Star Wars Reveals Palpatine Had Spies In The Jedi Temple During The Clone Wars (But Is It A Plot Hole?)


Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Star Wars Inquisitor: Rise of the Red Blade



A new Star Wars novel has revealed a major piece of Palpatine’s plans for the fall of the Jedi Order, confirming that he had a handful of spies within the Jedi Temple itself. On the one hand, this finally explains how Palpatine was able to create the Inquisitorius with the rise of his Empire. However, some may be wondering if this is a potential plot hole in the established Star Wars canon.

As seen in the new novel Star Wars Inquisitor: Rise of the Red Blade by Deliah S. Dawson, the tragic journey of former Jedi Iskat Akaris is revealed with her corruption to the dark side, becoming one of Darth Vader’s Jedi-hunters during the period known as the Dark Times. Like many Inquisitors, it’s been confirmed that these disenfranchised Jedi were recruited by Palpatine himself before the Clone Wars had even ended. Now, Rise of the Red Blade had revealed how Palpatine was able to seduce so many right under the Jedi Council’s nose.

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Palpatine’s Agents Among The Jedi Identified Potential Recruits

Jedi Archives in Star Wars

According to Rise of the Red Blade, Palpatine had a network of spies and informants operating in secret within the walls of the Jedi Temple. One of these spies was a Selonian named Heezo hailing from the planet Corellia. Although the majority of the Jedi Temple was restricted to members of the Order only Heezo was part of the Temple’s staff, a droid technician who tended to work in the Jedi archives.

As a result, Heezo was tasked with taking note of any Jedi whose interests were veering toward the dark side and/or had frustrations with the Jedi Council. This included Iskat whom he befriended, eventually motivating connections between the future Inquisitor and Palpatine himself. Likewise, Palpatine notes in Rise of the Ride Blade that he had more than one agent working within the Temple throughout the Clone Wars era, finding him potential recruits who would come to see Order 66 as freedom and salvation rather than the horrific slaughter of the Jedi Order.

Why Didn’t The Jedi Sense Palpatine’s Spies In The Temple?

Star Wars Emperor Palpatine Jedi Temple

Rather than being a plot hole in the Star Wars continuity, Palpatine having spies within the Jedi Temple is a testament to his own power. After all, it was confirmed in Attack of the Clone Wars that the Jedi’s ability to use the Force had been diminished and their vision clouded by the dark side. Palpatine was directly the cause of the Jedi Order’s weakened state. As such, having spies within the Jedi Temple and escaping the Jedi Council’s notice is much more plausible. It’s certainly a strong measure of how much their connection and sensitivity to the Force had been diminished during Star Wars’ prequel trilogy.