“He’d Kill It!” DC Fans Already Know Chris Pratt’s Perfect DCU Character



  • Chris Pratt’s potential casting in the DC Universe is becoming more likely, thanks to comments made by James Gunn, who now heads the DC movies and series.
  • Pratt’s talents, including his screen presence, action movie star energy, and comedic timing, make him a strong candidate for a major role in the DC Universe.
  • Fans are already speculating about which DC character Pratt should play, with suggestions including Hal Jordan, Booster Gold, and even obscure characters like Batlash or Detective Chimp.



Chris Pratt’s DC Universe casting becomes more probable with every comment made by James Gunn, and DC fans might already know who the actor would be perfect for. Pratt became a movie star after his debut as Star-Lord in Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy. The duo would work together in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for almost a decade, with Gunn now having left the MCU to head the upcoming DC movies and series set in the new DC Universe. However, the DCU boss has made it clear that he wants to take Pratt with him to DC.

Pratt’s talents these days include an incredible screen presence, the energy any action movie star should have — which his work on the Jurassic World franchise and the Amazon Prime Video series The Terminal List have shown him to have in spades — and Pratt’s famous comedic timing. Pratt’s work with Gunn on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy franchise showed that the actor could play a major role in the DCU. Even if that doesn’t happen, Pratt could still give life to a few entertaining minor characters, and DC fans have taken to Twitter to imagine which DC Universe character Pratt should play. Check out several reactions below:

@MyTimeToShineH started the debate by asking who Chris Pratt should play in the DCU.

@robert_cinema thinks Pratt’s talents fit both Hal Jordan and Booster Gold, as well as obscure characters like Batlash or The Question.

@homeofdcu shared a GIF of Kite Man from the Harley Quinn animated series, suggesting Pratt should play him.

@Laszlo21792025 says they might get hate for their opinion that Pratt should play Booster Gold.

@pavelibarrameda says only the Green Lantern Hal Jordan makes sense for Pratt.

@Breaking57 thinks it should be either Batman or Green Lantern.

@CartoonGuy6372 names a few possible obscure character for Pratt, including Catman, Detective Chimp, an older Matter-Eater Lad, and Parasite.

@ShanksSola_ simply shared fan art of Pratt as Batman and MCU Spider-Man actor Tom Holland as Robin.

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Chris Pratt’s Possible DC Universe Casting Explained

Custom image of Chris Pratt from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 in front of a DC Universe background.

Back in January, before Gunn revealed the first movies and TV series in the new DC Universe’s slate, the DC Studios creative chief talked about possibly bringing the Guardians of the Galaxy cast over to DC. Gunn revealed that he is very close to the MCU franchise’s cast, mentioning Pratt and a few other actors before saying, “I will work again with all those people individually again, probably at my other job.”

Gunn’s comment set the internet ablaze, with DC fans trying to figure out which roles the Guardians of the Galaxy cast could play in the DC Universe. With the reveal of the first projects in the DCU a couple of weeks later, Pratt playing Booster Gold in the hero’s announced series on Max became the top choice for who he should play. Since his first comment, Gunn has still to confirm who any of the Guardians of the Galaxy actors could play in the DC Universe.

However, a new comment from Gunn in August saw things get more interesting where Pratt’s concerned. Gunn teased Pratt’s DCU casting by replying to a fan who said it would be cool if Pratt and Mantis actress Pom Klementieff played themselves in Peacemaker season 2. Gunn then cryptically responded, saying, “There are reasons I wouldn’t want either of those actors to play themselves in the DCU!” Gunn’s words make it seem like he already knows which DCU character Pratt should play, and that could mean the actor will be part of one of the announced DC Universe projects, with an official casting announcement hopefully coming sooner rather than later.

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