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Riz Ahmed Disrupts Jeremy Allen White’s Scientifically-Proven Love


  • Fingernails is an unconventional romance with quirky characters and a near-future sci-fi story about a unique test for love.
  • The trailer hints at zany exercises to help romances, including a procedure where fingernails are ripped out and examined for compatibility.
  • Director Christos Nikou, known for his previous film Apples, seems to use sci-fi elements to explore intimate human stories, making Fingernails a promising venture.



The Fingernails trailer presents an unconventional romance between two quirky lead characters. Starring Jessie Buckley and The Bear’s Jeremy Allen White, Fingernails tells a near-future sci-fi story of the development of an unusual way to test love. In addition to White and Buckley, Fingernails stars Riz Ahmed and Luke Wilson. It is directed by Christos Nikou and is set for release on November 3.

Apple TV has released the trailer for Fingernails. It reveals Wilson as a developer of an institute that creates a scientific way to prove love, and can be seen below:

White and Buckley’s characters, along with other couples, begin a series of “exercises” in order to help their romances, as words across the screen tell viewers that “love is a test” and “results may vary.”

What To Expect From Fingernails

The Fingernails trailer reveals only snippets of the zany story that is to follow. Glimpsed in the trailer through an image of an exercise reminiscent of a manicure, one procedure in question is a process in which one’s fingernails are ripped out and examined in order to confirm compatibility with one’s partner. As Ahmed’s character does in the trailer, these fingernails are put into a microwave-esque device in order for the scientific test to be conducted.

Fingernails is the sophomore feature from Nikou. Prior to this, the Greek director wrote and directed Apples, a film about a worldwide pandemic that causes sudden amnesia, and a middle-aged man named Aris who enrolls in a recovery program to help patients build new identities. Like Fingernails, Apples told an intimate human story against a soft-core science-fiction backdrop. Fingernails will be the director’s first English-language film, but given the crossover in subject matter, it seems like it will not be a huge stretch for Nikou.

If the trailer is any indication, Fingernails has the potential to do just that; that is, use its sci-fi premise as a story concept rather than a world-building gimmick. Within the rules of this alternate-universe landscape comes a story of love and connection at its core. On the heels of highly regarded roles in Women Talking and The Bear, respectively, Buckley and White should be the ideal pairing to take on this genre-blending challenge.

Source: Apple TV

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