Star Wars Officially Debunks The Most Horrific Return Of The Jedi Theory



  • There were initial fan concerns about the fate of the Ewoks on the forest moon of Endor after the second Death Star was destroyed, as they believed the impact would have decimated the moon. However, these concerns have been debunked by Star Wars through various additions to the canon.
  • Canon sources, such as a new short story in Star Wars Insider and the Shattered Empire miniseries, confirm that Endor and its Ewoks survived after the Death Star’s destruction. The explosion was not powerful enough to cause significant damage to the moon.
  • The Rise of Skywalker revealed that larger chunks of the Death Star, including the superlaser dish and the Emperor’s throne room, impacted the nearby ocean moon Kef Bir. This saved Endor from destruction. It is a canonical fact that the explosion caused abnormal physics that couldn’t be explained, and the larger pieces were launched into hyperspace and caught by Kef Bir’s gravity.



One of the darkest Return of the Jedi theories has been debunked by the Star Wars franchise. As seen in the 1983 film, the Empire’s second Death Star was destroyed by the Rebel Alliance, marking the beginning of the end for the Imperial regime in the galaxy far, far away. However, the film’s aftermath generated some justifiable fan concerns regarding the forest moon of Endor.

In Return of the Jedi, the Empire installed a powerful shield generator to protect the second Death Star, located on the forest moon of Endor below. This forced the Rebellion to fight the Battle of Endor on multiple fronts, both on the surface of the forest moon to disable the shield and in orbit to blow up the exposed battle station from the inside. While the Rebellion was victorious and the second Death Star exploded, a dark theory was formed regarding the ultimate fate of Endor and its Ewok tribes who helped the Rebels win the day, one Star Wars has since debunked in various ways.

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The Death Star’s Destruction Should Have Wiped Out Life On Endor

The Forest Moon Was Right Below

Death Star II Exploding Over Endor in Star Wars.

In 1997, astrophysicist Curtis Saxton claimed that both the forest moon of Endor and the Ewoks should have been doomed due to the falling remains of the Death Star. Likewise, this theory was later supported by other academics using crater-simulation programs. It was ultimately determined that the remains of the Death Star would have inevitably impacted the forest moon, leaving behind a crater four times larger than Chicxulub crater connected with the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Essentially, Endor should have been decimated, dooming the cuddly Ewok tribes to a fiery demise as the impact would have flash-heated all the water and ignited all the trees even if any of the Ewoks were outside the primary impact zone. The entire world should have burned away to nothing with the Rebellion’s victory. As such, it’s an incredibly dark outcome considering all the celebrations that were held as seen at the end of Return of the Jedi.

Star Wars Officially Confirms Endor Didn’t Suffer Because Of The Death Star’s Destruction

The Ewoks Are Okay!

Ewoks ambush the rebels on Forest Moon of Endor Star Wars Return of the Jedi

However, the fact that celebrations were had on the forest moon itself helped suggest that the Ewoks survived. Furthermore, the new Star Wars Insider #221 contains a short story entitled “Lost in the Woods,” by S.T. Bende. Set on the forest moon of Endor in the aftermath of the second Death Star’s explosion, the forests are still intact and the Rebels are still on the planet with the Ewoks. Thankfully, Star Wars ignored actual psychics in favor of fiction, preventing the fiery demise of the Ewoks that should have occurred based on empirical scientific evidence.

Likewise, other canonical Star Wars materials have supported Endor’s survival as well such as the Shattered Empire miniseries where the Rebels rooted out the remaining Imperials on Endor. There’s also the story campaign for EA’s Battlefront II which showed the Empire’s Inferno Squad watching the Death Star’s destruction from below. They then flew through a massive debris field of the stations’ remains in orbit around the forest moon, supporting the idea that the explosion was not powerful enough to send fragments into its atmosphere.

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Rise Of Skywalker Revealed What Happened To The Death Star’s Wreckage

Kef Bir Pulled In The Majority

Ruins of the Death Star II on Kef Bir

Additionally, The Rise of Skywalker provided an on-screen explanation 36 years after Return of the Jedi. Beyond the debris field around the forest moon and subsequent additions to the canon showing that the Ewoks were okay, it was revealed that the nearby ocean moon of Endor known as Kef Bir experienced impacts from the larger chunks of the battle station. This included the Death Star’s superlaser dish and the Emperor’s Throne Room.

Furthermore, it’s a canonical fact that the Death Star’s explosion resulted in abnormal psychics that couldn’t be explained by in-universe scientists (as confirmed by Rise of Skywalker’s visual dictionary). As such, there’s no reasoning as to why these larger pieces were launched into hyperspace before being caught in Kef Bir’s gravitational pull, only that it resulted in Endor being saved. In the end, perhaps that’s all that matters and Star Wars fans should be okay with suspending their disbelief in this regard. After all, the alternative the brutal genocide of an entire population of cute space teddy bears who helped save the galaxy. (What kind of monster would want that?)

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