Juliette Lewis’ 10 Best Movies & TV Shows, Ranked



  • Juliette Lewis has a distinguished career in Hollywood, known for her captivating performances and genuine talent in both movies and TV shows. Her ability to seamlessly transition between different characters showcases her versatility and authenticity.
  • Lewis’s portrayals in movies like Strange Days, The Basketball Diaries, and Whip It stand out for their depth and impact. She brings authenticity and conviction to her roles, making them convincing and noteworthy for audiences.
  • From From Dusk Till Dawn to Cape Fear, Lewis’s performances in cult classics and acclaimed films demonstrate her exceptional talent. Her ability to convey emotions and immerse herself in complex characters has earned her critical acclaim and recognition in the industry.



From Yellowjackets to Cape Fear, Juliette Lewis has forged a distinguished career, marked by her distinctive talents and captivating performances in many memorable TV shows and movies. With her compelling presence and ability to immerse herself fully in a wide range of roles, Lewis has garnered both critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base over the years. Her journey from a promising young talent in the late 1980s to an accomplished and respected figure in Hollywood showcases not only her innate acting abilities but also her enduring impact on the entertainment landscape.

Juliette Lewis, a celebrated figure in Hollywood, started her acting career in the late 1980s, and her rise to fame arrived in the early 1990s with an array of major roles demonstrating her remarkable versatility, Lewis seamlessly transitions from one character to another. Consistently delivering authentic and impactful performances, Lewis has contributed a great deal to a long list of movies and TV shows.

10 Strange Days (Faith Justin)

juliette lewis in strange days with red hair

Juliette Lewis stars in the cyberpunk thriller Strange Days, directed by Kathryn Bigelow, also starring Ralph Fiennes and Angela Bassett. Set in a dystopian, future Los Angeles on the brink of the new millennium, Lewis plays Faith Justin, a charismatic, yet troubled rock star who not only acts, but sings in the film. This brought a level of authenticity to the role, as Lewis is known for her real-life musical talents. In addition to her acting career, Lewis has her own band, Juliette and the Licks. She showcases her genuine singing abilities and passion for music in this role, making her portrayal of Faith even more convincing and noteworthy with audiences.

9 The Basketball Diaries (Diane Moody)

juliette lewis in the basketball diaries wearing a blue hat

In The Basketball Diaries, directed by Scott Kalvert and starring Leonardo DiCaprio in one of his first feature films, Juliette Lewis plays the character Diane Moody. This gripping coming-of-age drama follows the life of Jim Carroll, played by DiCaprio, as he navigates the challenges of young adulthood and addiction. Lewis’ portrayal of Diane Moody is noteworthy for its emotional depth, which adds a profound layer to the film’s narrative. As Jim’s friend and a source of love and support, her character plays a significant role in his tumultuous journey, as her challenges are in alignment with his.

8 Whip It (Iron Maven)

juliette lewis in whip it

Whip It, directed by Drew Barrymore and starring Elliot Page, showcases Juliette Lewis playing the role of Iron Maven, the captain of a fierce roller derby team. The movie tells the story of a small-town Texas girl, Bliss Cavendar (Page), who discovers her passion for roller derby. Lewis’ portrayal of Iron Maven stands out for its commanding, yet comical presence, adding a layer of intensity to the world of roller derby. Her character serves as both a rival and a source of inspiration for Bliss, with their on-track battles mirroring their off-track respect for one another. Lewis’ ability to balance humor and athleticism makes this movie one of the best in this empowering coming-of-age movie.

7 From Dusk Till Dawn (Katherine Fuller)

juliette lewis from dusk till dawn

In Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s cult classic From Dusk Till Dawn, Juliette Lewis takes on the role of Katherine Fuller, a significant character in this supernatural crime thriller. The movie is about the Fuller family, played by Juliette Lewis, George Clooney, and Quentin Tarantino, as they knowingly become trapped by a group of vampires while seeking shelter in a Mexican strip club. Lewis’ depiction of Katherine is memorable for its authentic display of terror and vulnerability. Her character’s emotional journey, relationships, and her raw performance are integral to the film’s unique narrative and cult status.

6 The Other Sister (Carla Tate)

The Other Sister

In the heartwarming film The Other Sister, directed by Garry Marshall and starring Diane Keaton and Giovanni Ribisi, Juliette Lewis stars as Carla Tate. An exploration of the challenges and triumphs a young woman with a developmental disability faces, Carla seeks to experience independence and love. Juliette Lewis’ acting is striking for its sensitive and authentic depiction, shedding light on the lives of individuals with special needs. Her performance earned her a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role.

5 What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (Becky)

juliette lewis and Johnny Depp in gilbert grape

The classic movie What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, starring Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio, explores the challenges and dynamics within the Grape family, with Gilbert (Depp) at the center, who finds himself drawn to Becky, played by Lewis. Her portrayal is great for its radiant and joyful depiction, bringing optimism and warmth to the story. Her character’s presence adds depth to the narrative, contributing to the film’s emotional impact. DiCaprio, who portrayed Arnie Grape in the film, received a nomination for his similarly remarkable performance.

4 Welcome to Chippendales (Denise)

juliette lewis in welcome to chippendales

Hulu’s limited series Welcome to Chippendales lets Juliette Lewis shine in the role of Denise, a woman with an unwavering passion for the Chippendales club. Denise becomes an integral part of the Chippendales machine, forming a close bond with choreographer Nick, played by Murray Bartlett. Lewis’s performance stands out for its intensity and her ability to seamlessly navigate dark comedy, which she’s done many times before. As the series unfolds, Lewis masterfully reveals the complex layers of her character. From moments of sheer joy during the club’s creative process to heartbreaking scenes where her relationships unravel, Lewis captivates with her range.

3 Natural Born Killers (Mallory Knox)

juliette lewis in natural born killers with woody harrelson

The controversial and satirical crime film Natural Born Killers, directed by Oliver Stone, has Juliette Lewis in the role of Mallory Knox. The film delves into the lives of two serial killers, Mickey (Woody Harrelson) and Mallory Knox, as they embark on a cross-country murder spree. Lewis’ portrayal of Mallory shines for its edgy and unpredictable quality, adding a noteworthy layer to the film’s chaotic narrative style. Juliette Lewis’ performance in Natural Born Killers captures the volatile essence of Mallory Knox, contributing to the film’s status as a provocative and iconic piece of cinema.

2 Yellowjackets (Natalie Scatorcci)

juliette lewis in yellowjackets

Lewis has particularly special role in Yellowjackets as the adult Natalie “Nat” Scatorccio. The show, created by Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson, follows the harrowing journey of a group of teenagers involved in a plane crash in 1996. As a high schooler, Natalie grapples with drug and alcohol abuse, facing judgment and harassment from her peers. In the present day, her journey from rehab to a bar utilizes Lewis’ punk-rock energy. She portrays a range of emotions, from anger to devastation. Her performance is striking, as she authentically conveys the chaos and personal turmoil of her character, making the audience feel every emotional shift.

1 Cape Fear (Danielle Bowden)

juliette lewis in cape fear

Martin Scorsese’s Cape Fear is a film that revolves around a convicted rapist, Max Cady (Robert De Niro), who seeks revenge on his former lawyer, Sam Bowden (Nick Nolte), by terrorizing his family. Juliette Lewis takes on the role of Danielle Bowden, Sam’s teenage daughter. Despite her limited experience at the time, Lewis stands out in the movie, conveying innocence and vulnerability that contrasts with the darkness surrounding her character’s family. Her ability to go toe to toe with veteran actor Robert De Niro is a testament to her exceptional talent. For her portrayal in Cape Fear, Juliette Lewis earned Academy Award and Golden Globe Award nominations for Best Supporting Actress, cementing her place as a noteworthy and rising talent in Hollywood.