Keanu Reeves’ Iconic Heist Movie Gets Perfect Rating From Former Bank Robber (Despite Its Flaws)



  • A former bank robber praises Point Break for its depiction of the tension in a robbery situation, giving the movie a perfect 10 out of 10 rating, despite some of its flaws.
  • The movie’s depiction of robbers yelling at customers and making them lie on the floor is unrealistic, and would likely deter potential customers from entering the bank.
  • Point Break‘s portrayal of robbers wearing masks may alert people that a robbery is about to take place, whereas wearing glasses and a hat would provide more element of surprise.



A former bank robber is joining the cult following for Keanu Reeves’ iconic heist movie Point Break as he gives it a perfect rating, despite its flaws in depicting actual robberies. The movie was released in 1991 and tracks FBI agent Johnny Utah (Reeves), who goes undercover to investigate a group of surfers believed to be criminals. Point Break has generated a loyal fanbase over the years, and its action and performances, along with Kathryn Bigelow’s direction, have been praised by critics and audiences alike. In addition to Reeves, the movie’s cast includes Patrick Swayze, Gary Busey, Lori Petty, and John C. McGinley.

In a recent video from Insider, former bank robber Cain Vincent Dyer discussed Point Break’s robbery scene. While he explained some of the potential issues related to making customers lift their arms or deciding to rob a bank wearing masks, he ultimately praised the movie’s overall depiction of the tension in such a situation, and gave it a perfect 10 out of 10 rating. Read Dyer’s comments regarding Point Break’s robbery below:

In so many bank robberies, we actually witness the robbers coming in and yelling at customers and tellers alike to get down or to raise their hands. That’s something that I definitely stayed away from. The thought process behind doing that is to have absolute control of the movement. I never asked anyone to lay on the floor or lift their hands. If you’re a customer walking up to the bank, and you see a bunch of people standing in there with their hands up or laying on the ground, you’re not going to enter. First thing you’re going to do is call the police… We see the bank-robbery crew wearing the president’s mask, the rubber mask. One of the bad things about wearing a mask: You’re alerting people that probably something’s going to take place here. I would wear glasses and a baseball hat because I wanted more so the element of surprise and to make certain that no one saw me walking up to the bank ready to commit a robbery… To be in and out in a minute and a half, pretty much right on the money. Typically, once you go into a bank and the alarm is set, depending on where law enforcement is in relation to the bank, it’ll typically take about a minute and a half. You have a group of guys that are all going after the drawers, and depending on the location of the bank, they’re probably not leaving with a big dollar amount. But I think their thing is quantity. Do a lot of these things, get in, get out, versus spending too much time trying to take on the vault. But for the most part, whenever you have a group-style bank robbery, it seems to be the method that they prefer. The overwhelming, the yelling, and things like that. So, ‘Point Break,’ gotta give it a 10.

What Happens During Point Break’s Robberies?

The Ex Presidents from Point Break.

The bank robbery that Dyer looked at occurs early on in Point Break, and the culprits, who refer to themselves as the “Ex-Presidents,” are not yet identified as the surfing group led by Bodhi (Swayze). As he noted, the robbers appear to bark orders at those inside, demanding that they lay on the ground and stay out of their way. Following their abrupt departure, it’s revealed that the Ex-Presidents stole from close to 30 banks in three years and that they do not use their weapons.

Later in the movie, when the surfers learn that Utah is really an undercover agent, they force him to join a heist and explain their approach, which involves scaring people and echoes Dyer’s comments about “control.” During this robbery, not only do the Ex-Presidents change their routine completely by targeting the vault, but they also fire their guns. Grommet (Bojesse Christopher) dies in the ensuing chaos and by the end of Point Break, Bodhi is the only member of his team left.

It is interesting to hear Dyer’s thoughts on Point Break and what he considers to be accurate or flaws in the Ex-Presidents’ robbery tactics. The reasoning behind certain methods, including the group’s demeanor while entering banks, may be touched on in a variety of movies, with Point Break seemingly tapping into the adventurous nature of the surfing criminals. However, it’s worth wondering how their attempts could have gone if they went about some things differently.

Source: Insider