Marvel Finally Explains Why One Avenger’s MCU Suit Is Missing Some Obvious Upgrades



  • Ant-Man’s suit is missing key upgrades that the Wasp’s suit has, such as wings and wrist blasters, due to Hank Pym’s decision to focus on upgrading his daughter’s suit instead.
  • The biggest difference between the suits is the control system, with the Wasp suit having a more intuitive system that allows for easier size manipulation and increased strength.
  • The lack of upgrades for Ant-Man is partly a result of his actions in Civil War, though perhaps Hank Pym will give him the improvements he deserves like a better control system.



The MCU has confirmed the key differences between Ant-Man’s suit and the notable upgrades seen with the Wasp’s suit. Although both suits use Pym particles to shrink and grow, Hope van Dyne’s suit has a lot more going for it than Scott Lang’s does. Although they were both built by genius inventor Hank Pym, it’s recently been revealed why Scott’s missing some very obvious upgrades that would arguably make his life a lot easier.

In Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, it’s revealed that Scott Lang wrote an autobiography entitled Look Out For The Little Guy! Now, MCU fans in the real world can read Ant-Man’s book in its entirety written by “Scott” himself (with help from author Rob Kutner). This includes some of Ant-Man’s answers to some Frequently Asked Questions, including the curiosity whether the Ant-Man and Wasp suits are essentially the same apart from the Wasp’s wings.

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Why Ant-Man Never Got Wasp’s Wings Or Blasters

According to Ant-Man himself in the pages of his book, Hank Pym has never given Scott a clear answer as to why his suit didn’t also get wings. Apparently, Hank mumbles something about “lift/drag issues” every time Lang asks before having to leave for a “meeting”. This implies that Hank could have very well given Scott wings had he wanted to but doesn’t, instead having chosen to spend his time and resources upgrading his daughter’s suit.

It’s worth noting that Hank and Hope weren’t big fans of Scott when they were building Hope’s suit, seeing as how Lang took the Ant-Man suit to Germany to help Captain America as seen in Civil War, resulting in his arrest and turning them into fugitives. Seeing as how Ant-Man can still fly via ant-travel, it seems Hank figured Scott could simply deal with it. The same goes for Wasp’s wrist blasters which could easily be integrated into Scott’s suit as well. Instead, Scott has to throw his shrinking and enlarging discs by hand. However, neither the wings nor blasters are the biggest difference between the two iconic superhero suits in the MCU.

The Biggest Difference Between Ant-Man and Wasp’s Costumes

Scott and Hope in their suits in Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania

As confirmed by Scott, the biggest difference between the Ant-Man suit and Hope’s is that the Wasp suit has “a more intuitive control system. Again, the Ant-Man suit is more manual with Scott using buttons to shrink and grow. Conversely, Hope can simply think about what size she wants to be and the suit obeys. This also means that Hope can amplify her strength to a greater degree as well.

Overall, it seems the lack of upgrades for Ant-Man is for no reason other than his own actions in Civil War and Hank’s own disinterest. After all, he’s received new suits since with aesthetic changes, but none with the practical improvements featured with the Wasp’s suit. While it does help make both heroes more distinct, it does seem like Hank should really give in at some point in the MCU’s future. Perhaps one day Scott’s Ant-Man can get some blasters of his own (or at least a better control system).

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