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  • The Super Mario Bros. Movie‘s huge box office success and positive reception almost guarantees a sequel and potential spin-offs, thanks to Nintendo’s plans to expand their IP into visual content-related initiatives.
  • The anticipated release date for The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2 — it it gets greenlit — is around 2026 or 2027 at the earliest, following Illumination Entertainment’s trend of relatively quick turnaround times for sequels.
  • The cast of The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2 is expected to remain the same, with potential additions of new characters like Wario, Waluigi, and Rosalina, while the story teases a possible team-up between Bowser and the Mario Bros. and a return to the real world.



The Super Mario Bros. Movie was a phenomenal box office hit and a huge audience pleaser, so naturally there’s a keen interest in any Super Mario Bros. Movie 2 news. The Super Mario Bros. Movie brings the beloved Italian plumber to the big screen, with the collaboration between Nintendo and Illumination being the first of a hopefully long and fruitful relationship. The film sees the titular Mario brothers get sucked down a warp pipe and appear in a magical land known as the Mushroom Kingdom. Similarly to the video games, Mario and his cast of friends has to stop Bowser from destroying the Mushroom Kingdom, but the movie puts a new spin on things.

The animated Illumination Super Mario Bros. movie always had big shoes to fill. Based on the iconic Nintendo video game mascots that have grossed billions worldwide with video games and merchandise, anything short of box-office success would be a severe sour note for the long-awaited Mario feature film (especially after the live-action 1990s Mario flop). The Super Mario Bros. Movie made $1.356 billion worldwide, which is a huge gross profit for the studio given its $100 million budget. In that respect, there’s no doubt that Nintendo and Illumination will join forces once again for a sequel, or several of them. There have already been discussions about the future of the series, including spin-offs and a direct sequel, and Super Mario Bros. Movie 2 could be first in line.

Has the Super Mario Bros. Movie Sequel Been Confirmed?

The Super Mario Bros Movie Mario Peach Toad Fire

The most recent Super Mario Bros. 2 news comes from Nintendo themselves — an incredibly important development since no future Super Mario Bros. movies can move forward without their express permission. The video game developer has commented on the future of the studio producing adaptations of the company’s video games, and Nintendo will likely license more IP out to movie studios following the 2023 movie’s success. The developer commented, “By expanding Nintendo IP in areas outside the dedicated video game platform we create new opportunities for consumers to encounter Nintendo IP, and this invigorates our overall business. Based on the various effects that we have confirmed through the release of this movie, we will continue our efforts towards visual content-related initiatives.

While Nintendo’s comment was expected as soon as The Super Mario Bros. Movie became a billion-dollar film, this is great news for both fans of Nintendo and general audiences. The comment from Nintendo might be broad, but the developer could plan on working with studios outside of Illumination, as fans could potentially see totally different movies based on Nintendo’s characters. A lot of Nintendo’s IP is perfect for the big screen, whether it’s a child-friendly animated movie or even an epic live-action film based on The Legend of Zelda series.

Nintendo’s IP includes all the Mario characters, which will all likely get spinoffs, as well as Kirby, Metroid, Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem, Pikmin, Star Fox, and Zelda. It’d be easy to see a lot of them getting the Illumination treatment, and it’s likely that Nintendo will stick with animation studio for most projects based on the billion-dollar success the two studios shared with The Super Mario Bros. Movie. However, Nintendo could go the Marvel Studios route by creating its own movie studio. In the 2000s, Marvel realized it could make way more money by making its own movies instead of licensing the characters to other studios, and Nintendo could follow suit.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2 Release Date

super mario bros movie bowser

It’s hard to pin down exactly when the Super Mario Bros. Movie 2 release date will be. However, some educated guesses can be made based on previous trends. Illumination Entertainment tends to have a relatively quick turnaround time on sequels, with Despicable Me 2 releasing only three years after the original, and Despicable Me 3 released four years after that. Similarly, The Secret Life of Pets 2 was released three years after the first movie. While Sing 2 took five years to make, it was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, making the turnaround time actually pretty impressive.

If the Mario sequel follows the trend of the studio’s other projects, it seems like The Super Mario Bros. Movie will release sometime in 2026 or 2027. However, there is a chance that it could take even longer. The Super Mario Bros. Movie took significantly longer to develop than most of Illumination’s other movies due to factors such as having more complex animation. On the other hand, following the huge success of the first movie, Illumination will likely want to strike while the iron is hot, and The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2 could be fast-tracked into production.

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The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2 Cast

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The original The Super Mario Bros. Movie has a pretty star-studded cast, leading to questions surrounding what the cast of the sequel will be like. However, it seems like The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2 cast will remain the same. No characters died in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, meaning that everyone has the potential to return. Recasts are doubtful, and with Illumination’s proficiency at getting big movie stars to come back frequently, it’s likely that the sequel’s cast will be very similar to the first movie. The likes of Chris Pratt, Charlie Day, Anya Taylor-Joy, Keegan-Michael Key, Seth Rogen, and more will undoubtedly reprise their roles in The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2 cast.

While many of the Mario franchise’s major characters have been cast, there is always the possibility that new characters could be added for the sequel. The film surprisingly excluded Mario mainstays like Wario, Waluigi, and Daisy, all of whom could appear in the sequel. There’s also the Super Mario Galaxy cast, with the most notable character from that corner of the franchise being Rosalina. The film could also add some new villains, including Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings. Based on the first movie, any new characters will probably have big-name voice actors attached to them too.

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The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2 Story Details

Mario and Luigi raises their fist and smile at each other in Super Mario Bros Movie

The Super Mario Bros. Movie does a lot to set up the Super Mario Bros. Movie 2 story. The biggest story thread comes from the film’s two post-credits scenes. The first shows a shrunken Bowser trapped in a cage at Princess Peach’s castle. Given how he quickly became a fan-favorite character, the film is clearly trying to keep Jack Black’s Bowser in the mix for future sequels, with him possibly even teaming up with the Mario Bros. (as he does in the games on several occasions).

The second post-credits scene shows a lone Yoshi Egg left behind in Brooklyn, showing that the beloved green dinosaur will make his debut in the film’s sequel. Having the egg stay in Brooklyn also hints that Mario and the gang will return to the real world, which is surprising considering that the Mario brothers moved to the Mushroom Kingdom at the end of the first movie. There’s also the possibility of other storylines from the games, such as the Super Mario Galaxy stories or one from the many RPGs. The Super Mario Bros Movie 2 has a lot of potential, and hopefully, it comes out sooner rather than later.