Ryan Reynolds Celebrates Sandra Bullock’s Birthday By Posting Nude Proposal Scene



  • Ryan Reynolds celebrates Sandra Bullock’s birthday by posting a clip of their hilarious nude scene from The Proposal. Their chemistry sets the movie apart from other rom-coms.
  • Despite using a tired fake romance trope, The Proposal’s incredible chemistry between Bullock and Reynolds makes it enticing even for non-rom-com fans.
  • Reynolds’ birthday greeting suggests a good relationship with Bullock after 15 years, making it possible for a sequel with both actors to happen.



Celebrating Sandra Bullock’s birthday, Ryan Reynolds posts a clip of their nude scene from The Proposal. The pair co-starred in the 2008 romantic comedy directed by Anne Fletcher and written by Peter Chiarelli. Since then, Reynolds and Bullock haven’t worked together again, but the former reminisces one of the most hilarious moments in the movie for his co-star’s special day.

Taking it to his official Instagram account, Reynolds reminds everyone of The Proposal‘s nude scene for Bullock’s birthday. Watch the clip below:

In the caption, Reynolds’ birthday greeting for his The Proposal co-star is equally hilarious, referencing their lack of clothing in the aforementioned scene.

Why The Proposal Is One Of The Most Underrated Rom-Coms

The Proposal

The Proposal follows Bullock’s high-ranking executive Margarate Tate, whose US working visa is about to expire and renewal of it has already been denied due to term violations. He turns to his personal assistant, Reynolds’ Andrew Paxton for help, proposing that they get married so she can get her green card and continue working in the United States. Andrew eventually agrees, and the pair goes on a long arduous process of learning as much about each other while also keeping appearances before Margaret’s interview.

Admittedly, The Proposal‘s story is straightforward. It uses the tired fake romance trope that viewers have seen countless times on the big and small screen. What sets it apart from them is the incredible chemistry between Bullock and Reynolds; the fact that they both have impeccable comedic timing makes it enticing even to those who usually wouldn’t go for traditional rom-coms. Josh Brolin has openly admitted to being a big fan of The Proposal, so much so that it inspired him to say yes to playing Cable in Deadpool 2.

A decade and a half after The Proposal first came out, Reynolds and Bullock have yet to share the screen again. Considering Reynolds’ fun birthday greeting, however, it seems like they are able to maintain a good relationship for 15 years since they worked on the project. So if there’s any chance that a sequel may push through, it may not be difficult to recruit them both to reprise Margaret and Andrew.

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