Sound Of Freedom Streaming Rights Could Sell For 8 Figure Sum As At Least 3 Streamers Circle Movie



  • Streaming rights for “Sound of Freedom” are in high demand, as three streamers are competing to add the film to their catalog.
  • The film, based on the real-life work of anti-human trafficking activist Tim Ballard, has been a commercial success, grossing $166.3 million against a $14.5 million budget.
  • The interest from streaming services highlights the strong desire for exclusive streaming rights for “Sound of Freedom” and the potential for a significant sale in the low 8-figure range.



The streaming rights for Sound of Freedom could sell for 8 figures as at least three streamers are eyeing the film to add to their catalog. Sound of Freedom is based on the real-life work of anti-human trafficking activist Tim Ballard and his work stopping child traffickers in Columbia. Despite mixed critical reception and some controversy, the film has proven to be a hit, grossing $166.3 million against a $14.5 million budget as of writing.

Now, Vulture reports three streamers are vying for the streaming rights to Sound of Freedom, which could sell for a low 8-figure sum. While it’s unknown which streaming services are looking to add Sound of Freedom to their catalog, the film’s production company, Angel Studios, has been speaking with paid and ad-supported services. This reveals just how much interest there is from streamers to get exclusive streaming rights for the movie.

Why So Many Streamers Want Sound Of Freedom

Jim Caviezel as Tim Ballard looking sad in Sound of Freedom

There are many factors to Sound of Freedom that make it an enticing acquisition for streamers. Despite its limited advertisement and controversial subject, Sound of Freedom succeeded at the box office against its $14.5 million budget. The film’s status as a sleeper hit will no doubt draw more eyes to it, wondering how it achieved such great box office success.

The film is also controversial, as critics of Sound of Freedom have drawn parallels between it and QAnon conspiracy theories. These conspiracy theories posit that people in power across the world traffic children to harvest adrenochrome from them, a chemical substance that allegedly prolongs one’s life. While Sound of Freedom has no direct connections to QAnon, critics believe the film caters to the conspiratorial movement because of its focus on child trafficking. Controversy could draw more eyes to the screen, which is why some streamers may be willing to pay 8 figures for rights to the film.

When Sound of Freedom does arrive on a streaming platform, it’s unclear how popular it will end up being. Most people who wanted to watch the movie have likely already seen it in theaters, while those discomforted by the content are unlikely to check it out. However, Sound of Freedom‘s theatrical success was a surprise, which could spell an even greater boom in popularity once it reaches streaming.

Source: Vulture