Receives A Magic Delivery With Disastrous Results in New Ad



  • Tom Felton, known for his role as Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter, embraces his connection to the franchise and channels his inner wizard in a hilarious Uber Eats ad.
  • Felton’s love for Harry Potter extends beyond his professional work, as he continues to engage with the franchise through game shows, promotions, and visits to Harry Potter-themed attractions.
  • Felton remains open to the possibility of returning to the Wizarding World in a film or TV show remake, showing his ongoing commitment to celebrating the magic of Harry Potter.



Harry Potter star Tom Felton channels his inner wizard in a hilarious new ad for Uber Eats. The actor is best known for starring in the eight-movie Harry Potter series as antagonist Draco Malfoy. Although Felton has since gone on to star in The Flash and Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Malfoy remains one of his most beloved roles. Meanwhile, Felton has happily embraced the association with Harry Potter, remaining active in the franchise.

Now, his love for Harry Potter has seeped into his advertising work. Felton took to Instagram to share his new Uber Eats ad, which hilariously gives off some Harry Potter vibes.

The advertisement sees Felton taking full advantage of Uber Eats’ promise that one can genuinely order anything by ordering a magic wand, seemingly yearning for his Harry Potter days. However, he’s not as savvy with a wand as he used to be and accidentally causes his neighbor to disappear, sparking an investigation and manhunt. It’s a humorous ad that capitalizes on Felton’s Harry Potter legacy.

Tom Felton’s Harry Potter Legacy Explained

Draco Malfoy in a pointed wizard hat in Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone

While Felton’s role in the Harry Potter series ended in 2011, he has not left the franchise behind. Of all the cast members, he’s among those who are most involved in the franchise to this day. In 2021, he guest-starred in three episodes of the game show Harry Potter: Hogwarts Tournament of Houses while also partaking in Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts. Recently, he also aided in promoting the new game Hogwarts Legacy, filming a video of him playing the game as a Slytherin and providing his own commentary.

Perhaps the most significant way Felton has continued to carry on his Harry Potter legacy is nonprofessionally. Many times over the years, he has revisited the franchise outside of TV appearances or advertisements. For example, last year, he represented Slytherin and drank butterbeer while visiting Universal Studios’ Wizarding World of Harry Potter. He has also visited the studio tour in Tokyo and taken Hogwarts House quizzes seemingly dozens of times. These are the many ways he reminds viewers to keep celebrating the magic of Harry Potter.

Additionally, Felton has remained open to the possibility of returning to the franchise via film. He has indicated that he would “definitely consider” returning to the Wizarding World if the opportunity arose. He would even be happy to play a prop or an extra. Therefore, there is a chance Felton may make an appearance in the Harry Potter TV show remake. Ultimately, Felton’s Harry Potter Uber Eats ad is just the latest outlet the actor has found to revisit and celebrate his legacy as part of the franchise.

Source: Tom Felton/Instagram