Jamie Foxx’s Spawn Reboot Movie 2025 Release Date Reaffirmed By Blumhouse Exec



  • Blumhouse executive Jason Blum remains committed to the 2025 release date for the Spawn reboot despite ongoing setbacks and delays.
  • The history of Spawn’s troubled development mirrors that of other ’90s comic book movie reboots, including The Crow.
  • The anticipated release of Spawn in 2025 could pave the way for a revival of independent comic book movies in a landscape dominated by major labels.



Despite a series of ongoing setbacks, Blumhouse executive Jason Blum has doubled down on the planned 2025 release date for the Spawn reboot starring Jamie Foxx. Based on the supernatural comic book hero created by Todd McFarlane, plans for either a sequel or a big-screen reboot of the property have been languishing in development since the original 1997 movie adaptation with Michael Jai White. In 2017, Blumhouse Productions announced they would be partnering with McFarlane on the Foxx-led reboot; however, the project would go on to repeatedly miss anticipated start dates and face a spate of behind-the-scenes reworkings.

In a recent interview with ComicBook.com, Blum was adamant that audiences would finally get to see the new Spawn movie in 2025, despite the production’s long and troubled history. Blum’s newfound sense of certainty also comes despite additional concerns raised off the back of both the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike action and Foxx’s own personal health issues. Check out his comments below:

“2025 is when Spawn is going to come out. I stand by that. I stand by that.”

How Spawn’s Troubled Development History Mirrors Another ’90s Comic Book Movie Reboot

Spawn in a black suit in the original 1997 movie

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe may have gone on to redefine the place of comic book movies in popular culture with 2008’s Iron Man, it was the 1990s that truly offered a treasure trove of films adapted from smaller, independent comic book titles. Warner Bros. may have been intent on capitalizing on the success of 1989’s Batman with a string of sequels, but other studios began looking at smaller comic labels and would set their sights on titles such as Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin’s Tank Girl and John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra’s Judge Dredd.

New Line’s original 1997 adaptation of McFarlane’s Spawn was no exception to this trend, and its own release owes much to an earlier comic book adaptation with a similar supernatural origin story, namely the 1994 cult hit The Crow. Strikingly, however, both Spawn and The Crow would go on to share much more in common than simply following the story of a supernaturally resurrected hero. For years both properties have struggled to get a franchise reboot off the ground, facing repeated setbacks and having the projects pass through multiple hands.

Now, with The Crow reboot finally looking to break free from its own troubled history and arrive in theaters sometime in 2024, it seems fitting that Spawn should follow suit and arrive one year later. In a cinematic landscape currently dominated by comic book properties from the industry’s two biggest labels, with any luck, Spawns triumphant return to screens in 2025 will continue to sow the seeds for a return of other independent comic book movies to the big screen.

Source: ComicBook.com