Imagine If That Purpose Disappears



  • Matthew Vaughn teases that in “Kingsman: The Blue Blood,” Harry and Eggsy will need each other again, hinting at a significant plot development.
  • The destruction of the Kingsman agency may be implied, as Eggsy’s purpose with the organization disappears, potentially tying back to the aristocracy that founded it.
  • The relationship between Harry and Eggsy remains the heart of the franchise, and they will lean on each other in the aftermath of something devastating, leading to further growth for Eggsy.



Matthew Vaughn teases Harry Hart and Gary “Eggsy” Unwin needing each other one more time and what spurs this in Kingsman: The Blue Blood. This movie will be the culmination of Eggsy and Harry’s arcs in Kingsman: The Secret Service and Kingsman: The Golden Circle. In those first two Kinsgman movies, Eggsy grows from a rebellious punk kid full of anger into a man who has built a family and found a purpose.

During an exclusive interview with Screen Rant at New York Comic Con, Vaughn dropped a massive hint about the plot of Kingsman: The Blue Blood. He shares that something massive will cause Harry and Eggsy to need one another again. When discussing Eggsy’s growth as a character and finding a purpose with the Kingsman, Vaughn revealed:

Screen Rant: Are you excited to bring that Eggsy and Harry arc to a close? Because I’ve loved how we’ve seen Eggsy grow from this rebellious punk kid into someone that’s built a family and found a purpose.

Matthew Vaughn: Yes, yes. Imagine if that purpose disappears, is all I’ll say. Yeah, the two of them need each other one more time.

Will The Kingsman Agency Be Destroyed In Kingsman: The Blue Blood?

Harry Hart and Eggsy in Kingsman.

If Eggsy has found his purpose with the Kingsman, it seems that Vaughn may be teasing the destruction of the Kingsman agency. Although that was nearly accomplished in Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Eggsy and Merlin managed to survive and find help from the Statesman. How exactly Eggsy’s purpose disappears is still unclear, but it likely means something bad happens to the agency. This could also be tied into “The Blue Blood” in the Kingsman: The Blue Blood title, potentially tying back to the very aristocracy that began the Kingsman agency in the first place.

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Harry has been a hugely important part of Eggsy’s journey, first helping him find his way when he recruited him to the Kingsman. After his apparent death, he became someone Eggsy worked hard to honor, and after learning Harry was actually alive, Eggsy returned the favor of being there for his former mentor. This relationship is the heart of the Kingsman franchise during this era, and it seems it will continue to be in this movie, with the pair leaning on each other in the wake of something devastating.

With Eggsy’s purpose disappearing, he may feel lost and untethered, especially after being an integral part of rebuilding it by the end of Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Whether the Kingsman agency disappears, is disbanded, or perhaps Eggsy is ousted remains a mystery, but it sets up an important question. What path will he take if the thing that gave him purpose and helped him grow up is gone? It seems Kingsman: The Blue Blood will be the final chapter in Eggsy’s growth into the man Harry has always known he could be.