Shawnee Smith’s Amanda Returns 14 Years Later For Jigsaw’s Most Personal Game Yet


After a six-year gap in featuring in the franchise, the Saw X trailer reveals Tobin Bell’s return as John Kramer, better known as Jigsaw. Helmed by Saw VI and The Final Chapter’s Kevin Greutert, the movie is set between the first two installments, following Jigsaw heading to Mexico for an experimental procedure to cure his cancer, only to discover the operation is a scam, and unleashes his traps on those behind it. Joining Bell for the Saw X cast is fellow franchise vet Shawnee Smith as Amanda Young as well as Synnøve Macody Lund, Michael Beach, and Steven Brand.



Following the trailer’s debut at Midsummer Scream Festival, Lionsgate has debuted the first Saw X trailer.

The trailer, as shown above, offers the first proper look at the upcoming movie, namely Bell’s return as Jigsaw searching for a way to cure his cancer. Instead, the Saw X trailer sees the killer discovering a new group of troubled people deserving of his infamous and bloody brand of justice.

What The Saw X Trailer Reveals About The Movie

Person in a new Saw trap in Saw X

Throughout the movie’s development, questions largely stemmed from how Bell’s Jigsaw would return for Saw X, whether it be a flashback scene akin to the various Saw sequels after his death in the third movie or an outright prequel. The trailer’s confirmation of its timeline setting may be concerning for longtime fans of the franchise, who already found it to be a convoluted mess as Jigsaw’s apprentices carried out games in his name for people he encountered in the years leading up to his death.

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On the other hand, the Saw X trailer’s tease that it will feature Jigsaw’s most personal game might be an enticing draw that allows the character the most development yet. Save for his cat-and-mouse conversations with Donnie Wahlberg’s Detective Eric Matthews in Saw II and preparation to pass the mantle on to Amanda in its sequel, Kramer has largely had his story fleshed out with brief flashbacks and exposition dumps from other characters. Putting audiences directly with him throughout the game will better allow them to finally determine whether they sympathize with Jigsaw or deem him a serial killer.

The other major element the Saw X trailer teases is the return of Amanda, last seen in Saw III having failed Jigsaw’s secret test to ensure she was stable enough to carry on his work and dying. With her downfall having been teased near the end of Saw II, as well as her involvement with Jigsaw, another movie would prove to be a worthwhile expansion of their dynamic and better insight of when she began distancing herself from Jigsaw’s M.O., an element retconned with a Saw III deleted scene.

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