How To Watch Disney’s Wish Movie (Is It On Disney Plus?)



  • Disney’s animated movie Wish celebrates the studio’s history and blends 2D and 3D animation, creating excitement to see if it’s worth the wait.
  • Wish breaks away from the typical princess archetype, offering a cute animal sidekick, musical numbers, and a palace setting that will remind audiences of classic Disney princess movies.
  • Wish will have a theatrical release on November 22, 2023, offering the best option to experience its stunning visuals on the big screen. It will likely be available on Disney Plus in February 2024 and on digital in December 2023.



Disney’s animated movie Wish celebrates the studio’s storied history, and there are various ways to watch it depending on some factors. The 2023 animated movie is built around Disney’s wishing stars and was made with the studio’s 100-year anniversary in mind. In addition to the film’s place in Disney’s legendary history, excitement for it has been quite high as more of Wish‘s animation style, which blends 2D and 3D animation together, has been shown. The result is plenty of interest in watching Wish to see if the major release from Walt Disney Animation Studios was worth the wait.

Wish is another attempt for the studio to break away from its prototypical princess character archetype. Ariana DeBose’s Asha is not a princess by the official designation, even if she shares some similar characteristics. The movie has a cute animal sidekick, musical numbers, a palace setting, and much more that will make audiences think about Disney’s classic princess movies and characters. Whether it is on par with any of the previously great films is up for viewers to decide, and that will require checking out the movie to do so. Luckily, there are options for how to watch Wish.

Disney’s Wish Releases In Theaters On November 22, 2023

Asha surrounded by glowing orbs and looking amazed in Wish.

The earliest chance to see Wish is through its theatrical release window. Disney gave the movie a November 22, 2023, exclusively theatrical release, meaning Wish is not available on Disney Plus right away. While the movie is not playing in IMAX or any larger formats, audiences can watch Wish in 3D on the big screen if interested. This provides a different way to experience the movie’s stunning visuals that will not be replicated in most at-home viewing options later on. For anyone who is eager to see Wish as soon as possible, experience it with a crowd, or see it on a bigger screen, the theatrical release is the best option.

Wish Will Likely Release On Disney Plus In February 2024

Asha and Her Goat Looking Shocked in Wish

Disney has yet to confirm when Wish will be released on streaming, but the studio’s history indicates that it will not come to Disney Plus until early 2024. Although Disney has become a bit more lenient with the lengths of theatrical exclusivity with some 2023 movies, like Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny taking over 150 days to move to streaming, this is not the standard. For Elemental, Pixar’s animated movie came to Disney’s streaming service after 90 days in theaters. A similar timeline is likely for Wish, meaning a mid-February 2024 release on Disney Plus could be the earliest subscribers get access to the movie.

Wish Will Likely Release On Digital In December 2023

Asha and Valentino the goat lean against a balcony in Disney's Wish

Those who want to watch Wish at home should have the first chance to do so when the movie releases on digital. Using Disney’s history as a guide, this will likely result in people having the opportunity to rent or buy Wish from major digital retailers in December 2023. This is based on the studio’s history of waiting about 30 days after a movie’s theatrical release to make it available on digital. In this scenario, Wish will become available to buy or rent digitally right around Christmas.

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