Locked In Ending Explained



  • Nicky discovers the full extent of Robert’s manipulations in Locked In, uncovering his schemes to turn Katherine and Lina against each other.
  • The complicated family dynamics in Locked In are revealed, with Katherine being both Lina’s adopted mother and mother-in-law, leading to conflict over the ownership of the house.
  • Lina’s resentful feelings towards Jamie and Katherine lead to her involvement in a plot orchestrated by Robert, ultimately resulting in his death and leaving the fate of Katherine and Lina in Nicky’s hands.



Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Locked In.At the end of Locked In, Nicky helps Katherine and Lina finally catch on to Robert’s schemes, showing just how far his manipulations went in his effort to turn them against each other for his own gain, but does Nicky know the full story? Directed by Nour Wazzi, Locked In is a Netflix thriller featuring Famke Janssen, Anna Friel, Finn Cole, Alex Hassell, and Rose Williams.

When Katherine Carter (Famke Janssen) arrives at the hospital following a mysterious hit-and-run accident, she’s non-responsive and unable to communicate, but the neuro clinical nurse, Nicky Mackenzie (Anna Friel) is determined to get to the bottom of what happened to her. Meanwhile, Katherine’s adopted daughter/daughter-in-law, Lina (Rose Williams), and the family doctor, Dr. Robert Lawrence (Alex Hassell) are trying to cover their tracks for their role in the death of Katherine’s stepson and Lina’s husband, Jamie (Finn Cole). Katherine initially wants to get rid of Lina for trying to steal her house, but it turns out Dr. Lawrence has his own schemes to pit everyone against each other.

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Locked In’s Family Drama, Inheritance Battle, and The Real Owner of Katherine’s House Explained

Locked In Katherine Famke Janssen Lina Rose Williams Jamie Finn Cole

It’s clear the family drama in Locked In is going to be complicated when Nicky asks Lina how it’s possible for Katherine to be both her adopted mother, but also her mother-in-law. Through the flashbacks it’s revealed Katherine and Lina’s mother were good friends, so after Lina’s mother died, Katherine adopted Lina. Katherine already had a step-son, Jamie, whose father had passed away, so Lina and Jamie were both raised in the same house by Katherine, but neither is related to Katherine, or each other, by blood. When they grew up, Jamie and Lina married, making Katherine both Lina’s adopted mother and mother-in-law.

Katherine used to be a successful actress, but the family wealth, including the house, was in her husband’s name. Vindictively, before he died, he took Katherine out of his will and left everything to his son (Katherine’s stepson), Jamie. As a result, the house legally belongs to Jamie and Lina after they get married. Katherine’s relationship with Lina deteriorates because she still wants the house and sees Lina’s marriage to Jamie as an attempt to take the house for herself. In reality, Lina has barely ever left the property and has little connection to the outside world, so staying in the house and caring for Jamie is all she knows.

Locked In’s Love Triangle Explained: What Was Robert and Katherine’s Plan?

Locked In Katherine Famke Janssen Robert Alex Hassell

After years of caring for Jamie and feeling unappreciated by both him and Katherine, Lina becomes resentful and begins writing dark thoughts in her journal, including fantasies about drowning Jamie. When she’s seduced by Jamie’s long-time doctor, Robert, Lina wants to leave, but Robert says they can’t because if it got out he was sleeping with a patient he’d be ruined. Lina tells him she’d do “anything,” so Robert orchestrates Jamie’s drowning, implicating Lina in the process. After Jamie’s death, Robert begins trying to convince Lina to sell the house, revealing he has her journal, which implicates her in Jamie’s death, as leverage.

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Robert’s extortion of Jamie initially appears to be a simple ploy to get a share of the family wealth, but after Lina catches him with Katherine, it’s clear the plot is far more complicated. Initially, Robert initially tries to kill Lina, but Katherine tells him “we’ve still got the diary, there’s nothing she can do to hurt us.” This doesn’t only mean Katherine is a co-conspirator but also means she knows Robert killed Jamie. Considering Robert was knowingly over-prescribing pain medication to Jamie all along, it’s likely Robert and Katherine had been plotting together to get Jamie’s inheritance for years, and Lina marrying into the family became an additional barrier to that plan.

How Much of the True Story Does Nicky Know?

Locked In Nicky Anna Friel Alphabet

Initially, Lina thought she had to cooperate with Robert because he had the diary and Katherine was trying to kill her, but after finally communicating with Katherine, nurse Nicky learns that Katherine had a change of heart and wanted to save Nicky, meaning Robert was the true danger to both of them. Lina kills Robert, saving Katherine, but now Nicky knows enough of the story to possibly send both Lina and Katherine to prison anyway.

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The ending of Locked In doesn’t reveal what actually happened, but it’s also not clear how much of the story Nicky actually knew, or if Katherine was telling her the truth. Nicky was predisposed to mistrust Robert because she knew he was over-prescribing Jamie’s medication, but Katherine also could have been lying about her desire to save Lina. Granted, with Robert out of the way, Katherine still has Lina’s diary, meaning she has the leverage she needs to get the house back if that’s what she truly desires. Lina asks Nicky “what will you tell them,” but we never get an answer, but the fate of both Katherine and Lina rest in her hands.

Locked In’s Ending And True Meaning Explained

Locked In Nicky Lina Katherine Famke Janssen

Locked In‘s ending and title could have multiple meanings. On its face, Locked In is a reference to “locked-in” syndrome, a condition where someone is completely paralyzed other than their ability to move their eyes. Katherine is locked in after her accident, so Nicky is trying to put together her side of the story using letter cards to communicate with her. In addition to Katherine’s “locked-in” syndrome following her accident, the title could also refer to the way Lina is “locked in” to her marriage and living at the house, and the attempted extortion by Robert and Katherine after they get her journal.

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Katherine has lived at the house nearly her entire life, and Jamie, Katherine, and Robert are the only people she regularly interacts with. Jamie repeatedly tells her it’s not safe outside the walls of the property and only bad things would happen if she left. Jamie has similarly been stuck on the property his whole life, so he may not know any better, but the fear of leaving the house has her locked in, but then after Jamie’s death, Lina is again locked into a situation because of the leverage Robert and Katherine hold over her. Robert’s death at the end could be the thing that finally earns her freedom, but only if Katherine cooperates and Nicky doesn’t expose the murders she knows about.