No One Will Save You’s Bizarre Alien Codenames Revealed By Director



  • No One Will Save You director Brian Duffield reveals bizarre codenames for the aliens in the movie.
  • The aliens in No One Will Save You have memorable features, including the Greys, the Little F–er, and the Daddy Long Legs.
  • The invasion in No One Will Save You is unique, with the aliens releasing the protagonist but still controlling the town’s residents.



No One Will Save You director Brian Duffield reveals the aliens’ bizarre codenames. Released to Hulu on September 22, the horror sci-fi movie follows Brynn (Kaitlyn Dever), a young woman faced with the terrifying realization that extraterrestrial creatures have begun invading her small town. Despite its limited dialogue, No One Will Save You has been praised by critics, particularly for Dever’s leading performance and the various aliens depicted.

In a recent interview with Fangoria, Duffield revealed the bizarre codenames given to each of the aliens in No One Will Save You. He explained that these names, including “Little F—er” were used on set as well. Read Duffield’s comments regarding No One Will Save You‘s aliens below:

It was the Grey, the Little F—er, the Daddy Long Legs, and then the Parasite. That was the shorthand written into the script, and also on set. As in, ‘Alright, bring out the Little F—er.’

What Makes No One Will Save You’s Aliens Memorable?

Brynn hiding while an alien gets agitated in No One Will Save You

There are several aliens in No One Will Save You, each with memorable features. The Greys, while more human-like in appearance, stand on strange feet and possess the ability to not only move objects with their minds but transfer the “Parasite,” a creature spotted throughout the movie, moving inside of host bodies. The “Little F—er,” as Duffield called it, is smaller but has long arms and giant hands. Meanwhile, the Daddy Long Legs” are massive and capable of running with some very lengthy limbs.

The invasion itself is also unique since the aliens released Brynn at the end of No One Will Save You. After being taken by a UFO, the Greys dug into her past and learned that Brynn was responsible for the death of her childhood friend. They communicated with each other before sending her back, and the final shot of the movie showed Brynn happily rejoining the town she withdrew from, however, the residents were still controlled by an extraterrestrial presence.

It’s interesting to hear Duffield’s codenames for each of the aliens and to think about how amusingly accurate they all were. Should a potential sequel to No One Will Save You get made, it is also worth wondering what creatures could return and if any new ones would be shown.

Source: Fangoria