Inquisitors Have Replaced The Sith In Star Wars



  • The Imperial Inquisitors have become the predominant sinister force in the Star Wars canon, replacing the Sith Lords.
  • The Inquisitors, fallen and corrupted Jedi who served Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine, have appeared more frequently in recent Star Wars projects than the Sith.
  • The use of Inquisitors makes sense due to their larger numbers and lesser power compared to the Sith, and they have connected well with new generations of Star Wars fans. However, they still represent the classic dark vs. light lightsaber-wielding dichotomy in the franchise.



The Imperial Inquisitors have effectively replaced the Sith Lords in the current Star Wars canon. As seen in more recent Star Wars projects, the Inquisitors are certainly having their moment as the predominant sinister force in the galaxy. Although they served Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine who are the true Dark Lords of the Sith, it makes a lot of sense why Inquisitors have become a far more visible threat in the galaxy far, far away.

First introduced in the animated series Star Wars Rebels, the Imperial Inquisitors have rapidly grown into a major group of villains during the Dark Times of the Empire’s reign. Comprised of fallen and corrupted Jedi who swore loyalty to Palpatine prior the events of Order 66, the Inquisitorius fell under the command of Darth Vader himself. As such, several projects have featured the Inquisitors who at this point have replaced the Sith as the most frequently appearing villains in the Star Wars canon.

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How Inquisitors Have Replaced The Sith In Star Wars

Darth Vader and Imperial Inquisitors with lightsabers drawn.

The Sith Lords are a little less ubiquitous in the current Star Wars era with much less visibility overall. In comparison, it feels like Inquisitors are everywhere, having gone beyond their initial appearances in the Star Wars Rebels animated series. The Jedi: Fallen Order video games saw Order 66 survivor Cal Kestis on the run from Vader’s Jedi hunters with the introduction of both the Second and Ninth Sisters. Likewise, the recent Obi-Wan Kenobi series also featured several Inquisitors including the leading Grand Inquisitor. While Darth Vader was featured in the series as a Sith Lord, it was the Third Sister Reva who was the final villain to be faced.

Additionally, a mystery Inquisitor is set to be featured in the upcoming Ahsoka series (while no Sith Lords have yet to be confirmed). In the same vein, Deliah S. Dawson’s novel Rise of the Red Blade has recently been published, exploring the Inquisitors and their origins in much greater depth. Overall, It’s far more likely that Inquisitors will be seen in new Star Wars projects compared to the Sith in the current era.

It Makes Sense That Inquisitors Have Replaced Sith

There are plenty of Inquisitors in the Star Wars canon (at least 13). In comparison, Darth Bane’s Rule of Two means there can only be two Sith Lords at one time in the galaxy. Considering the era when the Inquisitors were formed and when they were most active, that means the two Dark Lords of the Sith were Vader and his master Palpatine. Ultimately, both of those villains should be used sparingly by Lucasfilm in order to keep the times they do appear as significant, exciting and intimidating as possible.

The greater frequency and use of the Inquisitors makes sense due to their greater number and lesser power compared to the Sith Lords. They’ve also connected very well with newer generations of Star Wars fans such as those who grew up watching the animated Star Wars Rebels show. Inquisitors can and have been created, killed, and used in the canon with far greater ease than Vader and Palpatine ever could be in the established Star Wars canon.

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The Inquisitors Still Have The Same Problem As The Sith In Star Wars

Star Wars Palpatine and Inquisitors

Lucasfilm’s greater use of the Imperial Inquisitors in the current era is genius and makes all kinds of sense. However, they ultimately still have the same problem as the Dark Lords of the Sith in the existing Star Wars canon. At the end of the day, they’re still villains who tap into the dark side of the Force wielding red-bladed lightsabers. Whether it’s the Inquisitors or the Sith Lords as Star Wars’ leading villains, they both support the same classic dark vs. light lightsaber-wielding dichotomy Lucasfilm has always had for almost 50 years.

Continuing the existing Star Wars dichotomy isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though it would be interesting to see Lucasfilm eventually branch out with new dark forces and villains in the galaxy who aren’t necessarily connected to the Sith or even the dark side of the Force. Regardless, even with the rise of the ever-popular Imperial Inquisitors, the Dark Lords of the Sith are set to have a role in the upcoming series The Acolyte. Set during the High Republic era, The Acolyte will be the first show to have Sith Lords as protagonists, proving the Sith will always have their place in the Star Wars canon despite their Inquisitor agents.