New Christmas Horror Movie Confirms This Actor Has Always Been A King Of Horror


Warning: This article contains spoilers for Barbarian and Disney’s Goosebumps.




  • “It’s A Wonderful Knife” trailer drops with blood, a fast-paced plot, and a scary slasher villain, showcasing Justin Long’s menacing performance.
  • Justin Long has built a career in horror movies, starring in notable films like “Jeepers Creepers” and “Drag Me to Hell.”
  • Long’s recent roles as villains in horror media and his ability to portray a convincing bad guy make him a fitting choice for the killer in “It’s A Wonderful Knife.”

The upcoming Christmas horror movie It’s A Wonderful Knife stars an actor who has earned his crown as a king of horror. In the past few decades, horror parodies have increased in popularity. Shaun of the Dead is a popular twist on the Dawn of the Dead franchise from the early aughts. More recently, Freaky – a horror spin on Freaky Friday – and Happy Death Day – a scary version of Groundhog’s Day – have graced the screens. This holiday season will add another fun horror movie to the mix.

On October 5, It’s a Wonderful Knife’s trailer dropped, creating hype for the upcoming movie horror twist on the holiday film It’s a Wonderful Life. The preview includes multiple exciting elements like a person’s wish that they hadn’t been born, lots of blood, and a fast-paced plot. Additionally, there’s a scary slasher villain called the Angel. When unmasked, the preview shows a familiar face – that of actor Justin Long. It’s a Wonderful Knife proves that Justin Long deserves to be recognized as the horror king he is.

Justin Long Has Starred In Notable Horror Movies His Whole Career

Justin Long Holding a Knife in Barbarian

Multiple famous actors started out in horror flicks, and Justin Long is no exception. Two years after his first on-screen appearance, Long starred as Darry in Jeepers Creepers, reprising his role in the second film too. These aren’t the only horror films he’s appeared in though, as the list of Justing Long horror movies is quite large. In the cult classic animated horror movie Hair High, Long voiced a teenager named Dwayne. He also appeared as Clay Dalton in Drag Me to Hell, Wallace Bryton in Tusk, and Hap Jackson in House of Darkness. His most recent horror movie is the 2022 horror mystery film Barbarian, though he has three more in post-production.

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In addition to his film work, Justin Long has appeared in two horror TV series. Long played a one-off role in Creepshow, season 2, episode 5, “Night of the Living Late Show.” In this episode, he plays Simon Sherman, a man trying to escape from his marriage by creating a VR system that causes a person to experience anything that happens in the virtual world. Additionally, Long is a series regular in Disney Plus’s reboot of Goosebumps, where he plays a teacher with a connection to supernatural murders that occurred decades earlier.

How It’s A Wonderful Knife Is Fitting For Justin Long

Justin Long getting possessed in Goosebumps

In Justin Long’s recent years, he’s taken to acting as villains in horror media. In Disney Plus’s reboot of Goosebumps, Long plays Nathan Bratt, the teacher who becomes the antagonist after his body gets possessed by an evil spirit. Throughout Barbarian, his character AJ Gilbride acts in his own self-interest, even pushing Tess off the water tower after she comes back to save him. Taking these roles into consideration, it’s fitting that Justin Long plays the killer in It’s a Wonderful Knife. He is well practiced at making his mannerisms and face menacing, turning himself into a convincing bad guy for a horror movie.