How Old Sydney Sweeney & Glen Powell Are In Anyone But You (& Their Age Gap)


Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell unite for Anyone But You for a romantic relationship, which raises questions about how old they are and their age gap.


  • Sydney Sweeney, 25, and Glen Powell, 34, star in Anyone But You with a 9-year age gap, which has sparked discussions about age discrepancies in movie romances.
  • Sweeney’s age may surprise fans who are used to seeing her as a high school student in Euphoria, but she is actually a few years older.
  • Powell’s age, on the other hand, aligns more with expectations given his longer career and previous roles, like Hangman in Top Gun: Maverick.



Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell star in the romantic comedy Anyone But You, which creates questions about how old each of them is and what their age gap is. Sony’s 2023 movie from director Will Gluck pairs up two of Hollywood’s rising stars for what was promised to be a funny and sexy big-screen pairing. Sydney Sweeney’s new movie helps her tackle the rom-com after years of starring in Euphoria for HBO, while Glen Powell landed the project after a history with rom-coms and his breakout role in Top Gun: Maverick​​​​​​. Together, they headline Anyone But You, which sees their characters fake that they are in a relationship together.

The pairing between Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell is one of the main reasons for excitement in Anyone But You‘s trailer. Their on-screen chemistry has also brought discussions about their ages. Hollywood has a history of massive age gaps when it comes to movie romances that can turn sweet relationships into arguably inappropriate depictions of romance once the age of the actors involved is realized. That could put Anyone But You in controversial territory depending on how old Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney are compared to each other.

Sydney Sweeney Was 25 Years Old While Filming Anyone But You

Sydney Sweeney standing in the back of a Land Cruise looking down at Glen Powell in Anyone But You.

Production on Anyone But You began in February 2023, which is when Sydney Sweeney first reported to set to play Bea for the first time. Sweeney was born in September 1997, so she was 25 years old during filming. Her age could come as a surprise to many considering her most notable role as Cassie in Euphoria sees her play a high school student. The reality is that Sweeney is a few years older than some might realize.

Glen Powell Was 34 Years Old While Filming Anyone But You

Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney looking annoyed in Anyone But You.

When filming began on Anyone But You, Glen Powell was 34 years old when he started playing Ben. He was born in October 1988, so the February 2023 start date means he was approximately 34 years and 4 months old when production started. Glen Powell’s age is likely to be more expected given his longer career and how he portrayed Hangman in Top Gun: Maverick. This does mean that a decent-sized age gap exists between him and Sweeney.

Sydney Sweeney & Glen Powell Have A 9-Year Age Gap In Anyone But You

Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney in Anyone But You

Based on their birthdays, Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell’s age gap in Anyone But You is roughly 9 years. They are separated by 8 years and 11 months. Anyone But You portrays Bea and Ben as contemporaries who do not have that large of a gap in life experience. It might seem as though Glen Powell is significantly older than Sydney Sweeney, and the 9-year age gap may be uncomfortable for some. However, it is much smaller than more notable examples in Hollywood, like Oppenheimer, Jurassic Park, and Lost in Translation.