Henry Cavill’s Highlander Reboot Director Confirms Queen Songs Will Return: “Hardcore Yes”



  • The director of the upcoming Highlander reboot, Chad Stahelski, confirms that it will feature the original movie’s Queen songs.
  • Stahelski hints that the Queen songs will be used in a different way than expected, raising questions about how they will be incorporated.
  • One possibility is that the movie could include a fight sequence at a Queen concert in the 1980s, honoring the original soundtrack while giving the music a fresh twist.



Chad Stahelski, the director tapped to helm the upcoming Highlander reboot featuring Henry Cavill, has confirmed that his movie will feature the original Queen songs. While the franchise would later expand to encompass several sequels and various television spinoffs, the original movie was also made memorable due to the addition of several songs recorded by the iconic British rock band Queen, many of which would also be released on their 1986 album A Kind Of Magic, often dubbed an unofficial sequel for the movie. One of the songs, “Princes of the Universe,” would also later go on to serve as the title track for the Highlander television show.

Speaking with TheWrap, Stahelski spoke about his plans for the upcoming Highlander reboot and confirmed that the Queen songs would return for his movie, albeit with a mysterious caveat. Hinting that the original movie’s music will return “in a different way than you think,” he was still adamant that the Queen songs would play a role in the Cavill-led reboot. Check out his comments below:

Yes. Probably in a different way than you think, but hardcore yes.

How The Highlander Reboot Could Reuse The Original Soundtrack In A New Way

Christopher Lambert holding a sword on a mountain in Highlander

While those familiar with the original Highlander movie and its soundtrack will likely celebrate Stahelski’s enthusiastic confirmation of his own use of Queen’s songs, his comments do raise questions about exactly how they might feature in the reboot. The director’s caveat that Queen’s music will return in an entirely unexpected way suggests that audiences may not end up hearing the original versions of the songs but will instead encounter them in a different form altogether.

Six of the nine Queen songs on the original A Kind of Magic album were featured in the original Highlander movie.

Whether this means Stahelski might seek to have more modern bands provide cover versions of the Queen tracks, or even look to feature instrumental versions of their iconic riffs, remains to be seen. Alternately, with Queen still actively touring as a band with Adam Lambert stepping in for the late Freddie Mercury, it may even be possible that Stahelski could be aiming to add some new and previously unheard Queen music to his movie. However, each of the aforementioned scenarios would inevitably generate some measure of backlash from fans keen to hear Mercury’s own inimitable vocals.

Instead, perhaps the most intriguing possibility rests in the franchise’s penchant for interweaving past and modern-day storylines. With Cavill’s character being an immortal who has lived for centuries, it may even be possible for audiences to get a chance to see him fighting in the 1980s at the height of Queen’s original popularity. A potential fight sequence breaking out at a Queen concert in the ’80s would be a perfect means of honoring the original Highlander soundtrack while giving the music a different spin.

Source: TheWrap